6 Ways Remote Workers Can Avoid Becoming Work-Life Imbalanced Zombies

Looking for a happy work life? When work is home, and home is work, balancing your work and home life can be difficult! These work life balance tips can help remote workers be more productive at work and more happy at home!

1. Set Boundaries and a Schedule

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Creating boundaries and sticking to a regular schedule can help maintain productivity and ease some of the stress that comes from working. Employees should set work hours and log off at the end of each scheduled workday to help focus on other things outside work. When work hours have a beginning and an end time, it’s easier to set boundaries with family members, coworkers, and managers.

2. Take a Break

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Once people get the hang of working from home, they often move from task to task and lose track of time, forgetting to take breaks like they would in an office. Going from item to item with no time to reflect and regroup can hurt performance, so it’s important to remember to create a little space between outputs.

For example, spend 10 minutes reflecting on a meeting, then take a 15-minute break with a family member or a roommate or go for a quick walk around the block. Getting fresh air in the middle of a workday can improve productivity. Studies have shown that breathing fresh air leads to better decision-making, higher test scores, and improved information processing—plus, it’s a wonderful way to support overall wellness.

3. Connect With Coworkers

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Schedule 10 minutes daily to chat with coworkers (via Slack, Zoom, or any other real-time communication tool) about non-work stuff. Whether it’s about the hottest streaming show or trading healthy meal recipes, social support, and connection can help remote workers decompress and build stronger relationships.

4. Schedule Self-Care

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Setting aside self-care time will bring balance to each day and provide the energy needed to tackle the next task. Prioritize exercise, hobbies, or a workday meditation practice. Anything that brings joy and peace will positively impact the ability to achieve a better work-life balance when working from home.

5. Take Time Off

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Studies have shown that vacations can improve health and productivity, reduce stress, and are essential to maintaining mental health and preventing burnout. Additionally, taking regular vacations can help workers become better engaged and more productive employees.

6. Seek Support

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Sometimes, taking breaks and self-care days is still not enough. Mental health is important, so don’t be afraid to reach out to a family member, friend, colleague, human resources team, or an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) for support and resources.

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