Winter Bucket List Ideas: 47 Fun Winter Activities

When winter starts, it may seem like you have much less choice in your activities. However, the winter brings a wide range of fun possibilities. If you don’t have a winter bucket list, it’s time to create one and take advantage of the many things that winter has to offer.

Build a Snow Fort

After a big snow, you can build a wide range of fun structures. Once you build one, expect other people to try to take it down with snowballs.

Have a Snowball Fight.

Make a snowball of any size and lob it at the nearest person or snow fort. Making a snowball is simple, and you can catch a lot of people by surprise if you choose to.

Ice Skating at a Local Rink

During the winter, ice skating is a great way to be a part of the cold season while gliding along the ice. Ice skate often to improve your skills over the course of the season.

Go Sledding Down a Hill

When there’s plenty of snow, and there is at least one hill, you can sled down it and hit impressive speeds. All you need is something smooth that you can sit on and launch yourself.

Make Snow Angels

Making snow angels is easy to do by waving your arms and legs while lying in the snow. It’s a fun activity for people of all ages, and it leaves a pretty outline behind.

Winter Hike in the Woods

The woods look very different in the winter. With less greenery around, you may find that you can get through the woods more easily.

Visit an Indoor Water Park

It may be too cold to have fun in the water in the winter, but you can still do it indoors. With an indoor water park, you can stay warm while enjoying water activities.

Try Cross-country Skiing

This is a full-body workout that will keep you well-toned during the winter. It also allows you to see the beautiful winter scenery while you ski.

Watch a Winter Sunset

Sure, it isn’t as warm, but that doesn’t mean the sunsets are less impressive in the winter. Get some coffee and watch the bold colors of the sunset.

Have a Movie Night With Hot Cocoa

With it so cold outside, it’s the perfect time to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Hot cocoa will keep you nice and warm and appreciate the season.

Bake and Decorate Winter-themed Cookies

There are plenty of cute winter images that you can create on cookies. Draw snowflakes on your cookies for a pretty snack everyone will like.

Explore a Local Museum

Your local museum is just as good in the winter as it is in the summer. And because it’s indoors, you can learn and stay warm while you do so.

Visit an Aquarium

The water outside may be icy, but the water in an aquarium won’t be. Plan a trip to an aquarium so you can see a wide range of species at your own pace.

Take a Winter Drive

Take a scenic drive through snowy landscapes. Once the leaves are gone, you still have great views to drive through. Snowy areas sparkle and look magical in the winter.

Have a Picnic in the Snow

A picnic doesn’t require warm weather. Sometimes, a snowy landscape is the perfect place to spread a blanket and dine.

Go on a Winter Wildlife Spotting Adventure

There’s still plenty of wildlife around when the weather gets cold. Visit wild places and try to see how many species you can see.

Learn a New Winter Sport or Activity

If you haven’t been as active in the winter, it’s time to learn a game or other activity you can do at this time of year. It’ll help you to be fitter as well as giving you something fun to do.

Try Ice Fishing

If you have a body of water that gets frozen over, you can cut a hole through the ice and fish through it. It’s a great way to spend time as well as to get dinner.

Attend a Local Winter Festival

There are plenty of winter festivals all around, and they can be a great way to socialize. Go with friends or family to make great new memories.

Make DIY Bird Feeders and Watch the Birds

The birds are desperate for food in the winter, and you can help. Something as simple as a pinecone can be made into an effective bird feeder.

Play Board Games or Puzzles

If you don’t want to spend time in the cold, there are always games and puzzles that you can do inside. These will keep you busy and looking forward to engaging with them.

Have a Family Photo Session in the Snow

Memories aren’t just made in the summer. A winter photo session will let you remember the season and the time you spent together.

Explore a New City or Town Nearby

There may be towns around you that you’ve never spent any time in. Take this time to explore and discover your area’s hidden treasures.

Have a Cozy Indoor Picnic

If you don’t want to have a snowy picnic, you can always have a picnic while indoors. Your home is a warm and cozy place for a great meal.

Build a Snowman or Snowwoman

If you have a lot of snow, it’s easy to make a snowperson. Just roll a few large snowballs, stack them up, and accessorize with a hat and scarf.

Roast Marshmallows Over a Fire

There’s nothing more fun than roasting marshmallows in the winter. You can make an open fire or use a tabletop fire vessel to keep you and the marshmallows warm.

Learn How To Make Homemade Soup

Soup is a great hot meal when the weather is cold. Learn to make a few soup recipes to keep yourself warm when the temperatures drop.

Attend a Local Theater Production

Local theater is a great way to pick up some culture and support community events. A local production is entertaining as well as cozy in the winter.

Explore a Local Science Center

Indoor attractions like a science center can be a great way to get out and about in the winter. You can learn about science and have some fun doing so.

Go on a Winter Geocaching Adventure

Geocaching involves finding coordinates to treasures that you can trade out for something new. It’s always a challenge to find the next cache.

Visit an Indoor Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are a great way to enjoy some physical exercise. See how high you can bounce yourself and practice a few flips.

Try Indoor Rock Climbing

If you love climbing, don’t let the cold weather stop you. An indoor climbing area allows you to get in your climbing and stay warm while you do it.

Visit a Planetarium

A planetarium lets you see the night sky without standing in the cold to do it. You can find out a lot about the cosmos at these science hubs.

Explore a Local Library

Going to the library is a great winter activity because it’s so warm and cozy inside. It’s also full of books you never have to pay to read.

Go on a Winter Shopping Spree

When you need some retail therapy, there are plenty of stores around that could use your business. Go shopping and get a few things that you’ll want in the spring.

Visit a Winter Farmers’ Market

Winter vegetables are some of the best, and you can find them at the farmers’ market. Get food that’s truly farm to table at one of these gems.

Attend a Winter Sports Event

Winter sports are some of the most impressive of the year. Attend a few events and get to know these challenging sports better.

Have a Spa Day at Home

Put together some spa supplies and give yourself a pampering spa day. It’s great to do alone or with other people looking for indoor activities in the winter.

Try a New Winter Dessert Recipe

There are plenty of hot, filling meals to be made in the winter. Try out some new recipes and keep your diet more interesting all season long.

Visit an Escape Room

These are indoors, so they’re perfect for the colder months. Solve puzzles to get clues to help you get out of the room before the time runs out.

Try Indoor Mini-golf

Mini-golf is fun for people of all ages, and it’s fun to do as a family or a group of friends. Doing this activity indoors is great for getting you out of your home and spending some quality time together.

Take a Winter Bike Ride

With scenery so beautiful in the winter, you can see it all on a bike ride. The physical activity should help keep you warm as you enjoy the views.

Attend a Local Art Exhibition

Local artists can create fascinating works of art that are worth seeing. An exhibition allows you to get familiar with new artists and even meet them in person.

Try Indoor Go-kart Racing

Getting out and racing around the indoor track is a fun activity for any winter day. Get some speed and see how fast you can make the next lap.

Explore a Local Brewery or Winery

Local breweries and wineries can be educational as well as fun to experience. And, there are plenty of great drinks to try out.

Take a Day Trip to a Nearby Mountain

The mountains are amazing in the winter with their snow and icicles. Go out and see one and spend some time out in nature.

Have a Cozy Family Reading Night

When you all read together, it makes a particularly cozy evening for everyone. Make a fire if you have a fireplace, and encourage everyone to read whatever they like best.


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