15 Fun Things To Do in Winter Without Snow

You do not have to wait for summer to do some fun activities. While winter is characterized by dull days, cold weather, and early nights, you can still find fun activities to enjoy with your friends and family. And no, it does not have to be skiing or ice skating. There is a lot you can do without snow. 

Looking for exciting things to keep you going in winter? Then you should consider adding these 15 fun things to do in winter without snow. 

1. Build a Bonfire and Have a Cozy Outdoor Gathering

Close up view of burning fire on black backdrop
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You can throw fun bonfire parties or gatherings with your friends and family in your backyard. It is an excellent way to enjoy cozy conversations and the warm glow of the flames when everything else is freezing. 

Think of these bonfires as camping, but being able to comfortably do it in wintertime. 

You can build a DIY fireplace or buy a portable one. Since the outside would be cold, having people sit on armchairs rather than mats or shawls would be best. 

Be sure to have your bonfire snacks and games ready to help pass the time. 

2. Go On A Winter Hike In A Scenic Area 

Family Outdoors.Happy Family with kid blowing Snow
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If well-planned and executed, hiking in winter can be an exciting activity. For starters, you will love that fewer people are on the trails. This way, you can take as much time as you want to take the scene in or even do some photography. 

To get started, have enough layers and good hiking boots to keep you warm. Ensure you have the gear to protect your head and hands. 

3. Have a Movie or TV Show Marathon

Teenager in 3d glasses holding bucket with popcorn near remote controller on couch
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Wintertime is the best time to catch that show you have wanted to do for ages. 

You can organize movie nights with family and friends or alone and watch that show you have wanted to do for a while. 

Start by creating a lineup of shows you want to watch. You can find more recommendations from friends and the internet. 

Get your snacks, comfortable pillows, and fleece blanket ready before you start your movie night. 

4. Bake and Decorate Holiday Cookies

Tasty homemade Christmas cookies on blue plate, closeup view
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Baking and decorating treats is a great activity that can help you take a break from your everyday life. 

It is also a great activity you can try with your kids. If you are looking for weekend activities to bond with your kids, plan a baking and decorating session with them. It will be even more fun if they get to bake and decorate their favorite treats.

You will have fun in the kitchen and nurture a new skill in them. 

Also, you can choose to do your cookies or some for your dogs. 

5. Try Indoor Rock Climbing

Young woman climbing up on practice wall in gym, rear view
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Indoor rock climbing is a great activity to get you to sweat it out in winter. Find a center near you and bring your family and friends to it. 

The activity is great for helping build strength, improve balance and flexibility while reducing body and mental stress. It typically requires you to coordinate mental alertness with physical strength, which makes it a superb activity for your kids. 

6. Host a Board Game or Trivia Night With Friends

Two young women sitting on couch playing board game with counters, laughing. Happy couple bonding over an indoor leisure activity, smiling and sitting together at a table.
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Board games are a great budget activity to do with your friends. Organizing and hosting a board game or trivia night is simple and will have you bond and catch up with friends and family. 

Start by choosing several games you will play. Always ensure to have a backup; for the sake of variety and in case people don’t fancy one game.

Ensure to have light snacks and drinks to munch on as people play.

Board and trivia games are great indoor activities for reducing screen time. 

7. Visit a Local Museum or Art Gallery

Happy couple looking at modern painting in art gallery.
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Take winter as an opportunity to finally visit the local museum you have wanted to visit for ages. 

Museums are less crowded in winter, so you will likely have all the time you need with the artifacts. 

Besides, smaller crowds mean the space becomes more child-friendly. You will likely have enough time to go through the pieces, learn some culture, and even take photos without being rushed around. 

8. Have a DIY Spa Day at Home

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Spa nights or days at home are the ultimate way to relax your body and mind. Nothing beats a long and relaxed bath after a long week. 

Start by preparing your fresh towels, robes, drugstore spa products, aromatherapeutic candles, skin and face masks, and scrubs. 

You can choose to have some wine and fruits to spice the whole experience up. 

Just be sure to take care of all possible distractions to make the experience smooth. 

On top of a spa day’s benefits, you will definitely save some money because the entire thing is more budget-friendly than going to a commercial spa. 

9. Attend a Winter Festival or Market

Outdoor photo of young beautiful happy smiling girl holding sparklers, posing in street. Festive Christmas fair on background. Model wearing stylish winter coat, knitted beanie hat, scarf.
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Find winter festivals near you and attend. It would be a great way to go outdoors, interact with people, immerse yourself in some culture, and have fun while at it. Think of them as a great excuse to go out even when it is chilly. 

Christmas markets are also fun places you can go and have some fun. If there are any Christmas markets near you, take the opportunity and enjoy. 

10. Explore Indoor Botanical Gardens

Tropical greenhouse/glasshouse with evergreen plants, exotic palms, ferns in a sunny day with beautiful light. Various palms in botanical garden.
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Looking for an activity that would help you beat the chill of the winter? Indoor botanical gardens always feel like summer. 

The regulated temperatures will be a great alternative if you don’t want to be out on freezing days. 

Plan your visit and experience local, exotic, foreign, and sometimes even endangered plant species. 

Often, botanical gardens feel like walking into a whole different world. The plants and the environments are usually well-maintained and amazing to visit. 

11. Take a Cooking or Baking Class

smiling chef tossing up frying bell peppers with frying pan.
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Find baking and cooking classes in your city and enroll in one. Baking and cooking classes often come with new insights, such as using new tricks, recipes, and ingredients. 

Attending these classes will also boost your confidence in your cooking and baking. With the new skills acquired, you will have more confidence when preparing treats and food for your family and friends. 

12. Organize a Themed Costume Party

Party people celebrating carnival or new years eve
Image Credit: Kzenon/Shutterstock.

Themed parties are a great way to celebrate birthdays, reunions, and house parties. 

Planning for a themed party may be overwhelming, but if you start planning early, you can pull off something great. 

Decide on the theme, and send out invitations highlighting this. If you are unsure of the theme you want to go with, you can find great inspiration on the internet. 

Once you have decided on the theme, find a venue. You can hire an indoor venue or have one organized in your living room. Get the decorations that match the theme costumed party and get everything set. 

13. Volunteer for a Community Service Project

Portrait of smiling volunteers standing in the park.
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There are a lot of activities you can do for your community. 

Start by checking if elderly homes, pet rescues, hospitals, and charity organizations near you need a helping hand. 

While volunteering in an organization would be an excellent chance to interact with people and make genuine connections, you do not have to go that way. 

You can do some work at home and offer it to charity organizations. For instance, you can bake treats for your local pet rescue or make wooden toys for a children’s hospital. 

Start by asking if they accept such items, then get your hands and brains to work. 

14. Go Stargazing on a Clear Winter Night

Astronomer with a telescope watching at the stars and Moon. My astronomy work.
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Stargazing at night can be a fun activity to do with your partner or friends. While it would be great to have stargazing equipment, they are not a necessity. If you need some nice shots, you can certainly do it with your phone for a start. 

Find a spot to lay your mat in an open park, on some hill, or even on your rooftop. The ideal place should have no tall buildings and trees that may obstruct the view. 

You also want to avoid highly lit spaces that may reduce your visibility of the sky. The darker, the better. 

For the best experience, consider driving out of town. Stargazing in the countryside typically offers better views. 

Be sure to wear warm clothes and have your hands and head well covered. You will likely be in the cold for at least an hour; you want to be as warm as possible. 

15. Have a Picnic in Your Living Room With Comfort Food

Happy couple with tasty food imitating picnic at home
Image Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock.

You do not have to wait for summer to go out picnicking. Organize an indoor picnic in your living room and have fun. 

Get your picnic mats, blankets, makeshift tables, comfortable cushions, food and winter fruits, and entertainment ready like your music playlist. 

Then create space in your living room and set up your picnic. You can invite friends and family over and have fun together. 

Fun Things To Do in Winter Without Snow

Photo of cheerful family mommy daddy daughter piggyback happy positive smile look each other winter trip outdoors
Image Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.

Winter is typically filled with dull and lackluster days. For this reason, a lot of people wait until it is summer to have fun. All they can think about in winter is probably going ice skating. You can do a lot to have fun by yourself and with family and friends over winter. These 15 activities discussed above are easy to organize and execute. And on top of that, they are budget-friendly. Don’t wait until it’s warm outside; choose activities that work best for you and enjoy your winter. 

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