13 Money-Saving Strategies That Will Make You Miserable

Is there something you do to save money that you are not proud of? Some people go to extreme levels to live frugally. Some of these measures are frowned upon by others in the society. A Quora user sought to know what people would never do to save money. Here are some of the best responses from this thread.

Always Create Good Memories

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“Never save it at the cost of your memories and your days. Money will return, your days won’t,” said  Ankita

Do Not Impact Others Negatively

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Yesayas feels that people should not save money to the point where other people are affected negatively, “Don’t get obsessed in saving money up to the point where it would negatively impact other people as well.”

Make Saving a Purpose

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Haris believes people should save for a certain purpose, “Save at the cost of something a lot more valuable. Forget the purpose of saving money and make saving a purpose unto itself.”

Do Not Forget To Invest in Education and Skills

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Sree offers a good observation to drive this point home, “Jeff, who is also passionate about computers, but earns less than what John does, is a careful financial planner but never hesitates to enroll himself into any course that helps him acquire transferable job skills. With this, Jeff takes big leaps in his career. John still remains a developer while Jeff goes on to be an architect.”

Be Happy Today for a Better Tomorrow

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Ajay wants instant gratification, “I will not waste my life like this to save money for the future. We need to be happy today for a better tomorrow. My mantra is, to work hard, enjoy life, and save for the future. I will not sacrifice.”

Stay Healthy

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Wayne urges people to spend more on taking care of their health, “You should never skip looking after your health. Eating healthy, exercising, doctor checkups, are all cheaper in the long run than poor health…”

Do Not Disturb Your Inner Peace

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Hemant notes that peace of mind is very important, “To save money, never kill your small desires in such a way that your inner peace is disturbed and your happiness has started bleeding internally.”

Do Not Neglect Yourself

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There will be a price to pay if you neglect yourself; as Werner notes, “Never neglect yourself! …or you will end up in a mental hospital like I did. I was working 24/7 for over 2 years – ended up with a heavy burn out costing me all my business development and all my profits and savings. 6 months later, I was bankrupt and needed to start from zero.”

Enjoy the Journey

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Laveena urges people to work hard but still enjoy their life today because they do not know what tomorrow brings, “You can’t cut on today’s happiness to add it to tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. That doesn’t mean you stop working hard, but you definitely should stop working so hard that you don’t enjoy the journey. In simple words you shouldn’t be trying to fix something which is not broken. I have seen people killing their today to make their tomorrow, trying to fix their tomorrow, never thinking, is it even broken in the first place.”

Do Not Give Up on Small Things

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Goutam says that small things in life matter, “The biggest thing to never do to save money is to not give up the small things. It may seem like an insignificant amount of money, but these things really add up. Unplugging small electronic devices, not eating out, not using your credit card, these are all things that add up to massive savings that can really add up to big savings.”

Stop Spending Too Much

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“Most people use “saving” as an excuse to spend money. When someone shows me something they just bought, all excited over how much they “saved” I always ask them how much more money is in their checking account now,” highlights Jeniffer.

Do Not Buy Fast Fashion

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Vijay thinks fast fashion wastes money in the long run, “Fast fashion- Fast fashion is convenient, cheap, and it’s everywhere. If you don’t have control over excessive shopping, then it is difficult to save money. Practical meaning is I can wear it on most days, and it’s not solely reserved for a special occasion.”

Do Not Use Credit Cards To Spend Lavishly

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Credit card interest could be too high, as Himanshu notes, “Never use Credit Cards for lavish spending. Use them intelligently and pay the bills before the due date to avoid hefty interest. Avoid EMIs as much as possible.”

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