20 Things Only the Wealthiest 1% Do

Rich people, with their thick wallets, don’t try to shy away from showing off their money. But there are some who tend to hide their wealth yet engage in activities that scream filthy rich!

One Redditor asked, “What is peak rich people activity according to you?” Many users commented on this post, and we have compiled the top 20 activities for you.

1. Old Food

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One user said, “I had a girlfriend in high school, and both of her parents worked in the oil industry. One time, her dad ordered a pizza while she and I were out, and when we got back, I went to grab a slice. I’ll never forget what he said, “That’s 2 hours old, don’t eat it, you’ll get sick. I’ll just order another couple.””

Someone else replied, “I’ll recook leftovers to reset the bacteria clock, so I have food for the next week. Like five days is still fresh to me.”

Old food? That’s so last century, right?

2. Price Tags

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This person shared, “Not looking at the price tag of something before you buy it.”

Another added, “Mhm. And more importantly, eating at restaurants without prices on the menus.”

You walk into a store, spot something you like, and boom – it’s yours.

3. Summer Vacations

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Someone wrote, “Came here to say people use who summer as a verb lol.”

Another commented, “Whenever I hear it, I can only picture Patrick Stewart yelling “WHERE DO YOU SUMMER?!?” (from L.A. Story with Steve Martin)”

It must be nice to use a whole season as an action word. Meanwhile, the rest of us are just trying to survive Monday as a verb.

4. Letting Others Work

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One user said, “The activity of not doing anything you don’t want to because you can afford to pay someone else to do it for you.”

Someone else replied, “I grew up middle class in a 3rd world country, which means I grew up with maids, a driver, and “a guy” for everything. Need your driver’s license renewed? I knew a guy. Need car repairs? Know a guy. etc. Migrated to the US and was horrified by how much stuff I had to do myself, lol.”

Need your shoes tied? Hire a professional shoe tier. Can’t decide what to have for lunch? Get a food consultant.

5. Having Property

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This person shared, “Buying property in London because they can.”

Another added, “Amercian here… visited London and sat next to an American mom and college-aged daughter at Nandos. Based on some polite eavesdropping, both had their own flats in the city. Also had places in NYC and who knows where else. Must be nice!”

Because who needs just a house when you can own an entire postcode, right?

6. Paying off Witnesses

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Normal people might not even know a witness, let alone pay them off, but the rich? Oh, they’ve got a witness payoff fund somewhere on their islands!

Someone wrote, “Paying off witnesses so they don’t testify against you in court.”

Another commented, “Jokes aside, lawyering and court fighting in general. The fact rich people can just negotiate and pay there way of freedom and then get a slap on the wrist that would have other people be put away for years.”

7. New Cars

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One user said, “Had a classmate drove a Boxster the first day, crashed it, next day drove another one cause his dad bought him another one after school.”

Someone else replied, “I have a similar story; a classmate got a BMW 3 series for his birthday. Crashed it within a week into a police car, while he didn’t have a driver’s license yet. Still got his father’s old 7 series as a replacement.”

Talk about a garage that’s basically a showroom!

8. Yachts

Cruise ship holiday travel vacation – Happy couple enjoying in cruise
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Forget about renting a boat for a weekend getaway; we’re talking about having a floating mansion on the sea.

This person shared, “Yachts. The boats, you hire a crew and a captain.”

Another added, “My wife’s friend and her husband are pretty well off. They have a 38’ boat (is that a yacht yet?) with a cabin below with a kitchenette, bathroom, and small bedroom.”

9. Flying Private

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Someone wrote, “Flying private. The amount of time and hassle you save and the world of possibilities that open up when you have a private jet is insane. Easy to see how anyone with regular access to that could become an out-of-touch snob.”

Another commented, “Out of everything wealthy people can buy… This is what really makes a difference. Fast cars, big houses, food, and even holidays (my best holidays were backpacking in Thailand, not some dumb 5-star resort) all lose their luster. Flying private.. that’s amazing.”

Forget about dealing with airport security or crying babies; it’s a world where your personal pilot knows your favorite playlist and the perfect temperature for your champagne.

10. Licking Lids

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Now, here’s a strange one – not licking lids. Yeah, apparently, that’s a rich people thing.

One user said, “Not eating the yogurt left on the lid. Licking it is a must.”

Someone else replied, “I AM DEAD! This is so hilarious and relatable. For my family, it was getting all the extra condiment out of the container, specifically hot sauce 😂”

11. Non-profits

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Normal people might drop a couple of bucks in the donation jar, but the rich? Oh no, they’ve got whole foundations named after themselves.

This person shared, “nonprofits. I know a woman whose job is “philanthropist,” aka, giving away her family’s money. It’s her full-time job.”

Another added, “Many, many wealthy people establish non-profits and then employ family members as a way to shuffle money around without it being taxed at the same rate as, say, an inheritance tax or gift tax.”

12. Traveling

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We’re not talking about a road trip to the neighboring town; we’re talking about jet-setting to exotic locations every weekend!

Someone wrote, “Traveling. A lot of it.”

Another commented, “A lot depends on how you do it. If your idea of traveling involves aircraft or cruise liners and hotels, and going to far-away places the comfortable way, then yes, you’ve pretty much got to be at least fairly rich to do this.”

13. Polo

A Polo Player hits the Polo ball with a stick.
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One user said, “Playing polo.”

Someone else replied, “What people who don’t participate or watch polo may miss is that you need not one but multiple horses, likely about 5-6 horses per player total, and using a minimum 3 per match up to 6 depending on the number of chukkers per match.”

It’s not just a game; it’s a lifestyle.

14. Vacation Duration

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Someone wrote, “Vacation duration: For regular people, vacation is between a weekend and two weeks. For the wealthy, vacations can easily extend to 1-3 months. Boggles my mind.”

Another added, “I once witnessed a group of cheer moms sitting outside a Starbucks, fiercely debating whether 2 weeks was “too long” for the cheer squad to spend in a trip to Florida.”

It must be nice to have a never-ending summer, right?

15. Owning Houses

New million dollar homes in affluent neighborhood
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And let’s not forget about owning multiple homes.

This person shared, “Owning multiple homes, especially that you don’t live in.”

Another commented, “That qualifies as a type of wealthy. Not super wealthy, but you’ve got assets that most don’t.”

A city apartment, a country mansion, a beachfront villa – because who needs to settle for one when you can have it all?

16. Glamping

Happy Young Family In Front of Their Beautiful RV At The Campground
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One user said, “Doing poor people things, except luxuriously. Ex: “Glamping.””

Someone else replied, “My friend’s family asked if I could go camping with them. I wore army cargo pants packed with jerky, peanut butter, honey, crackers, stuffed dryer lint in a toilet paper roll for tinder, and brought my survival knife.

I was picked up in a Holiday Rambler RV that his Dad bought from a NASCAR driver. It had 2 slideouts, and I had my own ROOM. When we got to the campground, they plugged in a garden hose and an extension cord from the RV. Had everything, even had cooler entertainment devices in that RV than I had in my house.”

17. Doing Nothing

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Someone wrote, “The truly rich people activity is doing absolutely nothing besides making decisions and enjoying yourself. No cooking or cleaning your own dishes, no taking out the trash, nannies to take care of children, no mowing the lawn or doing laundry… Not typing out an email/ just dictating it to an assistant, not even making any but the most important or personal calls or texts.”

Another added, “You have TIME for multiple hobbies, “work,” a family, travel, and philanthropy/ civic engagement. That’s the ultimate peak of what you can have on the regular when you’re truly rich… time.”

Normal people might call it laziness; the rich call it a lifestyle.

18. Car Racing

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We’re not talking about revving up the family minivan; we’re talking about zipping around a track in a million-dollar speed machine.

One user said, “Classic race car racing. Not only do they spend big $$$ purchasing these vehicles. They spend a ton maintaining and modifying them. Then they race them. Total rich man’s sport.”

Another commented, “Even more insane when they hire all the techs/mechs and more people to organize the racing business. The only thing they have to do is to literally just drive.”

19. Fine Dining

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This person shared, “Fine Dining. I’d consider that (along with vacation properties, private jets, etc) to be the pinnacle. Once you go out and experience a top-notch meal, it’s hard to come back from that to regular cooking.”

Someone else replied, “I was invited by a huge builder to a downtown restaurant with my wife, and I’ll never forget the taste of the food. My wife is an amazing cook, but this was futuristically a new level that I’d never experienced before. Bill was over $9k for a group of people with drinks. If I become rich, this would be where my disposable income would go, haha.”

Truffles, caviar, and maybe a sprinkle of gold leaf – because seasoning is for the commoners.

20. Skiing

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Skiing is the ultimate rich activity.

Someone wrote, “Skiing. The only way is to own your own gear and buy a season pass. Worth it if you’d want to go often and live nearby!”

Another added, “I grew up with skiing and can’t really afford it anymore. It’s always been a privileged sport, but now it’s nuts.”

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