20 Items That Are Shockingly Overpriced

We all know that the world we are living in is super overpriced, where some stuff is just ridiculously expensive, and we’re left wondering if we’ve all lost our minds because how on earth can some items be that pricey when we are barely making a living out of our paychecks!

One Redditor asked, “What is horribly overpriced?” This received more than 5,000 answers, but we have listed the top 20 items here for you.

1. Printer Ink

Employee using modern printer in office, closeup
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A discerning Reddit user commented, “I swear that it would be cheaper to melt some platinum and pour it into a printer cartridge than to buy some regular printer ink.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “While my brother was in college he would just buy a new printer with the ink cause it was cheaper than just the ink cartridge. It was like one printer per year.”

Seriously, have you ever stopped to think about how much this liquid gold costs? It’s like they’re selling us unicorn tears in those tiny cartridges.

2. Weddings

Cheerful young couple in love having fun outdoors
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So, what’s the deal with these sky-high wedding prices? Are we buying into a dream or just falling for a money-making scheme? 

One said, “Anything for weddings. If you say “wedding” to any vendor or business, the prices go way up. It’s ridiculous.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “And everything has a ‘bride’ tax of 25 %, on top of that. Fancy shoes? €€ Fancy bride shoes? €€€ Nice hair and makeup? €-€€ You’re the bride? €€€ plz Layered cake? €€ Layered wedding cake? €€€+€ Flowers? €€ Wedding edition? €€€”

3. Funerals

Crying woman at funeral
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michaeljung via DepositPhotos.com.

A Reddit user wrote, “My dad died in January, but he prepaid for his arrangements 25 years ago. The funeral home was upset- what he got was $12000 more expensive than it was back then.

Another replied, “I buried my mom last year. US$21,000 for the funeral, and that didn’t include the burial plot next to my dad, which she never bothered purchasing.”

Now, we know we have to say goodbye to our loved ones, but do we really have to say goodbye to our savings accounts too?

4. Groceries

Grocery Shopper Counting Costs
Image Credit: ArenaCreative via DepositPhotos.com.

One said, “It is so stupidly expensive to buy groceries right now. Even if I just need a short small list specifically for the dinner I’m making that evening, it’s always $50-75 dollars for just a few items. I feel like in the past two years, groceries have just skyrocketed.”

Another added, “Groceries have gotten so expensive that it’s almost more financially feasible for me to eat out several times a week.”

It’s time for us to stand up and demand more affordable options without sacrificing a week’s worth of meals for a carton of eggs!

5. Housing

San Francisco travel tourists couple looking at houses landscape banner.
Image Credit: Maridav/Shutterstock.

So, picture this: You’re ready to make your mark in the real estate world, but then reality smacks you in the face with a price tag that looks more like a phone number.

A Reddit user wrote, “It’s sickening seeing older generations say “Work harder!” when the minimum wage has dropped ($1.60 in 1968 equal to $13.00 in 2022) to $7.25 in 2022 nationally. Meanwhile, housing costs have raised roughly 160% since 2000.”

Another replied, “If we want to make a 10% down payment on a reasonable house (much smaller than the one I grew up in) we are going to have to save for the next five years. But we can’t do that because we are both going to be paying our student loans for the next 10 years at least and because rent takes 50% of our income.”

6. Healthcare

Doctor with female patient
Image Credit: monkeybusiness via DepositPhotos.com.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Well, healthcare in the US.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “Here’s a 6 month wait to get in to see any half-decent specialist in my area (if you weren’t already an established patient. Some doctors aren’t taking new patients. And we still pay premium”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Yeah it sickens me how year after year healthcare gets more expensive and worse. I paid off a bill for $1200 for allergy tests my insurance didn’t cover. And this year paying off $1000 for pelvic/transvaginal ultrasound.

I just went to my orthopedics because my shoulder was bothering me. All my specialists’ copays are $5o a visit! And I didn’t think I had to pay for a follow-up visit or a copay because I made my deductible, but they tell me oh you have to pay it before you go to the appointment!”

Let’s talk about prescriptions for a minute. You’d think getting a little bottle of pills would be as simple as grabbing a candy bar from the store. But oh no, getting your hands on some medication is just not possible with an average salary!

7. Food

mother and daughter shopping for groceries
Image Credit: monkeybusiness via DepositPhotos.com.

We all need to eat to survive to avoid turning into hangry monsters. But seriously, why does it sometimes feel like we’re breaking the bank just to enjoy a decent meal? 

One said, “I travel a lot for work. I leave the house at least 2 1/2 hours prior to my flight just to get food before going to the airport. Usually like Subway footlong or something that fills me up for half the day. Also, bring your own water bottle.”

Another added, “Airport food. I’ve done this before going to sports events too. Food is *ss in most stadiums and overpriced. Get a decent sandwich from a decent small shop, and you’re living like a king.”

8. Subscription Plans

Hands holding a tablet with major streaming logos, Netflix Hulu, amazon video, HBO, And Disney Competing video streaming subscription.
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Remember when buying software was a one-time thing? Now, everything’s gone subscription-crazy. Need to use that professional editing software? Subscribe. Want to write that next bestseller? Subscribe. Breathing air? Well, they’re working on a subscription model for that, too, I’m sure. 

This user shared, “Subscription plans. 5 dollars per month doesn’t sound so bad … Until there are 10 of those you have to use, and every one of them has an ” ultra-premium ” tier for 10 dollars that has all of the features things you actually care about”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Yup, remember when everybody was getting rid of cable because streaming services had everything you wanted to watch?  HULU, with its “Live TV” plan is $70 a month. Supposed to be a cheaper alternative to cable.”

9. Ice-cream

Happy little child girl eating ice cream. Blue background. Light effect.
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A Reddit user wrote, “Even cheap ice cream is like 10 bucks…. I can’t even stay slightly overweight in this economy.”

Another replied, “I don’t get why ice cream is so expensive. It used to be my favorite snack growing up, but I can’t even afford it now.”

What’s the deal with novelty ice creams? Sure, they look Instagram-worthy with their quirky toppings and outrageous concoctions, but at what cost?

10. Goodwill

Goodwill Industries International Inc. (Goodwill) is an American nonprofit organization selling donated items.
Image Credit: damann/Shutterstock.

One said, “They’ve got a lot of nerve charging the prices they do for stuff they get for free…”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “I can’t believe their prices. They’re selling burned candles for $10, I’ll just go to Target to get a candle that’s not half-burned”

While Goodwill might sometimes make us do a double-take at their prices, we’re not completely out of luck. So, keep your wits about you and shop strategically!

11. Lego

Building kids blocks on blue background
NataliaD via Depositphotos.com

A discerning Reddit user commented, “When I was little, I used to be really excited to earn money and then be able to buy all the lego I want… didn’t work out ofc :(“

Another added, “They used to be affordable. $5 used to get you a cute playset. I can’t believe how expensive Legos have become. I once got a small bag for a Secret Santa and it cost ten dollars for like 20 pieces.”

Sure, they look amazing on the box, but have you ever tried to justify spending your month’s coffee budget on a Millennium Falcon made of tiny plastic blocks?

12. Concert Tickets 

New York, NY, USA - December 13, 2019: Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden.
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This user shared, “It’s gotten so expensive that music artists aren’t even going on tour anymore. D**n ticket master scams people so badly, it left a bad taste in our mouth; I’ll just watch the artists on YouTube.”

Another shared, “All tickets have to be bought online, and they charge you the equivalent of 2-3% of the ticket. Then you still had to print out the voucher and go to their branch to “claim” the ticket. Makes you wonder if we can’t have an option to just buy in person.”

And here’s the kicker- even after spending a fortune on a ticket, you still have to consider the costs of getting to the venue, dealing with overpriced parking (if you’re lucky enough to find a spot), and maybe even forking over more cash for a $15 water bottle once you’re inside.

13. Kia

Kia Telluride display at a dealership. Kia offers the Telluride in LX, S, EX and SX models.
Image Credit: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock.

Kias often come with a price tag that has more zeros than a game of Scrabble. We thought Kia was supposed to be the affordable alternative, the car brand that wouldn’t make your bank account cry. But somehow, they’ve managed to turn budget-friendly into budget-busting. 

A Reddit user wrote, “Low-end cars like Kia. There’s absolutely no reason whatever to spend 55k on a Kia 😂”

Another person agreed to it and said, “We bought a brand new Kia Nero hybrid in 2019 for $26k, I’m so glad we were able to get it before the prices went bonkers.”

Another replied, “I’ve literally been an auto lender for 10+ years, and you’d be sickened to know how many people have spent that much on a Kia.”

14. Graphic Cards

person hacking a computer
Image Credit: SimpleFoto via DepositPhotos.com.

One shared, “Remember when the highest-end consumer cards were sub 1k? Of course you do, it was only a few years ago.

Another added, “500 dollars for a 4060 ti 16 gigabytes that sometimes performs worse than the 3060 ti is not something to be proud of.”

Nowadays, you might need to pawn your grandmother’s antique vase to afford a mid-range card!

15. Cinemas

A young joyful couple is with their daughter in the cinema, watching an exciting movie.
Image Credit: bbernard/Shutterstock.

This user shared, “Just saw Oppenheimer at 11:00 am on a Sunday. $43 with popcorn and soda.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “My girlfriend and I went to see it, cost like 30$ for our tickets and then 25$ for popcorn and 2 large drinks. We had a great time but good lord it gets crazy quick…”

Seriously, have you checked the price of a movie ticket lately? It’s like they expect us to take out a loan just to watch a flick on a big screen.

16. Taco Bell

Box set of tasty taco, nachos, and cup of drink served in retail background of taco bell restaurant. A popular Mexican & American fast food chain.
Image Credit: KULLAPONG PARCHERAT/Shutterstock.

Back in the day, you could roll up to Taco Bell with just a few bucks in your pocket and feast like a king. But now? Oh boy, you might need to sell a kidney to afford a proper meal. 

One said, “Taco Bell has really gone up. Swear my old order used to run around $10, now it’s $20”

Another replied, “Bean burrito plus sour cream. $3.38, I’m good Taco Bell those were like $.79”

17. McDonald’s

ronald-mcdonald at McDonald's restauran
Image Credit: Ratana21/Shutterstock.

Let’s talk about the basics- the burgers. Now, don’t get us wrong, sinking your teeth into a juicy Quarter Pounder is a treat, but when did this become a luxury item? 

A Reddit user wrote, “McDonald’s. It was made to be cheap and fast. Why am I spending close to $5 on fries? That’s when I realized corporate greed was getting bad”

Another person agreed to it and said, “I got a small fry the other day and it was like 3.50! What happened? Used to be a dollar”

Another added, “We don’t eat out often but last week I got food for my husband and 4 kids and it was $46. I was like excuse me.”

18. Education

Young university graduate woman isolated on pink background smiling
Image Credit: luismolinero via DepositPhotos.com.

From application fees to technology fees to parking fees- it’s like they’re nickel and diming us into a state of financial despair. 

A discerning Reddit user commented, “istg uni fees and student loans should not exist. Education is a basic human right and it’s nearly 6 figures per semester in this crippling economy. No wonder I see so many uneducated ppl cuz they can’t afford it”

Another commented, “It should be absolutely free, and unlike where I live it should be good even when free”

19. Diamonds

Beauty Fashion Glamour Girl Portrait over Black
Image Credit: Subbotina via DepositPhotos.com.

So, you want to propose and show your commitment, right? Well, be prepared to cough up a fortune for a rock that’s probably smaller than the croutons in your salad!

This user shared, “Diamonds. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not a rare gemstone and their perceived value is almost entirely artificial.”

Another replied, “Truth be told, I didn’t know they were not that rare, but I do know that in jewelry they’re basically glass-looking but much more expensive.”

20. Coffee

Hispanic young adult woman smiling confidently pointing to own broad smile. take away coffee concept
Image Credit: kues via DepositPhotos.com.

We’ve become so hooked on the magical coffee that we’re willing to part with our hard-earned cash without even batting an eyelash. 

One said, “Cup of Coffee. You can have one of those tins for under $10 it makes a ton of coffee. A cup may be like 50 cents.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “I mean stores (mainly Starbucks) charge you like 5 dollars for a coffee which in the very end is not even a coffee but rather a sugary drink full of sugar that they dare to call coffee. Making your own coffee at home (if able) costs a couple of cents a serving. The coffee monopoly is quite unamusing.”

Another added, “I use to buy a coffee from a cafe a couple of times a week Pre-COVID, now I stopped, just got too expensive”

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