20 TV Show Cancellations That Stung the Most

In the world of television, cancellations are an unfortunate reality. While some shows come to an end after a satisfying run, others are abruptly taken off the air, leaving fans devastated and wondering what could have been.

One Reddit user asked, “Which TV cancellation(s) hit you the hardest?” The thread received thousands of comments, and we have compiled the perfect list for you. Here are 20 TV show cancellations that left a significant impact on audiences.

1. Teenage Bounty Hunters


A discerning Reddit user commented, “I think mine is Teenage Bounty Hunters. It hits the double whammy of being fun and hilarious and compelling, but also completely neglected by its network (embargoed until release, zero internal boosts or marketing).”

Another Teenage Bounty Hunter fan wrote, “Netflix canceling Teenage Bounty Hunters still hurts though. It looked dirt cheap to make and was {so} good. Sure, I’d rather it lived on, but more reasonably, I wish it got a fair shot, which it clearly didn’t.”

2. The Venture Bros

The Venture Bros. (2003)
Image Credit: The Cartoon Network.

It is always hurtful to watch a show that you have emotionally invested in suddenly be taken off the network.

As this Reddit user lamented about the sudden end of The Venture Bros, “I’ve been watching it for nearly half of my life. I was still in high school when it started, and it’s been my favorite show since the first season. And they were finally going to end it next season. The writing had already started. And then, after 15 years, they pulled the plug.”

Another fan of the show wrote, “It’s absolutely heartbreaking. The show has created such an amazing world and characters and story, and it’s all been building up towards some epic finale for years.”

3. The OA

Phyllis Smith in The OA
Image Credit: Scott Patrick Green/Netflix.

Someone commented, “The OA. That season 2 finale blew my mind, and that show had so much potential for a season 3. I’m still waiting for another platform to revive it.”

Someone else added, “I think that if another network were to pick it up like all the actors would be game for it. Even the biggest names (like Jason Isaacs) have stated that it’s one of the most interesting things he’s ever been in and very vocal about it.”

Have you watched the OA? What are your thoughts on the show’s abrupt cancellation?

4. High Fidelity

Zoë Kravitz in High Fidelity (2020).
Image Credit: Hulu.

A Reddit user wrote, “High Fidelity. Zoe Kravitz was perfectly cast as Rob, and the other two record store employees were amazing too. I’m so upset about it getting canceled.”

With reasonably good ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, it’s a wonder why the show wasn’t renewed for a new season! Did Hulu make a mistake canceling the show?

5. The Messiah

Mehdi Dehbi in MESSIAH
Image Credit: Hiba Judeh/Netflix.

A fan of the show The Messiah commented, “I know it’s not a great show, and I laughed my way through it, but I really wanted to see another season and a resolution to The Messiah.”

Another fan added, “A strangely intriguing show. Not a lot happened in the episodes, and the storyline was padded out with a ton of filler, but I still wish we got a wrap-up season.”

Do you think the show deserved another season?

6. I’m Sorry

392527 I'm Sorry 206 (6/13/18)
Image Credit: Warner Bros Discovery.

A Redditor wrote, “I’m Sorry especially hurts. My wife and I discovered it near the start of the pandemic and loved the 2 seasons. Then I saw it had already been renewed for a S3, and work was already underway.”

Someone else commented, “Then a few months ago, TruTV announced they were canceling it, even though the scripts had already been written, citing the pandemic delays.”

Another disgruntled fan said, “I was really hoping it would get picked up somewhere since the whole season was already written, but I hadn’t heard any news.”

Yet another lover of the show added, “I’m Sorry – easily one of the funniest shows in years. It manages to be both raunchy and wholesome, and I will miss it dearly.”

7. Altered Carbon

Renee Elise Goldsberry, Will Yun Lee in Altered Carbon
Image Credit: Katie Yu / Netflix.

One Reddit user wrote, “I know a lot of people on Reddit didn’t seem to like the show but I loved it, both seasons. And they ended the second season with a minor cliffhanger that I was hoping would get resolved. Maybe even a happy ending for Takeshi Kovacs and Quellcrist Falconer.”

Do you think Netflix dropped the ball with this one?

8. Mike Tyson Mysteries

Mike Tyson Mysteries (2014)
Image Credit: Adult Swim.

Someone said, “Thinking of Adult Swim shows, most people are saying Venture Bros. It’s a big one, don’t get me wrong. But I’m really gonna miss Mike Tyson Mysteries. It was probably my favorite of Adult Swim’s more recent shows, could’ve seen it running for another season or two at least.”

Hello? We’re all Adult Swim fans here! Cannot imagine the tears we would shed if and when Rick and Morty ends.

9. Superstore

America Ferrera and Ben Feldman in Superstore (2015).
Image Credit: Universal Television.

One Redditor wrote, “Superstore.… I just liked the not so serious sitcom approach it had. Still can’t believe it’s being canceled.”

Someone else added, “Superstore is really the only show I watch when it airs and then rewatch the next day on streaming.”

This one hurt us personally, too *cue the tears*

Such a wholesome show, but with the main character, America Ferrera (Amy), leaving, we feel like the creators made the right choice.

10. Rome

Rome (2005),
Image Credit: HBO.

A fan commented, “Rome probably hurts the most. Season 2 was really good but they fly through like 15 years of history pretty fast. The showrunners found out they were being cancelled while working on that 2nd season. It would have been really cool to get 5 seasons of it, show Octavian grow to old age and show all the Julio Claudian drama. “

Someone else added, “An HBO movie would actually be great if they decided to make one.”

11. Ray Donovan

Liev Schreiber in Ray Donovan (2013).
Image Credit: Showtime.

A Redditor wrote, “Ray Donovan, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and they canceled it after season 7 ended on a cliffhanger.”

Ahh we feel you! Isn’t it the worst when you invest in a show for 7 seasons only for it to never reach a conclusion? Some would say this is absolute torture (and we agree).

12. The Baker and the Beauty

The Baker and the Beauty (2020).
Image Credit: ABC.

Someone wrote, “I was really upset with the cancelation of The Baker and the Beauty. It was a positive and funny portrayal of a Hispanic family in Miami. It had real potential but alas only one season.”

Another fan of the show commented, “The Baker and the Beauty, I shouldn’t have liked this one as much as I did tbh, but it was wholesome, easy watch, was hooked after a few episodes, one you could watch with the family too.”

Someone else said, “The Baker and the Beauty. It was just an enjoyable show. I liked the romance and the drama and I wanted more of it. It was a change of pace from some of the more serious shows I watch.”

13. Daredevil

Charlie Cox and Elodie Yung in Daredevil (2015).
Image Credit: Netflix.

Someone commented, “Daredevil. One of the best shows ever. I don’t think any of the other Netflix Marvel shows could hold a candle to it. It was like The Dark Knight but rated R.”

The show had excellent ratings and had acquired quite a loyal following, but we guess the team at Netflix works in mysterious ways.

14. My Name Is Earl

Jaime Pressly and Eddie Steeples in My Name Is Earl (2005).
Image Credit:
20th Century Fox Television.

An upset fan of the show, My Name is Earl, said, “The show ended on a cliffhanger that doesn’t really sit well with a lot of people since we’ll likely never get a hard answer.”

Another added, “Always wished enough money for a TV Movie would suddenly fall into everyone’s laps but as time goes on by this seems more and more unlikely.”

15. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The Dark Crystal Series
Image Credit: KEVIN BAKER/Netflix.

Someone left a comment on the thread saying, “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. We didn’t deserve a show so pure. It will live fondly in my heart for a long time.”

Another added, “The announcement coming literally the day after the show won an Emmy felt like a kick in the {pants}”

Another good series that fell victim to budget constraints. Do you think the show deserves a comeback?

16. Ducktales

Image Credit: Disney.

A Reddit user commented the following about the show, “Yeah that hit me. I expected it to get at least one more season. Its just such a good show.”

Someone else added,“Season 3 wasn’t really ‘doing it’ like the first one was. But I didn’t think that slump was enough to just outright cancel the show.”

17. Glow

Rebekka Johnson, Jackie Tohn, Kia Stevens in Glow
Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix.

A fan of the show wrote, “{annoys} me off so much that they couldn’t even give the show a proper final season, contempt for the viewers who deserve it as well!”

Another added, “It sucks that there was going to be another season and then they took it back. I was excited to get a final season to wrap everything up.”

Have you watched the show? What are your thoughts?

18. One Day at a Time

Rita Moreno, Justina Machado, Marcel Ruiz in ONE DAY AT A TIME
Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix.

A Reddit user wrote about the show, “Yeah, particularly after CBS started airing it, to hear it was canceled on PopTV (after the miracle save after Netflix cancellation)…was just…[muffled scream].”

Oh, to get the hopes of fans up like that, only for them to be squashed, tch tch.

19. Utopia

Will Attenborough in Utopia (2013).
Image Credit:
Kudos Film and Television.

A Redditor wrote, “Utopia (the UK version). I usually do my due diligence on any type of media released serially to avoid the heartbreak of an unfinished product. Surprise, surprise, su-f***-prise it was canceled. ”

We are equally as surprised! With a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.4 on IMDb, it is shocking that the show was canceled due to a lack of viewership. Do you think views would have picked up as the show progressed?

20. The Society

Olivia DeJonge, Sean Berdy in The Society
Image Credit: Seacia Pavao/Netflix.

Someone wrote, “The Society. Every time I think about it, I get mad because it was renewed and starting to film. I just want answers!”

The Society happens to be one of the many shows that were canceled during the Covid-19 pandemic. Did you binge the one and only season during the lockdown days?

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