60 Things To Save Up for That Are Totally Worth It

Do you find yourself thinking about saving more money nowadays? You are probably not alone. According to research, 10% of Americans have no savings and 58% have less than $5,000 saved.


With fears surrounding the cost of living, surprise expenses lurking around the corner, and the desire for dream vacations, it’s no wonder many of us are taking a closer look at our savings strategies.


However creating short-term or long-term goals with finances takes focus. Do you focus on your retirement plan or tackle credit card debt? How much money should you set aside for a savings account?


To answer those questions, you need to know your options on what to save for. Keep reading to explore the many things to save up for and how you can get started!

What To Save Up For?

Contributing to a savings account isn’t just about planning for rainy days or an occasional vacation. When thinking about things to save up for, think about the surprises life can bring and how money can help you weather the storm. To help with ideas, we’ve compiled a list of 60 reasons you should consider starting a savings fund:

For Financial Security:

  1. Emergency fund: An emergency fund gives you peace of mind when unexpected expenses pop up.
  2. Health insurance: It’s essential to have health insurance for those unexpected medical bills.
  3. Retirement: Saving for retirement ensures you’ll have a comfortable future.
  4. Annual taxes: Keeping money aside for annual taxes is just smart financial planning.

For Your Home and Travel Needs:

  1. New car: Getting a new car means fewer worries about breakdowns and repairs.
  2. Home down payment: A down payment gets you closer to owning your dream home.
  3. Home renovations: Renovating your home adds value and makes it more comfortable.
  4. Emergency home repairs: Preparing for home emergencies saves you from unexpected costs.
  5. Vacation home: Owning a vacation home means having your own getaway spot.

Investing in Education and Career:

  1. Education fund: Investing in your education increases your earning potential.
  2. Child’s education: Saving for your child’s education secures their future.
  3. Professional development: Advancing your skills opens up new career opportunities.
  4. Investment in stocks: Smart investing in stocks grows your wealth over time.

Celebrations and Special Moments:

  1. Wedding: Planning for a wedding without going into debt is a smart choice.
  2. Family reunion: Budgeting for family reunions creates lasting memories.
  3. Special occasion celebration: Saving for special occasions means you can enjoy them without financial worries.
  4. Second honeymoon: A second honeymoon rekindles the romance in your relationship.

Investing in Health and Wellness:


  1. Health savings account: A health savings account gives you financial security for medical expenses.
  2. Cosmetic surgery: Cosmetic surgery can boost your self-confidence and overall well-being.
  3. Gym membership: Prioritizing fitness with a gym membership keeps you healthy.
  4. Pool or hot tub: Having a pool or hot tub is like having a relaxation haven at home.

Tech and Home Upgrades:

  1. New phone: Upgrading to a new phone keeps you connected and efficient.
  2. Electronics upgrades: Enhancing your tech setup makes life more enjoyable.
  3. Kitchen appliances: Better kitchen appliances make cooking a breeze.
  4. Home theater system: A home theater system elevates your entertainment experience.
  5. Home security system: Feel safe and secure with a home security system.
  6. Home automation: Automating parts of your home like lighting adds convenience and accessibility.

Hobbies and Interests:

  1. Hobbies and interests: Investing in your passions enriches your life.
  2. Art or collectibles: Building a collection is a rewarding and valuable hobby.
  3. Art classes: Taking art classes enhances your creativity and skills.

Travel and Adventures:

  1. Travel adventures: Exploring new places broadens your horizons and creates memorable experiences.
  2. Luxury vacation: Treating yourself to luxury travel is a way to indulge in unforgettable moments.
  3. Season tickets (sports, concerts): Having season tickets ensures you never miss your favorite events.
  4. Luxury item: Enjoying a luxury item adds a touch of opulence to your life.

Giving Back and Philanthropy:

  1. Charitable donations: Supporting charities lets you make a positive impact on your community.
  2. Donation for special causes: Backing special causes contributes to meaningful initiatives.
  3. Supporting local initiatives: Contributing to local efforts helps your community thrive.
  4. Philanthropic efforts: Your philanthropic endeavors support global charitable organizations.
  5. Helping those in need: Providing aid to those in need is a way to give back.

Investment and Wealth Growth:

  1. Investment portfolio: Building a diverse investment portfolio grows your wealth over time.
  2. Wine collection: A wine collection lets you enjoy the finest vintages and become a wine connoisseur.
  3. Rare book collection: Collecting rare books expands your literary horizons and knowledge.
  4. Investment in stocks: Investing in stocks is a way to grow your wealth through the stock market.

Luxuries and Personal Enhancement:

  1. Luxury watch: Owning a luxury watch adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your style.
  2. Vintage car: Having a vintage car allows you to own a piece of automotive history.
  3. Fine jewelry: Adorning yourself with fine jewelry elevates your fashion game.
  4. Private education: Providing private education ensures top-notch schooling for personal growth.
  5. Home gym equipment: Home gym equipment lets you prioritize fitness within the comfort of your own space.

Family and Entertainment:

  1. Children’s extracurricular activities: Supporting your children’s interests nurtures their talents.
  2. Family vacation: Planning family vacations creates bonding moments and cherished memories.
  3. Art classes: Enrolling in art classes enhances your creativity and artistic skills.
  4. Home theater system: A home theater system elevates your entertainment experience.
  5. Home security system: Feel safe and secure with a home security system.
  6. Home automation: Automating your home adds convenience and efficiency to your daily routine.

Lifestyle and Personal Interests:

  1. New wardrobe: Updating your wardrobe enhances your style and boosts your confidence.
  2. Travel adventures: Embarking on travel adventures broadens your horizons and brings excitement.
  3. New computer: Upgrading your computer or laptop enhances productivity and connectivity.
  4. Luxury vacation: Treating yourself to a luxury vacation creates unforgettable memories.
  5. Season tickets (sports, concerts): Season tickets ensure you never miss your favorite sports or concerts.
  6. Rare book collection: Collecting rare books expands your literary horizons and knowledge.

How To Save Up

After getting clear on the things to save up for, you have to figure out how to start. Whether you’re setting aside funds for short-term needs or planning for long-term aspirations, a disciplined savings strategy can make all the difference. Here’s how to save up effectively:

Make Saving Automatic

Automating your savings is a smart strategy for achieving both short-term and long-term goals. Consider setting up automatic transfers from your checking account to a dedicated savings account. This ensures that a portion of your income goes into the things you save up for before spending it on impulse purchases.


It’s particularly useful for saving up for short-term goals like a birthday celebration or car repairs. By automating contributions to a health savings account for medical expenses or a vacation fund for your next family vacation, you’ll steadily accumulate the funds needed for both immediate needs and fun splurges.


Set Savings Goals

Setting clear savings goals is key to staying on track with your financial plans. Whether it’s saving for tuition, a used car, or high school textbooks for your teenager, having specific objectives will keep you motivated.


Create a budget that allocates funds to various goals. Determine how much money you need and when you want to reach your goal. Break it down into manageable milestones to track your progress. The same approach applies to long-term goals, such as retirement or buying an apartment or house.


Find Ways To Cut Spending

Reducing expenses is essential for boosting your savings. Take a close look at your spending habits and identify areas where you can cut back. Cancel unused subscriptions, like gym memberships or streaming services, and eliminate bad habits like overspending on beauty products or impulse shopping.



Whether it’s a dream vacation, a comfortable retirement, or any of the 60 things to save up for in life, remember that your financial goals are within reach. By setting clear objectives and following smart savings strategies, you’re well on your way to making those dreams a reality.




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