20 Things That Seem Like a Huge Rip-Off but Are Actually Totally 100% Legit

It’s easy to feel like everything these days is a scam waiting to happen. But fear not! Plenty of things out there seem sketchy at first glance but are actually legit and are NOT actually a scam. What are they?

Things That Are 100% Totally Legit

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One Reddit user asked, “What is something that just screams scam but is actually 100% legit and worth it?”

The thread received many comments, and we have compiled a list of the best ones for you:

Dollar Store Supplies

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A Redditor wrote, “Most dollar store cleaning supplies.”

Another added, “On a similar note, dollar store pregnancy tests are some of the most accurate tests you can buy over the counter.”

While a former Dollar Store employee favored their pregnancy tests, sharing, “I used to work at a Dollar Store, and we sold so many of those pregnancy tests we couldn’t keep them in stock. They really are amazingly accurate, and for $1, how can you complain?”

*runs to the Dollar Store* Who’s with me?

Marketing Focus Groups

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Someone commented, “My job is recruiting people for marketing focus groups. It usually goes like this:

Me – Hey stranger, do you want to be paid $200 to tell me what you like about bath salts?”

Someone else shared, “Within the last month or two I’ve managed to get $650 from marketing focus groups. I had to sign NDA’s and let them into my home while they videotaped our conversation. I’d totally do it again.”

Have you ever taken part in a focus group? What has your experience been like?

Zippyshare Downloads

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A Reddit user wrote, “The zippyshare download button.”

Someone else added, “Every time I see a zippyshare download link I squeal in delight. Alright maybe not but I’m really, really happy!”

Another user shared their experience, saying, “Zippy is great. I use them to download all my music.”

We have always conveniently ignored the Zippyshare icon. Would you give it a shot?

Glare Protection

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One Reddit user commented, “I wish I had paid the extra £30 for glare protection on my prescription glasses when I got them. I declined thinking it was a waste but man I can’t see (stuff} when it’s really sunny.”

Another added in agreement, “Definitely, I had always gotten anti-glare, but the last pair I bought I refused because I was low on money. Worst mistake. Took me months to get used to the glare caused by just about everything.”

Restaurant Birthday Clubs

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A user shared the following money-saving hack: “Signing up for those birthday club things at restaurants. Use a non-primary email address when you sign up so you don’t get a ton of spam. Around my birthday every year, I probably get 10 coupons for completely free meals and desserts from restaurants in my area.”

Someone else added, “I have a separate email account just for these things. I saved almost $40 on my birthday dinner this month.”

We are definitely trying this one. Who doesn’t love a discounted meal? That too as a birthday present!

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Getting Ordained Online

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Someone wrote, “Becoming an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church.”

Someone else added, “My friend did this! I didn’t want a religious wedding, so he got ordained while having a pint at a local pub. It’s all online and practically instantaneous.”

Another responded, “Did this, I have actually performed two marriages as a result.”

Have you ever officiated a friend’s wedding? Sounds like a thrilling experience!

Amazon Prime

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Someone said, “Amazon Prime. Pays for itself so many times over.”

We couldn’t agree more, friend!

Another person added, “I’ve gotten so spoiled by prime that free 2-day shipping isn’t fast enough for me anymore. I won’t buy anything online anymore unless it’s on Amazon Prime because I don’t want to wait for normal shipping and have to pay for it. I want my s*** two days from now and I want free shipping.”

Hear hear!

Rewards App on the Google Play Store

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A Redditor left the following reply: “You can get free Google play credit by just answering surveys. Download an app called “rewards” from the play store, it’s made by Google. I’ve had it for about 2 months and already have $12 in play credit, it gives you anywhere from a couple surveys a day to a couple a week. Usually around 3 multiple choice questions and each survey pays out 30c-75c.”

We’ve never tried this before. Have you?

Public Libraries

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Someone wrote, “Public Libraries. Free to join, free to use, just sign up and have unlimited access to as many books as you want! They don’t have the book you want? They’ll get it from another library for you, also for free! And many libraries now have movies and even video games to check out, either for free or a tiny cost! AND they often have sales on used books for ridiculously cheap, like 25 cents!”

We couldn’t agree more! All the books in the world for free! Sounds way too good to be true. I love public libraries because they provide free access to books and other reading materials, which in turn promotes literacy and education, and ultimately leads to numerous reading benefits such as improved vocabulary, critical thinking, and empathy.


Pet Insurance

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Someone left a comment saying, “Pet insurance. I pay about 36 dollars a month to insure my little corgi mutt. When he needed to get stitches for a bite I only had to pay about 200 of a $1300 vet bill.”

Another user said, “Pet insurance has saved my a**.”

Those with pets know how high those vet bills can get, and when your pet gets sick out of the blue, it can put quite a dent in your pocket. Hence pet insurance sounds like a good idea to get your pets the best care and not throw your budget off suddenly.

Credit Card Rewards

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A Reddit user wrote, “VISA rewards programs. No different than a normal card, but you also get free stuff over time. Got a 1440p monitor for free.”

Speaking from personal experience, those VISA reward points do really work! You just have to be patient to collect enough rewards to be able to purchase something valuable.


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One person shared, “eBates. Basically you get cash back to shop through a link created by eBates (millions of different stores). The rates for how much cash back vary at each store and depending on what the item is. I’ve used it a bunch of times on eBay and I’ve gotten nearly $100 back just through this. Check it out if you want.”

Another added in agreement, “eBates! I use eBates all the time to shop online. You just start at ebates.com, select a store and get the cash back for the percentage listed.”

Girl Scout Cookies

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Finally! The comment we had all been waiting for.

One Reddit user replied, “Girl Scout cookies.

1.) F*** delicious

2.) Supporting a great youth program

No downside.”

YES! No scams here, just deliciousness all around.

Credit Karma

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A Redditor commented, “Credit Karma. Extremely helpful actually and doesn’t cost a thing. They make money by pitching credit cards and loans you may be a good candidate for and then receiving a kickback if you apply and are approved. That’s where you need to be careful.”

Have you ever tried Credit Karma? Would you recommend it to other people?

Life Insurance

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Someone wrote, “Life insurance. So you’re telling me, I pay you a small amount every month. Then when I die you will pay my family a huge chunk of tax-free money? Sign me up!”

Another added, “I sell insurance. I literally don’t get people who think it’s a scam. It’s like the best deal ever and people are so offended by it.”

What are your thoughts on life insurance?

Humble Bundle

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One Reddit user recommended the Humble Bundle saying, “The first Humble Bundle I bought was the Humble Indie Bundle 9. I heard about it from a bunch of friends who all said it was legit.”

“ Me being 14 or so at the time I had to ask my parents if I could use their credit card and pay them back afterwards. After I told them what it was, they thought it was a total scam, because getting $200 worth of games for $10 bucks from a website is definitely something to raise an eyebrow at.”

“ Luckily though I did manage to convince them and I got the Humble Bundle. To this day one of the best $10 purchases I’ve made.”

Another user spoke in favor of the Humble Bundle, saying, “I feel you, I thought it was total b*** the first time I heard about it. Such a good value.”

Microsoft Dreamspark

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Someone shared a helpful resource for students: “Microsoft Dreamspark. If you’re in education you can sign up to free copies of a load of Microsoft software. Totally legit and fully licensed.”

Another added, “Can confirm, it has every version of windows and windows server imaginable!”

We are glad companies are stepping up to provide helpful resources for students struggling with a tight budget. Kudos to Microsoft!

Kodi Box

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Someone wrote, “An Android or ‘Kodi’ box. From 40 bucks for a cheap one to 150 bucks for a quad core, 4 gb one, you can stream almost every TV show or movie you want to your TV.”

“ I’d seen people advertise them on CL and it looked like a scam, but then saw an article someone had written about them and found them on Amazon. Bought one, not expecting much, and holy {moley}, it actually works!”

Someone else added, “Can confirm. A friend has one and swears by it.”


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One user shared, “Crackle.com. It’s a movie website/app similar to Netflix except it’s 100% free. I signed up a couple of years ago.”

“You have to sign up with an email address, but you do not have to give a credit card or checking account number or any financial information. I’m not 100% sure if it’s unlimited because I don’t watch that many movies in a month, but it’s definitely free. And it’s full uncut versions of the movies, the only downside is there are commercials.”

Someone else also shared, “Been using Crackle off and on for years and have never registered. I doubt there’s a limit as I used to turn a movie on to fall asleep to every night for months.”

Avast Virus Protection

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A person commented saying, “Avast Virus Protection. 100% free and it’s great.”

We have often seen Avast pop up on our computers but have ignored it. Have you tried Avast’s Virus Protection Services? Are they legit?

Totally Legit

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Don’t let your skepticism get the best of you! While it’s important to be cautious in this day and age, it’s also important to keep an open mind.

We hope this list helped you discover some legitimate opportunities out there and encouraged you to stay vigilant but curious – you never know what kind of gems you might find!


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