How To Get Cashback on Purchases

Trying to cut down on the amount of money you are spending? Using cashback apps and sites can help you get more money in your pocket.

I am a firm believer that every dime counts. Every dime that you can save can help you reach your financial goals. Whether you need money desperately, are just trying to be frugal, or have some specific goals that you are trying to reach, being aware of where little money adds up is a great way to reach financial success.


I know that these small amounts won’t make you rich. They won’t stop you from being poor. However, they can help stretch the budget a little more. When saved and invested, these small amounts can help grow your money more than if you hadn’t saved this money. Every dime counts.


So, how to save money on your purchases? With cashback apps and sites, of course!

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Cash Back Sites

Use cashback sites. Cashback and Rebate sites are old but tried and true methods that can give you 1 to 17% back on your purchases. Additionally, these sites often give you bonuses for signing up or referring friends so you can make even more money.


How Do Cashback Sites Work?


You sign up for an account at each of these sites. Before you make a purchase, check which of these sites are offering the best cashback deal. Then, use their link to go to the website where you are making your purchase. After you complete your purchases, the site will calculate h0w much cashback you should receive and add the amount to your account.

Cashing out at each site varies. They usually have a minimum for you to reach before sending you the money. You can usually request a check to be sent or money sent by PayPal or direct deposit.


Some of these sites have browser extensions that you can install that simplify the whole process (you don’t need to go to their site every time), but I find these extensions are often very slow and glitchy.


  1. Dollar Dig
  2. Rakuten
  3. Swagbucks
  4. BeFrugal
  5. TopCashBack
  6. RetailMeNot



You will want to sign up for all these accounts to get the best deals on your purchases. In addition, each site offers different amounts of cash back at different stores.


Cashback Apps/ Receipt Apps

Are you doing your shopping in a store? Can you get cash back for the items you don’t buy online? Yes! These cashback apps, or receipt apps,  give you cash back for scanning your receipts into their app.


How Do Cashback Apps Work?


You download the app onto your smartphone and create an account. Then when you shop, you take your receipt and scan it into the app. Each app has different rules about which stores and recipes they accept and the amount of cashback they will give you.


Once you scan your receipt, you will get cashback or bounties on certain purchases you made!


Basically, you are trading your shopping data with these companies in exchange for money. Pretty cool, huh?


There are a lot of different apps that you can use, some more complicated to use than others, so make sure to check them all out.

  1. Pogo
  2. Receipt Pal
  3. Bitmo
  4. Fetch
  5. Coinout
  6. Receipt Jar
  7. Receipt Hog
  8. Ibotta (Get the full review here!)


These all pay fairly slowly, so you’ll want to work as many of these as you can. USE THEM ALL. Get your money!



You can use cashback sites on your computer for online shopping to get cashback and rebates on your online purchases.


Cashback apps are simply money-saving apps that You can download onto your smartphone, and they reward you for purchasing certain items at different stores.


Using both of these, along with cashback rewards on credit cards, coupons, and other shopping tips, can help you save money on your purchases.


Happy Savings!


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