12 Things That Rich People in the U.S. Do, but Rich People in Other Countries Don’t

In the United States, wealthy individuals lead lives that can be quite distinct from their affluent counterparts in other countries. While money may seem universal, the way it is spent, invested, and enjoyed can vary greatly depending on where you are in the world. From lavish spending on certain items to philanthropic endeavors and business practices, the lifestyles of rich Americans offer a glimpse into the diversity of global wealth.

1. Owning Multiple Luxury Vehicles

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In the United States, it’s not uncommon for the affluent to own a collection of luxury vehicles. Rich Americans often have an array of sleek sports cars, high-end SUVs, and even vintage classics in their garages. While wealthy individuals in other countries may also have luxury cars, the sheer variety and quantity of vehicles their American counterparts own is noteworthy.

2. Extensive Real Estate Portfolios

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Rich Americans have a penchant for accumulating vast real estate portfolios. From sprawling mansions in exclusive neighborhoods to multiple vacation homes across the country, they invest heavily in property. This trend is not as prevalent among wealthy individuals in many other countries, where the emphasis may be on alternative investments like art or businesses.

3. Private Jet Ownership

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Private jets are a status symbol coveted by many of the wealthy in the U.S. These high-flying individuals can travel at their own leisure without the hassle of commercial airlines. While private jet ownership is not unheard of in other countries, it is notably more common among the American elite.

4. Mega Philanthropy Initiatives

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Rich Americans are renowned for their substantial philanthropic endeavors. They establish foundations, donate massive sums to charitable causes, and sponsor various community projects. While philanthropy is a global practice, the scale and visibility of these initiatives by wealthy Americans often exceed those of their counterparts in other nations.

5. Pursuit of Extreme Hobbies

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The affluent in the U.S. often indulge in extravagant hobbies. These can range from owning professional sports teams to funding space exploration ventures. While wealthy individuals worldwide certainly have unique interests, the scale and audacity of these American pursuits are sometimes unmatched.

6. Political Contributions

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Rich Americans frequently contribute substantial sums to political campaigns and causes. This financial involvement can significantly impact the political landscape. While wealthy individuals in other countries may also engage in political donations, the American electoral system’s reliance on private funding sets it apart.

7. Lavish Social Events

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The U.S. elite are known for hosting extravagant social events, from exclusive galas to star-studded parties. These gatherings often make headlines and become the talk of the town. While opulent gatherings occur worldwide, the American social scene, especially in cities like New York and Los Angeles, has a certain flair that distinguishes it.

8. Collecting Sports Memorabilia

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Rich Americans often have a penchant for collecting sports memorabilia, from rare baseball cards to iconic jerseys. While sports enthusiasts exist globally, the intensity and investment in these collections can be particularly pronounced among the U.S. wealthy.

9. High-profile Legal Battles

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Wealthy individuals in the U.S. are no strangers to high-stakes legal battles. Whether it’s contentious divorces, business disputes, or lawsuits involving intellectual property, the American rich frequently find themselves embroiled in headline-grabbing court cases. This level of legal drama is not as commonly associated with the wealthy in other countries.

10. Entrepreneurial Ventures

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Rich Americans often continue to engage in entrepreneurial ventures even after achieving significant wealth. They invest in startups, launch new businesses, and innovate in various industries. While entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon, the American spirit of innovation and risk-taking among the wealthy remains a distinct characteristic.

11. Private Island Ownership

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Rich Americans often opt for the ultimate luxury of owning private islands. These secluded retreats offer exclusivity and seclusion that may not be as common among wealthy individuals in other countries. Whether in the Caribbean or the Pacific, private islands become exclusive paradises for the wealthy elite to escape the public eye.

12. Frequent Charitable Galas

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In the U.S., the wealthy elite frequently attend extravagant charitable galas. These events raise millions for various causes and allow the affluent to showcase their generosity. While charity galas occur worldwide, the frequency and scale at which rich Americans host them can be unmatched.

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