12 Things That Are Acceptable to Gatekeep

There are some things that people feel it’s okay to watch over or control. This act of keeping a close eye or having a say about certain things is often referred to as “gatekeeping.” While not everything should be subjected to this practice, there are instances where it’s considered acceptable and even necessary.

1. Fandom Knowledge

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Gatekeeping within fandoms is widely accepted. Fans often discuss their favorite movies, TV shows, or books to maintain the integrity of the original content. Ensuring newcomers are well-versed in the lore and history of a particular universe can enhance the overall experience for everyone involved. However, it’s essential to balance preserving the essence of fandom and welcoming new enthusiasts.

2. Professional Titles

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Gatekeeping in professional fields like medicine, law, and engineering serves a crucial purpose. Holding individuals accountable for their qualifications and expertise is essential for maintaining high standards and ensuring the safety and well-being of the public. It’s crucial to distinguish between constructive gatekeeping that upholds professional standards and elitism that excludes those genuinely trying to excel in their chosen fields.

3. Cultural Traditions

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Preserving and protecting cultural traditions is a form of gatekeeping that is widely accepted. Communities often have customs, rituals, and ceremonies that hold significant meaning. Gatekeeping helps ensure that these traditions are respected and not diluted by outsiders who may not fully grasp their cultural significance. However, it’s essential to strike a balance between preservation and cultural exchange to promote understanding and tolerance.

4. Niche Hobbies

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Gatekeeping within niche hobbies or subcultures is commonplace. Enthusiasts want to maintain the integrity and authenticity of their interests by ensuring that newcomers are genuinely passionate and committed. This helps create a sense of community and shared values. However, it’s important not to deter potential newcomers who may develop a deep passion for the hobby over time.

5. Online Communities

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Gatekeeping in online communities is widely practiced, especially on platforms where misinformation or toxic behavior can proliferate. Setting and enforcing rules, such as verifying users’ identities or expertise, can foster a more constructive and safe online environment. Nevertheless, it’s essential to balance safeguarding the community and allowing diverse perspectives and voices to participate.

6. Personal Boundaries

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Gatekeeping personal boundaries is universally accepted. Individuals have the right to define their comfort zones and protect themselves from unwanted intrusions or harm. This includes setting boundaries in relationships, workplace interactions, and personal spaces. Respecting these boundaries is crucial for healthy and respectful interactions between individuals.

7. Intellectual Property

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Gatekeeping intellectual property is a fundamental aspect of copyright and trademark law. Protecting creators’ rights to their work ensures they can benefit from their creations and continue producing quality content. However, it’s important to distinguish between legitimate intellectual property protection and overzealous enforcement that stifles creativity or innovation.

8. Safety and Security

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Gatekeeping to ensure safety and security is of paramount importance. This includes measures such as verifying identification for access to secure locations or implementing stringent security protocols in sensitive areas. Striking a balance between maintaining safety and respecting individual freedoms is crucial to avoid overreach.

9. Professional Ethics

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Maintaining a strong sense of ethics within professional fields is widely acknowledged as an acceptable form of gatekeeping. Professionals are expected to adhere to ethical guidelines to ensure the welfare and trust of clients or the public. Ethical gatekeeping helps uphold industry standards and prevents misconduct, ultimately safeguarding the reputation of the profession.

10. Historical Accuracy

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Gatekeeping in the realm of history is considered necessary to ensure the accuracy of information and narratives. Historians and scholars often scrutinize sources and interpretations to preserve the integrity of historical events. Maintaining historical accuracy is essential for our understanding of the past and its impact on the present.

11. Environmental Conservation

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Gatekeeping practices within environmental conservation are deemed essential to protect natural resources and ecosystems. Conservationists and organizations set boundaries and regulations to prevent the exploitation or degradation of sensitive environments. Balancing human needs with ecological preservation is crucial to maintaining a sustainable planet.

12. Health and Safety Standards

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Enforcing health and safety standards in various contexts, such as workplaces, public spaces, and food industries, is widely accepted. Gatekeeping ensures that establishments adhere to regulations that protect individuals from harm or health risks. These standards help create safe and healthy environments for everyone.

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