8 Things That Are a HUGE Waste of Money

What is a huge waste of money?

There are many things that can be considered a huge waste of money, as it largely depends on individual perspectives and circumstances, each person has their own things that they think are a huge waste.

However, here are some things that are just a HUGE waste of money! Are these universally considered a waste of money? Perhaps! A recent online discussion sparked some thoughts on what is considered a huge waste of money and what is not.

Smoking Cigarettes

“Agree, however, I am a slave to this affliction,” someone wrote.

Smoking is a pretty unhealthy habit, and the money you waste on cigarettes is no joke! Consider this your wake-up call to quit and save your life and your wallet as you do!

Bottled Water

Tap water is just as good! Consider investing in a reusable water bottle and refilling it as needed to save money on bottled water (it’s better for the environment as well)

Premium Gasoline

Someone wrote, “Premium gasoline when your vehicle does not require it. And because I always get angry with people telling me to the contrary, your anecdotal evidence that you think your car performs better with premium is not actual evidence.”


Gambling is a mindless form of entertainment and can lead you to some pretty dark places since most people have a very, very slim chance of ever winning a significant sum when gambling; it’s a pretty big waste of money.


NFTs might be the biggest scam but also are a waste of money. Owning a digital photo or imprint isn’t going to get you far in life. Save your money for something a little better.


Funerals are for the living, not the dead, but that doesn’t mean you should go into debt just to bury your loved one. They will be much happier if you saved some money for yourself instead of buying an expensive casket or spending tons of money on flowers.

Unused Subscriptions or Memberships

Subscribing to services or memberships that you don’t actually use is the biggest waste of money. This could include gym memberships that are rarely used, streaming services with multiple subscriptions that are not being actively watched, or magazine subscriptions that are not being read.

Excessive Luxury Items

Overspending on luxury items, extravagant vacations, or unnecessary upgrades that do not align with your financial goals or priorities is a huge waste of money. It’s better to embrace frugal living and then use the money on things that truly do bring you joy.

Huge Waste of Money

Ultimately, what may be considered a huge waste of money for one person may not be the same for another, as it depends on individual circumstances, priorities, and financial goals. After all, personal finance is personal. However, it’s so important to evaluate spending decisions carefully and make choices that align with your financial well-being and long-term objectives.

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