7 Things Frugal Shoppers Always Buy at Thrift Stores

Most frugal shoppers know so many things can be just as good, if not better when bought secondhand or refurbished.

In fact, buying things second-hand can not only save you a lot of money but sometimes even get you better quality items than the items that are being manufactured now, especially with planned obsolescence being the new norm. 

Here are some of the best stuff to try to find at thrift stores before buying them new. 

1. Solid Wood Furniture

Well-made wooden furniture is known to stand the test of time, so it’s no wonder many shoppers say they buy it secondhand.

No matter how old solid wood furniture might be, it will always last longer than anything made of plastic bought brand new.

Even if these pieces are broken, it’s usually easy enough to learn how to fix them, or still more affordable to have a professional fix them than buying new pieces. 

2. Textbooks

Textbooks are a silly thing that cost a lot of money. Used textbooks are very often just as good as new ones, and older editions are often still relevant. Try to ask students who recently finished the course to buy a used textbook from them or look at thrift stores near the school to see what they have.

You can even work on paying things forward by buying used textbooks and then selling them fairly to other students when you are done with them.

3. Guitars

Countless musicians swear by buying guitars secondhand. One says they wish they had known to buy used guitars when they were younger as it would have saved them a lot.

If you have some knowledge of how to fix up guitars, you can save significant amounts. You can also buy your pedals secondhand. 

4. Clothes

Thrifting clothes is a pastime for so many people that it’s no wonder so many people say they buy most of their clothing secondhand. You can score some amazing finds at thrift stores, especially if you enjoy having a unique wardrobe. But we draw the line at underwear and socks.

5. Books

Similar to thrift store shopping for clothes, many people (myself included) love to peruse and buy books from used bookstores. Some people even prefer older books to newer ones. If you love books, thrift stores are a great way to find out-of-print books and editions from authors you wouldn’t find in a regular bookstore. 

6. Tools

Tools can last a long time, which is why many people only buy secondhand tools, from screwdrivers to gardening tools.

Great tools are long-lasting, and with a bit of cleaning and maintenance, you can find old tools and make them like new ones. Since tools are expensive and new ones are sometimes cheaply made, looking for second-hand times in great condition will save you tons of money. 

7. Baby Products

Babies outgrow things so fast, from clothes to toys and carriers, that it makes no sense to buy new ones. Many people look for good toys and baby gear in thrift stores but keep in mind that very old items may contain lead or may have been recalled due to safety issues, so do your research!

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