12 Ways You Can Be More Frugal This Year

In a world filled with ever-increasing expenses and economic uncertainties, the pursuit of frugality has never been more relevant. If you’re looking to make the most of your hard-earned money and reduce financial stress, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore twelve practical and effective ways to embrace frugality in your life, allowing you to save more, spend wisely, and achieve your financial goals in the year ahead.

Use Less

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Simply put, use less than you can afford, “To me, frugality is about using less. Marketers want to tell you frugality is about spending less and getting more. Use less. Drive less. Go to stores less. Limit and remove marketing in your life. Increase meaningful connections with people and nature, and frugality follows,” one person wrote in a thread about the topic. 

Wait Before You Make a Purchase

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“Wait (at least) 24 hours before all unplanned purchases. Teaching yourself to be mindful and patient with your money is the best advice. That’s really hard to do, but forcing a waiting period of 24 hours before making a purchase is the way I started. For shopping online, I’d add something to my cart and wait 24 hours to make my decision on whether to buy it. You’d be shocked at the number of times you either forget about or revisit it and don’t need it! In a store, take a picture of it along with its price tag and circle back to it later,” explains one user.

Use Everything You Buy

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Avoid wastage, “Use everything you buy and resist using up all your grocery budget if you don’t need it. (Edit: Never budget to the last penny when you go grocery shopping. Leave a little in case you see something on sale, then you can stock up, particularly if it’s on your ‘needs’ list) Roll it over or stuff it somewhere.”

Join Buy Nothing Groups

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You can get great stuff for free from Buy Nothing groups, “If it’s in your neighborhood, join your local Buy Nothing group!! The amount of things I’ve been gifted/received from mine has been incredible, and the cost savings have been significant.”

Invite Friends Instead of Going Out

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Going out will cost you a lot more, “Invite friends over for dinner parties instead of going out. Even if you end up hosting, you’ll likely spend less than a night out. If you make it a potluck or rotate amongst friends, it’ll be even more affordable. I love budget bytes for inexpensive meals that feed a crowd.”

Bring Down Your Biggest Expense

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“I’d suggest looking at your biggest expenses and trying to bring down as many as you can. Subscription services, car insurance, food costs, personal grooming costs, etc. Take a hard look and see where you can save or do without,” advises another person.

Buy Things on Sale

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Get deals whenever you can, “Try to buy things on sale and meal plan. Stock up on needed items when they are cheaper. Use cheaper food as fillers in recipes. Many times, this allows you to cut out meat in exchange for more veggies.”

Use Your Library

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The library is free and besides for free books it has numerous resources you can take advantage of, “Use every library within a reasonable distance! We rotate between 3 regularly. They have toys, computer games, take-and-go craft kits, DVDs, you name it. In our case, they also help advertise other events/programs in the area. We’ve started taking free programs at our county parks department that we found out about through the library.”

Avoid Streaming Platforms

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“Don’t use streaming platforms; you don’t own anything you are just renting. The minute you stop paying, it’s gone. If you really love a show or movie that much, buy a copy, and you can keep it forever,” notes another.

Say No to Social Activities

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Do not go to activities you are not interested in to please others, “Don’t feel bad about saying no to social activities that are outside your budget and you don’t enjoy. Real friends won’t care and will want to hang out with you regardless.”

Check Your Health

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A healthy person can save money on medical bills, “Keep up with routine healthcare (if you have the means to). Routine doctor apps and dentist visits for cleanings can help keep issues in check before they become big. Brush and floss regularly and keep good eye hygiene (don’t wear for too long) if you’re a contact wearer.”

Get Cash Back When You Make Purchases

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Get cards that will reward you for buying stuff, “Discover It and Amex Blue Cash preferred are incredible for grocery stores. Amex is 6% back all year, and Discover It gives you 5% at grocery stores for 3 months (quarterly). They both have limits on cash back, so by using both, I’m always getting at least 5% all year.”

And don’t forget to get all the coupon apps! They can save you money and get you rewards. 


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