Prioritize Yourself: 95% of Adults Believe in the Power of Self Care

Something all Americans agree on? The importance of self-care. The belief that it is important to engage in self-care activities overcomes generational divides.

Recent research from The Harris Poll shared that a staggering 95% of US adults say it’s important to engage in self-care activities.

Don’t Mess With Self Care

95% of US adults say engaging in self-care activities is important, with 68% considering it very important. Self-care is built into most of our routines. Half (49%) of US adults say they practice self-care daily, while eight-in-10 (81%) engage in self-care activities at least once a week.


When asked why they practice self-care, respondents most often said to improve mental health (69%), to improve physical health (63%), or to reduce stress (56%).

Most US adults (83%) agree that self-care is more effective when used preventatively (i.e., before well-being and quality of life decline) rather than reactively (i.e., to treat symptoms or health issues).

This belief is reflected in consumers’ actions. Four-in-10 (40%) say that they engage in self-care activities to prevent a decline in their overall well-being, versus only 18% who say that they use self-care to treat a decline in their overall well-being.

Self Care Is a Necessity

Most Americans (85%) agree that self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. And consumers are willing to open their pocketbooks accordingly.

Two-thirds of US adults (74%) and 85% of Millennials say they are willing to splurge on things (e.g., products, services) that fulfill their self-care needs. However, splurging has its limits. Half (55%) of adults reported that they have had to cut back on the amount of money they spend on self-care due to inflationary pressures.

5 Self-care Tips That You Can Implement Right Away

1. Go for a Walk

Yes, self-care really can be that simple. Nature is healing, and so is exercise, so when you combine the two, you get a self-care double whammy. Life gets so busy that we rarely take a moment for ourselves anymore.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, wear your shoes and jacket and head out the door. I’d beeline straight there if you live near a park or trails. Forest bathing is free and a very effective form of self-care.


2. Pour Yourself Some Bubbles

These can be in the form of Champagne, prosecco, or San Pelligrino with a fresh slice of lemon. I want you to get fancy, so you’ll have to break out a good crystal glass for this one.

Sometimes when we feel down or just downright overwhelmed, it helps to put ourselves in a different frame of mind. Drinking Champagne, or sparkling juice, out of a crystal flute helps us envision ourselves differently. One that is prosperous, rich, and successful. Level up your mindset with this sneaky self-care trick.


3. Read a Book or Listen to an Audiobook

Escaping from daily life can help us to reset and feel refreshed. I want you to pick a romance novel or an adventure travel story. This book needs to transport you to another place or time.

Far too many people use their free time to binge-watch reality TV when in actuality, reading is a far better use of time. Reading a book allows your creativity to roam free. Get lost in a good book and watch your stresses melt away.


4. Set Boundaries and Commit to Them

Stop saying yes to others and no to yourself. Creating boundaries is important because it teaches others to treat you with respect. Give yourself that same respect. Many of us are people-pleasers who feel guilty when we say no to an invitation. Time for ourselves quickly diminishes as we fill up our days and nights with commitments to others.

It’s time to ditch that mindset and make yourself a priority. Only say yes to events that you truly want to attend. It’s not rude to excuse yourself and say that you have a prior engagement, even if that date is with you. If you would rather stay home and read in your pajamas than attend a party, politely decline the invitation and enjoy your evening.


5. Upgrade Your Living Space With a New Plant or Scented Candles

This shouldn’t be a major purchase, just something small that you’ll enjoy. When we purchase something, we get a dose of endorphins and dopamine, the happy drugs.

Use this one-time purchase to shift yourself into a better mood. Be wary that you don’t start doing this all the time. Use this self-care tip carefully and only purchase something that will give you long-term happiness, such as a plant or photo frame, to share one of your favorite moments. We don’t want to ruin this endorphin rush with the dreaded buyer’s remorse.

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