Bored of Scripted TV? These 10 Reality Shows on Netflix Will Be Your New Obsession

Do you enjoy watching people find and experience true love? Maybe you’d want to watch people trying to escape from an island or trying to avoid the floor because, you guessed it, The Floor is Lava or compete in challenges.

Reality Television

The Mole. (L to R) Will Richardson, Joi Schweitzer in episode 109 of The Mole.
Image Credit: James Gourley/ Netflix.

Reality television is a very popular genre of Television that features everything from matchmaking experiences to baking competitions, to, of course, the Mole.


Netflix, which offers a wide range of options, including its original programming and classic options to explore, is fortunate to recognize the value of this genre.


There are so many choices that it can be challenging to select ones that are worth watching. We’ve selected only the very best Netflix shows in order to help you out. Check out our list of the best reality shows on Netflix below.

Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot to Handle
Image Credit: Netflix.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you house a group of attractive, single 20-year-olds in a villa and forbid them from sleeping together?


Well, Too Hot to Handle answered that question, the show wants to transform its rebellious individuals by demonstrating that relationships may entail more than just physical connection.


Just in case you thought the challenge was impossible, the show includes a severe incentive to keep it in your pants: a huge cash prize (which gets reduced every time anyone breaks the sleeping together ban). Watch these unlucky-in-love people find the true meaning of love all while being CELIBATE.

Is It Cake?

Is it Cake_ S1. Mikey Day in episode 3 of Is it Cake_ S1.
Image Credit: Netflix.

Born from the internet trend of making realistic day-to-day items out of cake and the world’s love of cooking shows. Is it Cake?, hosted by Mikey Day of Saturday Night Live, pushes its nine bakers to the ultimate test: can they make a cake that resembles objects found in everyday life?

Three of these exceptional bakers are challenged in each episode to effectively replicate objects such as purses, bucket hats, and fresh vegetables in order to deceive a panel of judges.

The group that correctly identifies which day-to-day item is cake wins cash as well as a bonus. It’s entertaining to watch the game show and baking competition Is it Cake?. And trust me, you won’t be able to tell if it’s cake, I have tried!

The Circle

The Circle. Sam Carmona in Episode 7 of The Circle. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix.

In the social media experiment The Circle, players move into the most decked-out apartment buildings and become neighbors. But there’s a catch: The players never actually get to meet one another. Instead, they are segregated in their apartments and only use text and pictures to interact.

Only a few carefully chosen images and a brief bio of each contestant are visible to each member of The Circle. You never truly know who’s on the other side of the screen, much like with online dating or social media.

Being the final contestant standing and the most popular or most strategic is the objective in order to win the grand prize. The Circle is bringing us to life with unexpected celebrity cameos and rule changes along the way.

The contestants can play as themselves or play as someone else; all that matters is gaining influence and inching closer to that $100,000 prize. So there’s one question you need to ask, to catfish or not to catfish?

Next In Fashion

Next In Fashion. (L to R) Host Tan France, Host Gigi Hadid in episode 205 of Next In Fashion.
Image Credit: Spencer Pazer/ Netflix.

Are you a fan of fashion, this series is for you. In this reality Tv show, we watch fashion designers collaborate to produce avant-garde outfits that suit everyone.


Talented designers from all over the world battle for the grand prize and the chance to make a name for themselves in the fast-paced, fiercely competitive fashion industry.


In season 1, Alexa Chung and Tan France present the show, and Gigi Hadid accompanies Tan France in the second season, where they bring a fun dose of humor to this series, that’s reason enough for you to go watch it now!

Floor Is Lava

Floor Is Lava. Mario Tomas Selman Gonzalez in episode 203 of Floor Is Lava. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix.

It’s enjoyable to be stupidly stupid with Floor Is Lava. In this show, which pits teams against themed obstacle courses, Netflix gives the childish Wipe Out (which is childish itself) a childish makeover. The turn? Lava covers the obstructions, covering them. You’re out once you’ve fallen in.

This show is exceptionally great to watch with your kids, it’s a great family show and is sure to get you some laughs.

Love Is Blind

Love is Blind
Image Credit: Netflix.

Love is Blind was created on the notion of singles getting to know each other and proposing marriage before ever seeing their potential partner. It makes the claim that it is more of a social experiment than a reality dating show. After four seasons of compelling plotlines, Love is Blind has become firmly ingrained in pop culture.

Love is Blind, which is hosted by the married co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, presents viewers with a variety of appealing, like-minded, family-oriented young people each season before focusing on only the couples who can make excellent television. Love is Blind is a reality dating show that viewers can’t stop watching, whether they like it or not. The matchmaking experiment begins with a pool of players getting to know one another via “pods,” neighboring rooms where they can converse to their hearts’ content but never see who they’re dating, as explained by hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

The participants are permitted to meet in person when both their personalities and appearances can shine if they decide to get engaged. Then the chaos breaks out. There are weddings to be planned, broken loves, and dental hygiene discussions.

Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset
Image Credit: Netflix.

Gorgeous properties, even more, gorgeous people, prices that are way out of our reach, and even greater drama can all be seen on the television program Selling Sunset. Selling Sunset, which stars the realtors from The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles, has gained some notoriety in pop culture, and for good reasons.

It is an unending source of guilty pleasure entertainment. There’s never a boring moment in this soap opera series, from Chrishell and Christine’s rivalry to finding out if Chrishell and Jason will last and if Davina will ever sell that $75 million dollar listing that “only needs one buyer.”

Awake: The Million Dollar Game

Awake_ The Million Dollar Game
Image Credit: Netflix.

A group of individuals counts quarters for a full day-24 entire hours. Quarters worth tens of thousands of dollars. No paper, no pen, breaks, no way to record what you’re counting. Then the contest begins.

These sleep-deprived contestants must participate in Minute to-Win It-style tasks in Awake: The Million Dollar Game that take advantage of their fatigue. Round after round, there are a dozen caveats that are made ten times more amazing by how exhausted everyone is. Logical reasoning is ignored. Emotional stability is inconsistent, and coordination is nonexistent.

The remaining contestant must now guess the total amount of money they counted. They may either accept that amount as a cash prize and end the game or risk it based on the accuracy of their guess. If the contestant is within $500 of the actual total, they win the Big Bank, the total of the amounts counted by all seven contestants.

They can then choose to keep this prize and stop, or risk it for the $1 million grand prize. In order to win, the contestant’s guess must be within $25 of the actual total. If the contestant’s guess falls outside the margin of error at either stage, the game ends and they leave with nothing. So tell me, would you take the pot, or go for the mill?

The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Baking Show
Image Credit: Mark Bourdillon/ Netlfix.

It’s no secret that The Great British Baking Show has drawn viewers from all around the world. A group of amateur bakers competes in a series of challenges over the course of ten weeks with the hopes of being crowned the best at the end. Tensions grow, and talents improve as the difficulty climbs.

The Great British Baking Show doesn’t feature any nasty commentary or overly dramatic editing, in contrast to several American cookery competition shows. This makes for a genuinely enjoyable show because both the contestants and the judges are gracious and encouraging of one another. This may just be the best baking show out there as it truly just focuses on the baking aspect of it all and doesn’t make the contestant jump through hoops and gags just to entertain us.

The Mole

The Mole. (L to R) Will Richardson, Joi Schweitzer in episode 109 of The Mole.
Image Credit: James Gourley/ Netflix.

The Mole has captured the attention of the world. Reality TV also explores the bizarre world of game shows and competition programs. In this redesigned version of the program, twelve contestants cooperate to complete challenging tasks that contribute money to a pot that only one of them will ultimately win.

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