100 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

Sometimes, it seems like there’s a lack of kindness in the world. To add more to it, there are countless ways that you can practice kindness to those around you. With these 100 random acts of kindness, it’s easy to choose a way to add some sunshine to the world.

100 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

1. Pay For Someone’s Coffee.

This is an easy, random act of kindness that any coffee lover would highly appreciate.

2. Leave a Positive Note in a Public Place.

This is a great way to brighten someone’s day with little effort.

3. Hold the Door Open for Someone.

This is a quick kindness that is perfect for many occasions.

4. Send a Handwritten Letter.

These are rare today, so they always make a big impact.

5. Give a Compliment to a Stranger.

You don’t have to know someone in order to tell them something nice.

6. Help Someone With Their Groceries.

Many people could use this help, and it’s simple to do.

7. Plant a Tree.

Trees are an integral part of our ecosystem, and planting trees actively makes the world a better place for everyone around. Trees provide shade, and their roots help with drainage. 

8. Offer to Babysit for Free.

Young families can struggle to get by, and free babysitting could mean a lot to them.

9. Donate Books to a Library.

If you have extra books, a library can put them to great use for the community. People who are looking for free books can then get books from the library. 

10. Leave Extra Quarters at a Laundromat.

This can greatly help someone who is tight on funds.

11. Donate Old Clothes to a Shelter.

Shelters always need clothes, and you can help with your extra pieces.

12. Share Homemade Treats With Coworkers.

This is a great way to show that you care about those you work with.

13. Leave a Surprise Gift for a Neighbor.

Surprise and delight them with an unexpected gift.

14. Volunteer at a Local Charity.

This one is self-explanatory! Helping at a charity is the most basic act of kindness. 

15. Help a Friend With Their Chores.

We could all use help with chores, and this shows that you really care.

16. Share Encouraging Messages Online.

There’s so much negativity online, why not spread some kindness instead?

17. Offer To Pick up Groceries for Someone in Need.

It can be hard for some people to get to the store, and getting their groceries could be a big help.

18. Send Flowers to a Nursing Home.

Every senior appreciates something lovely to look at.

19. Leave a Kind Note for Your Mail Carrier.

They work hard, and a nice note can make their day.

20. Donate Blood.

There’s always a need for blood at local donation centers.

21. Pay For Someone’s Toll or Parking.

This can give someone a better opinion of the community and give them a boost!

22. Donate to a Food Bank.

If you have extra food, it will always go to good use at a food bank.

23. Offer to Tutor a Student.

Many students need help with certain subjects, and getting tutoring can be transformative.

24. Help Someone Change a Flat Tire.

Changing a flat can be difficult and complicated. Helping will make someone’s day much easier.

25. Listen Attentively to Someone.

Many people don’t feel heard, but you can change that.

26. Donate Pet Supplies to an Animal Shelter.

Your supplies can make their lives easier.

27. Shovel a Neighbor’s Driveway.

This is always a kind gesture in the winter.

28. Give Up Your Seat to Someone in the Waiting Room.

If someone needs your seat, this is a good way to spread kindness to the world.

29. Volunteer at a Local School.

Schools can always use volunteers to help with a wide range of activities.

30. Compliment a Parent on Their Well-behaved Child.

Parents love to hear this, and it’s easy to give a little compliment.

31. Leave Encouraging Post-it Notes in Public Restrooms.

You never know who will read something that makes them feel better.

32. Send a Care Package to a Soldier.

Soldiers need to know that we all care about them.

33. Offer To Help a Friend Move.

Moving is a serious stressor, and you can make it easier.

34. Plant Flowers in a Neglected Public Space.

This brightens up the area and makes it more enjoyable to be in and is great for the environment. 

35. Donate Old Electronics to a Recycling Center.

Recycling is a great way to help take care of the earth.

36. Offer To Water Your Neighbor’s Plants While They’re Away.

The vegetation may be something that worries them, and you can end this worry.

37. Organize a Community Clean-Up Event.

A clean community is a happier, more beautiful community.

38. Offer To Do Yard Work for an Elderly Neighbor.

They will be happy to have the help they need to maintain their yard.

39. Leave a Generous Tip at a Restaurant.

Restaurant workers can always use some help, and a nice tip can do that.

40. Donate Art Supplies to a School.

Many schools are short on these supplies and can use donations.

41. Help Someone With Their Computer Issues.

Many don’t understand computers very well, and help can be quite welcome.

42. Offer Your Expertise to a Local Organization.

There are countless local organizations that can use your knowledge and experience.

43. Share Your Umbrella With a Stranger on a Rainy Day.

This nice gesture can keep someone from getting soaked.

44. Donate Blankets to a Homeless Shelter.

These shelters can always use blankets for warmth and comfort.

45. Offer to Carpool With Coworkers.

This can help someone who has transportation challenges.

46. Leave a Thank-you Note for Service Workers.

This can be the pick-me-up they need that day.

47. Participate in a Charity Run or Walk.

Help various organizations to do good in your community and beyond.

48. Offer To Read to Children at a Library.

Kids love to hear stories, and it can be fun to do this!

49. Give Up Your Place in a Line.

No one expects this gesture, but it’s a great one.

50. Collect and Donate Toys to Children in Need.

Kids without many toys will be ecstatic to get new ones.

51. Offer To Help a Neighbor With Their Home Repairs.

When they need help, you can be the answer to their wishes.

52. Bake Treats for Your Local Firefighters or Police.

Often feeling unappreciated, these treats can go a long way.

53. Participate in a Beach or Park Clean-Up.

This is a direct way to improve your community immediately.

54. Donate School Supplies To Underprivileged Students.

Many students greatly need supplies to do their best in school.

55. Offer To Help Someone Pack for a Move.

Moving is a big job, and helping with it is an important gesture.

56. Leave a Positive Review for a Small Business.

They will be thrilled to get it.

57. Donate Unused Toiletries to a Shelter.

These are important for hygiene, and every shelter needs them.

58. Offer To Give a Friend a Ride.

This can make life easier for anyone who needs to get somewhere.

59. Leave a Note of Appreciation for Your Garbage Collectors.

They rarely get appreciation, and they deserve the praise.

60. Help Someone With Their Garden or Yard Work.

It can be hard to get yard work done, and help is a good way to take care of others.

61. Send a Surprise Gift to a Friend or Family Member.

Surprise gifts are always exciting to get.

62. Offer To Run Errands for an Elderly Person.

When it’s hard to go out, this can make all the difference.

63. Share Your Skills by Teaching a Workshop.

This can go a long way toward changing someone’s life.

64. Leave Coins in a Vending Machine for the Next Person.

This can help someone who has little cash on hand.

65. Offer To Help a Friend Organize Their Home.

An organized home is a more comfortable, enjoyable home.

66. Leave a Kind Message on a Coworker’s Desk.

Your coworkers could always use a few nice words.

67. Donate Your Old Cell Phone to a Women’s Shelter.

They often need phones to help women with their safety.

68. Offer To Cook a Meal for a Busy Friend.

This is a fantastic gesture that can mean a lot to a friend.

69. Share a Link to a Helpful Resource Online.

Sharing a link can save people a lot of searching time.

70. Donate Old Eyeglasses to a Charity.

Old eyeglasses can make a big difference for those who can’t afford new ones.

71. Offer To Help a Friend Declutter Their Closet.

This is a fun activity that your friend will get a lot from.

72. Leave a Kind Note in a Library Book.

No one expects this gesture, but anyone would appreciate it. Don’t actually write in the book, though, a post-it note will do nicely. 

73. Offer To Help a Neighbor With Childcare.

Raising children can be hectic, but you can make it less so with your help.

74. Create Care Packages for the Homeless.

Homeless need a lot of supplies that you can provide. A quick care package can really help make their day (or even save a life)

75. Leave a Positive Comment on a Blog or Social Media Post.

A positive comment can seriously boost someone’s mood.

76. Offer To Help a Friend With Their Resume.

This can empower a friend to find the job they’re looking for.

77. Donate Board Games to a Children’s Hospital.

These can do a lot for sick kids who need the distraction.

78. Leave a Note of Encouragement in a Public Space.

This is always fun to find and enjoy.

79. Offer To Take Care of a Friend’s Pets While They’re Away.

This can save someone a lot of worry as well as money.

80. Share Surplus Produce From Your Garden With Neighbors.

They will always be happy to get fresh produce.

81. Leave a Thank-you Note for Your Local Bus Driver.

They get little recognition, and this can be a great way to do it.

82. Offer To Help a Coworker With a Project.

This can help get things accomplished more quickly.

83. Donate Unused Craft Supplies to a School.

Schools always need craft supplies.

84. Share Your Favorite Recipe With a Friend.

This can give them something new and fun to try.

85. Leave a Small Treat for Your Mail Carrier.

A treat can become the highlight of their work day.

86. Offer to Watch a Friend’s Children for a Day.

This is always needed by parents who need to get things done.

87. Donate Unused Gift Cards to a Charity.

They can always use the supplies for those they help.

88. Offer To Help a Friend With Their Spring Cleaning.

It’s a tough job, and help can make all the difference.

89. Leave Spare Change at a Playground for Children To Find.

They will be so excited to find it!

90. Create Hygiene Kits for Homeless Individuals.

These kits can help greatly with hygiene and health.

91. Offer To Take a Neighbor’s Trash Cans in After Collection.

By doing this, you show a neighbor that you care.

92. Leave a Positive Comment on a YouTube Video.

Creators always love to get nice notes about their content- if you really want to help, then follow, like, and watch as much of their content as possible. 

93. Donate Old Musical Instruments to a School.

Most schools can put them to good use.

94. Offer To Help a Friend With Their Tech Issues.

This can make a big difference and save them from frustration.

95. Leave a Thank-you Note for Your Cleaning Staff.

It’s always a nice gesture that makes them feel appreciated.

96. Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter.

Animals can always use some loving care.

97. Offer To Help a Friend With Their Fitness Goals.

You can help them to feel better about themselves.

98. Offer Your Seat on Public Transport.

There are many people who need that seat, and giving up yours is a very kind gesture.

99. Share Uplifting News Articles on Social Media.

These can raise the spirits of anyone who sees them.

100. Offer To Walk a Neighbor’s Dog.

This will show you care as well as get you some extra exercise.


All of these gestures can mean a lot to those who are on the receiving end. When you want to make the world a nicer place, doing even one of these kind of acts is a great way to do it. You can spread kindness and help others feel appreciated and cared for.

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