Gratitude List: 100 Things To Be Grateful for in Your Everday Life

Changing how we view things can not only improve our mood, it can also improve our life! That’s why many are creating a gratitude list to remind them to always look on the bright side. If you want to join in but are having trouble thinking of what to write, then check out our list of 100 things to be grateful for!

What Is a Gratitude List?

A gratitude list is simply a short writing exercise to remind you of everything you have. Consistently writing out what you’re grateful for can boost your mood and change your outlook. And putting pencil to paper, instead of just thinking of things, makes the lesson stick!

How To Use a Gratitude List

There are many ways to use a gratitude list, but one thing is key: stay consistent. Write out what you’re grateful for every day, even if it’s just a few things. Once you start to write daily, you’ll find smaller and more detailed things to be grateful for. 

100 Things To Be Grateful For

Struggling with thinking positive thoughts? See 100 things on our list below

1. Family

We don’t just mean biological, but the people who raised you and made you who you are today definitely deserve a spot on here.

2. Friends

Let’s not forget the people who know all your secrets, share your laughs and your sadness, and are with you through thick and thin.

3. Health

Our health is something we take for granted a lot, make sure to add it to the gratitude list instead of missing it when it’s gone.

4. Nature

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The sites, the animals, the freshness, there is a reason nature walks are recommended to boost moods. Mother nature is something we should always appreciate.

5. Shelter

Having a roof over your head, especially in adverse weather is definitely something to be grateful for. 

6. Food

Don’t just think about the trendy (and expensive) restaurant food, think of all the food that nourishes your body every day.

7. Clean Water

While we might consider this common, clean water is not everywhere and isn’t even always accessible here in the US!

8. Education

You don’t need to be a neuroscientist to be thankful for getting an education, think of all the doors even a diploma opens up.

9. Love

While we might instantly think of romantic love, there is love all around! Platonic love between best friends, the love between a dog and its owner, even the love between you and your favorite barista.

10. Laughter

They say laughter is the best medicine, and they are absolutely right. Laughter can make even the worst of moments better.

11. Sunshine

We don’t need to list off the countless benefits of sunlight to add this to our gratitude list, but it can improve your mood, give you Vitamin D, and boost your energy.

12. Rain

There is just something about getting bundled up with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite show with the sound of rain outside. Not to mention the plants it helps nourish. 

13. Opportunities

Having the opportunity to do something should be just as appreciated as actually doing it. There are plenty that would love just the chance of some of the things you’ve been offered.

14. Freedom

Going anywhere, doing anything. Freedom is not to be taken lightly and we’re happy to have it!

15. Technology

From simply being able to heat up food quickly, to exploring amazing virtual worlds. Technology opens new doors and makes our lives easier in so many ways. 

16. Music

There is nothing better than listening to music that gives you goosebumps, inspires you, or even helps you cope when you’re feeling down. 

17. Art

Looking at art or making art, there is just something inspiring about the inner look at the mind when we see a piece we really connect with.

18. Books

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Whether you read to learn or to escape into a fantasy realm, we can all appreciate a well-written book (maybe with the rain sounds we mentioned earlier)

19. Pets

They don’t call them man’s best friends for nothing. Pets have been proven to help our mental health and even our physical health!

20. Memories

Some people might want the past back, but it is never truly gone when we have and share our memories. We are especially grateful for those scents and flavors that bring back wonderful memories. 

21. Kindness

Small everyday acts of kindness remind us the world is still a good place, and even if we don’t see it, we always have the ability to create it.

22. Challenges

This might be an odd one, but challenges are the first step to growth. Very rarely do we instantly know how to do something, we learn it through making mistakes.

23. Growth

Speaking of learning how to do something, seeing the growth in ourselves from reading “how-tos” to knowing all the secrets of the trade is an amazing experience!

24. Peace

We don’t mean peace on any great scale, but just the peace of a slow morning, or time to relax. Enjoy the little calm moments that exist.

25. Diversity

How boring would it be if everything and everyone was the same? Diversity shows us how interesting and amazing our world is. 

26. Seasons

Not only do seasons bring growth to the earth, but they also give us different experiences. Apple picking in the fall, sledding in the winter, picnics in the spring, and pool days in the summer.

27. Hobbies

Your hobby isn’t just something to do, it’s something that brings you joy and can make a bad day or week a little better.

28. Travel

Getting to visit new places, even if that is just the next state over, can help you grow as a person and teach you so many things. 

29. Generosity

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This is another one that you can see or you can do. Even a dollar to someone needing assistance can mean they get a warm meal that night. 

30. Sunrise

A sign of hope, the darkness is gone and we watch as the world slowly wakes up as do our minds. 

31. Sunset

Not just how gorgeous the sunset is, but the calmness it brings to know you made it through the day and can enjoy the softness of night.

32. Children

Little feet aren’t only cute, they inspire us to be better and to create a better world so they have the same opportunities as us if not more. 

33. Elderly Wisdom

Instead of rolling our eyes, let’s learn to be gratuitous for the advice of people who have seen it all. 

34. Fresh Air

Seriously, go outside and take a deep breath, this is something not everyone can do and should be added to this list. 

35. Hugs

Did you know that a short hug can instantly help us feel happier and closer to the person? That isn’t just a saying, it’s science!

36. Learning

Isn’t this the same as education you ask? Having the ability to learn and work through problems means your education doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom.

37. Warmth

Warmth can be physical, or it could be the kind words of a friend during a hard time, or the homemade cookies given when you’ve been sick. 

38. Creativity

Almost everything we see and have is because someone had the creativity to create what has never been done, what can you create?

39. Birthdays

They signify living another year, but it’s so much more. It’s more knowledge, more life, maybe even gaining abilities (like to drive, or vote).

40. Global Connection

The internet is something we already mentioned, but let’s truly think about the connection it brings to humans as a whole. We can donate to people thousands of miles away, spread info fast, and experience new cultures without leaving our homes. 

41. Supportive Community

Think of the people you could call if you were in trouble, think of the people you would help in a heartbeat. We accomplish so much with many hands. 

42. Quiet Moments

You know those moments that are so calm you just have to close your eyes and appreciate them with a big breath in and out. Yeah, that goes on the list. 

43. Forgiveness

The grace we extend to others or that others give us when mistakes are made helps us all grow and reminds us to always improve. 

44. New Beginnings

The thing about new beginnings, they usually require something else to end. So while we could focus on the negative, think of the positive instead. 

45. Family Traditions

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Family traditions bring back good memories and a sense of comfort whether or not that family is still with us. 

46. Modern Medicine

The amazing ability to recover from extreme illness or injury should not be taken lightly. Even just being able to buy a cough drop!

47. Opportunities To Help Others

When we have more than we need, we now open up new doors to help those around us. This could be with money, advice, or knowledge we learned.

48. Online Connectivity

Keeping in contact with old friends and family, or even making friends with people you never would have met otherwise! The internet is an amazing place to bring us closer.

49. A Comfortable Bed

We don’t even think we need to tell you how truly magical it is to fall into bed after a long day.

50. Starry Nights

These stars guided our ancestors, helped us track the seasons, and made us think about what else is out there. The starry night is truly wondrous. 

51. Positive Role Models

Sometimes, we only get to where we are because of someone believing in us even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. 

52. Work Achievements

Getting acknowledged for working hard, or improving a system just feels good. It also lets us know that our efforts aren’t for nothing. 

53. Rainbows

A sign of hope to so many, they remind us the worst of things will end and it will be beautiful. 

54. Unexpected Surprises

Our favorite pastry bought by our partner, or finding $5 in your pocket you didn’t know you had. These little moments bring a smile and can even make a whole day better.

55. Delicious Meals

There is a reason the term “comfort food” exists. These meals don’t just nourish our bodies, they nourish our souls.

56. Safety

Not having to live in fear should be the norm, but for many, it isn’t. So be grateful if you can rest easy every night. 

57. Access to Information

Such a normal part of society now, but the ability to have vast knowledge at your fingertips has really only been a thing for a few decades.

58. Inner Strength

We can extend gratitude to ourselves too. The strength to try again, to keep moving, to figure it out. Remember, you have survived 100% of your worst days.

59. Time With Loved Ones

While we don’t always like talking about it, we all know time with our loved ones will eventually run out. Thinking about that can remind us to hang out while we can with those we hold close. 

60. Inspirational Quotes

Some might be corny, but others have truly changed our perspective and can help us solve big problems with little sentences. 

61. Smiles From Strangers

Something about the little interactions between us and a stranger reminds us that we’re all in this together and we are grateful for that.

62. Personal Growth

This doesn’t mean just working up the corporate ladder, or buying a house. It means learning how to forgive or working on our negative traits to become the best we can be. 

63. Warm Clothes

The winter gives us a new appreciation for fuzzy socks and mom’s handmade scarf. When we can’t avoid facing the harsh cold, we can appreciate the clothes that keep us warm.

64. The Power of Choice

Ultimately, we always have a choice. Even if it’s hard sometimes,. Like leaving a bad job, we can be grateful for the fact that we have the ability to do it on our own terms. 

65. Favorite Songs

Favorite songs reveal so much about us, what we went through, and how we really feel. They make our inner selves feel seen and can instantly make us belt out the tune. 

66. Calming Scenery

The way the waves roll in, or the squirrels running up the trees in a forest, calming scenery reminds us to slow down and take in our earth. 

67. Our Ancestors

In the simplest sense, we wouldn’t be here without them. But we also have been given opportunities that come from them passing on skills, or moving lands that we wouldn’t have otherwise. 

68. Silence

Silence means comfort, this can either be the comfort of being alone or the comfort of just being with a loved one without needing to fill the room with talking. 

69. Friendship Bonds

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Having friends you can always turn to is definitely something to add to your gratitude list. There is just something special about reaching out to someone you haven’t seen in a year and talking like you never left each other. 

70. Joyful Celebrations

The friends and family, the music, the laughs, the memories. Celebrations bring so many of the things we’ve already mentioned into one moment. 

71. Modern Conveniences

Calling a ride to our house or food to our front door, being able to buy something and have it delivered the next day, and having a vehicle that can take us across the states. Modern conveniences are wonderful and leave more time for fun.

72. Sense of Purpose

That sense of fulfillment we get from finally finding our place is one of the best feelings, and even if you haven’t found it yet, you at least have the drive to continue trying new things. 

73. Beautiful Landscapes

We might not think of how important landscapes are to us until we remember that they inspire us so much we make paintings of them or place them on our computer desktops to brighten our day.

74. Traditions

More than family traditions, the traditions that happen around the holidays bring people who don’t know each other closer and can connect us on a global scale. 

75. Internet Access

We talked about having large amounts of info at our fingertips, but now let’s be thankful that we live somewhere where we can access it anytime and anywhere.

76. Achievements, Big or Small

We wouldn’t be able to achieve our big goals without reaching those little milestones. Remember to take a moment to celebrate each step.

77. Comfortable Shoes

Whether we’re exploring rocky terrain, chasing a toddler, or dancing the night away at a wedding, comfortable shoes allow us to experience all those moments. 

78. Holiday Festivities

It’s impossible to not get excited for the holidays when surrounded by twinkling lights, perfectly curated foods and decor, and seeing the joy of everyone there. 

79. Teachers and Mentors

These people take the time out of their lives to guide us and inspire us. There is something truly special about those who spread knowledge for a living. 

80. Acts of Courage

No one says we can’t be scared, in fact, being scared is a prerequisite for having courage. Be grateful that you pushed past that and did what you had to!

81. The Moon

There is something powerful about the moon, it controls our tides and provides light at our darkest. 

82. Hopeful Outlooks

Having someone who is genuinely hopeful for the future can make us feel better, try harder, and maybe even create the good outcome we all want. 

83. Laughter With Strangers

When we meet someone new, we might be nervous, but sharing a laugh with them can instantly make us feel like we knew them forever. 

84. Comfy Blankets

woman laying under knitted blanket
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They keep us warm, they relax us, they remind us to just take that nap. Comfy blankets are truly a hug in fabric form. 

85. Expressions of Love

When our partner remembers the little things, or encourages us, even just reminding us to drive safely. These little moments prove they love us.  

86. Water

Water is such an integral part of keeping us alive, of keeping Earth alive. It has great power that can carve our landscapes and reminds us of what we are capable of.

87. Your Job

While we might not be in love with our job, we can be grateful that it provides us the ability to afford what we need and what we want.

88. Supportive Relationships

Relationships don’t just give us another person to share life with, they also give us someone who pushes us to go for what we want and can even take the load off our shoulders so we can push forward with our goals. 

89. Sleepy Smiles

This can be on your partner’s face, your kids, or your own. Just the small moment of being happy to see each other when you first wake up is something to truly love.

90. Delays

We know we know, this is something none of us like. But red lights get us where we’re going just as much as green. If you ever experienced perfect timing, just think about if that would have happened if you got somewhere too early. 

91. Cartoons

While this might seem like a funny thing to be grateful for, cartoons can bring back our childhood and remind us not everything has to be so serious. 

92. Healing Moments

There are so many healing moments, from the ability to rest and physically heal to being able to talk through emotions and heal our minds. 

93. A Loving Home

Being raised in a loving home and always having that to turn back to is not a small thing and isn’t something everyone gets. 

94. Thoughtful Gestures

Something as small as holding open a door for others lets us know that you don’t need to love someone to want to help them.

95. Moments of Awe

There are the mundane moments, and then there are the truly inspiring moments where we hold our breath and think “I’ll never forget this”. Like your sports team coming back from a major loss or the beauty of the Aurora Borealis.

96. Artistic Expression

We can show who we are in so many ways. Our clothes, our homes, the music we listen to, artistic expression make us feel seen. 

97. Good Health Checkups

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While we are on the subject of health, let’s also be grateful for the ability to maintain that health and get checkups regularly. 

98. The Gift of Time

There is always tomorrow, we truly have the rest of our lives to achieve our goals and that’s something we are very grateful for. 

99. Shared Stories

Stories do so many things; they teach us about the past and connect us to experiences we wouldn’t normally have. 

100. Life’s Journey

This is a big one. Life has its ups and downs, but ultimately, we are grateful we can experience it in all its glory. 

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