12 Proudest Frugal Moments People Have

Have you ever had an extremely proud, frugal moment? One Reddit user says he bought his favorite work shoes at $15. The same pair of shoes was retailing at $85 at Kohl’s. He bought them about ten years ago, and they are still going strong. He feels victorious every time he wears them. He got a great, long-lasting product.

He posted on the platform asking other people to comment and celebrate frugal finds they feel most proud of. Here are some of the best responses from this conversation.

$1 Hanes Shirts

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This medic bought a collection of these shirts over 10 years ago and wears them almost daily, “I wear undershirts under my scrubs every day. I found a clearance section of slightly imperfect navy blue Hanes t-shirts for $1 each and bought about 20 of them. This was in 2010 or 2011. I still wear them every day to work and have about 5 new ones still sitting in their packaging.”

A Rug Worth $900 Bought for $40

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One user cannot stop getting excited about how lucky he got, “I had a rug saved in my overstock cart for a few months; it was $900. I found the exact rug at a dumpy store that sells things that fall off trucks and other weird stuff. It was $40!! I’m still a little high from that.”

Getting Educated for Free and Getting a Great Job

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Imagine being educated for free and getting an amazing entry-level job after graduation. “Working at Walmart to get a bachelor’s in computer science for free and getting an entry-level job for 75k.”

Keens Sandals, 11 Years and Counting

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Who knew sandals could last that long? “In 2006, I bought a pair of Keens and wore them for 11 years….they were half price at the time. In 2017, I was at a concert when this guy came up to me and asked me about my sandals. He mentioned that they looked like an older model…I told him how happy I was with them and had them for 11 years. He ended up being a spokesperson for the company and pulled out a business card and told me I could order a free pair of shoes/sandals from them :). Still, wear them, and they are solid.”

A Nordstrom Jacket for $0.01? How?

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One user found a great jacket for an unbelievable price, “I got a jacket on clearance at Nordstrom Rack for $0.01. I asked if the price was correct, and they said it was–had something to do with inventory and tagging what was supposed to be taken off the sales floor. The cashier said they get left on the rack by accident occasionally and congratulated me on a lucky find.”

Armani Suit for $45

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One user graced his friend’s wedding looking sharp on a budget, “I wore an Armani suit to my friend’s wedding for $45. I got it at a thrift store for $25 and dropped another $20 on some minor alterations. This was a particularly proud moment for me because my friend had previously given me a bit of s**t for never dressing up for anything.”

Vintage Sewing Machines That Will Outlive You

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Although these machines were manufactured in the 60s, they are guaranteed to outlive this user, “Purchased some vintage singer sewing machines 411g, 421g and 431g (g = made in Germany in late 1960’s). These machines are tanks, and my sewing repair guy said they will outlast my lifetime. Paid $50-$150 each. (One was free).

Getting a $900 Executive Chair for $20

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Goodwill has some great deals if you know how to look, “finding a $900 leather “executive” office chair for $20 at Goodwill. (Spring cleaning season is the best time to visit thrift stores in rich neighborhoods).”

Burberry Trench for $125 That Is Going Strong After 15 Years

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The price of this trench has done up by over 2000% percent since “15 years ago I found a heritage Burberry trench on eBay for $125 that included shipping. Yesterday, I looked on their website and saw that the exact same coat is $2495 new. Mine is in perfect condition and identical in every way.”

Ergo Baby Carriers for $3

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“I found 2 brand new looking Ergo baby carriers underneath a table at a rummage sale on the $3 bag day of the sale. I put them in the bag and paid $3 for both. Still using them 3 kids later,” says another user

Espresso Machine for $25

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Repeat: you can get great deals at Goodwill, “Espresso machine I bought at Goodwill in 2019. Multiple drinks made per day over roughly 4 years have saved us thousands of dollars. Paid $25.”

Dining Set Worth $2000 for $300

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“I got a $2000 dining room set that looked amazing for only 0 online because the owner just wanted to get rid of it a few days before she moved. It was so heavy that no one wanted to buy it. I brought a gang of friends. I love my dining room set and 6 chairs! Looks almost new!” says another

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