12 Products That Don’t Work the Best, but People Buy Anyway

In the world of consumer goods, there exists a curious phenomenon where certain products capture the attention and wallets of shoppers, despite not necessarily being the best performers in their respective categories. These items, often cleverly marketed and seemingly promising, have a way of finding their way into households.

While they may serve a purpose, they sometimes leave consumers wondering if they could have made better choices.

1. Shake Weight

Isolated Shake Weight on white background.
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The Shake Weight is a fitness product that gained widespread attention for its unusual design and claims to provide a quick and effective upper-body workout. Despite its popularity, many fitness experts and trainers have questioned its efficacy.

While some users report feeling a burn in their muscles, the Shake Weight’s shaky reputation in the fitness industry stems from its limited ability to deliver a well-rounded workout. It primarily targets a small range of muscles and may not provide the comprehensive results that consumers seek from their fitness equipment.

2. Electric Ab Stimulators

Woman training with electro stimulator.
Image Credit: FotoAndalucia/Shutterstock.

Electric ab stimulators, such as electronic muscle stimulators (EMS), have flooded the market with promises of achieving chiseled abs without breaking a sweat. These devices use electrical impulses to contract and relax muscles, but their effectiveness remains a topic of debate. While they can induce muscle contractions, they often fall short of delivering the sculpted six-pack advertised in commercials. Experts argue that traditional exercises, combined with a balanced diet, are more reliable for achieving toned abs than relying solely on these devices.

3. Magnetic Bracelets

Women left hand with magnetic bracelet
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Magnetic bracelets have long been marketed as a remedy for various ailments, including pain relief and improved circulation. These products claim to harness the power of magnets to enhance overall well-being. However, scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness remains inconclusive. Many studies have failed to establish a clear link between wearing magnetic bracelets and health benefits. Despite the lack of concrete proof, these bracelets continue to attract consumers who seek non-invasive solutions for their health concerns.

4. Detox Foot Pads

Denpasar, Indonesia - July 4 2019 : Close up view of KINOKI Cleansing detox foot pads with ginger salt foot patch isolated on green grass background ready for sale. Cleanse and energize your body.
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Detox foot pads have gained popularity as a way to rid the body of toxins while you sleep. The idea is that these adhesive pads draw out impurities through the soles of your feet. However, experts in the medical field have cast doubt on their legitimacy. There is little scientific evidence to support the claims that detox foot pads can effectively eliminate toxins from the body. Skeptics argue that any perceived benefits are likely due to improved circulation and relaxation rather than detoxification.

5. Ab Rollers

concentrated sportswoman training with ab wheel at home.
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Ab rollers are a common sight in fitness stores and home gyms, often marketed as a must-have tool for achieving strong core muscles. While they can provide a challenging workout for the abdominal muscles, they are not a magic solution for obtaining a washboard stomach.

Many users find ab rollers difficult to use correctly and may experience strain in their lower back or neck if not used properly. Achieving visible results with an ab roller typically requires consistent use, a balanced diet, and a combination of other core-strengthening exercises.

6. Magnetic Phone Cases

Smartphone with low battery icon and a disconnected usb charging cable on black background. Phone battery or charging problem..
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Magnetic phone cases have become a trendy accessory for smartphone users. These cases boast easy installation and the convenience of holding credit cards or other small items. However, their magnetic properties are often more gimmicky than practical. The magnets may not be strong enough to securely hold the phone and items in place, leading to potential drops and damage.

7. Cable Organizers

Group of Coaxial TV Cables with Connectors
Image Credit: Flegere/Shutterstock.

Cable organizers, such as cord clips or cable sleeves, promise to bring order to the tangled mess of charging cables and wires. While they may help temporarily tidy up the workspace, they often fail to provide a long-term solution. Cables tend to slip out or become entangled within the organizers, defeating the purpose of keeping things neat and organized.

8. Portable Electric Fans

Smiling young man standing with electric fan on yellow
Image Credit: IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com.

Portable electric fans are a hot commodity during the scorching summer months. They offer relief from the heat while on the go, but their cooling capabilities are often underwhelming. The small blades and limited power of these fans may provide a slight breeze, but they struggle to offer substantial cooling, especially in sweltering conditions.

9. Noise-Canceling Earplugs

Man with headphones listening loud music
Image Credit: Syda_Productions via DepositPhotos.com.

Noise-canceling earplugs aim to create a peaceful oasis in a noisy world. However, many users find that these earplugs fall short of their promises. They may not effectively block out loud noises or create the desired silence, leaving users to cope with the frustration of still hearing unwanted sounds.

10. Miniature Blenders

Image Credit: kerozkeroz/Shutterstock.

Miniature blenders have gained popularity among health-conscious individuals for their promise of easy and quick smoothie preparation. These compact gadgets often come with portable cups for on-the-go convenience. However, their small size and limited motor power can make them struggle to blend tough ingredients or create the smooth, consistent texture desired in a smoothie.

11. Snuggies

Winneconne, WI - 4 November 2018: A package of a Snuggie Tails fun blanket on an isolated background.
Image Credit: Keith Homan/Shutterstock.

Snuggies, those blanket-like garments with sleeves, have become a staple of cozy evenings on the couch. While they offer warmth and convenience, some users find them to be less practical than traditional blankets. The open-back design may lead to drafts, and the limited range of motion in the arms can make everyday tasks a bit cumbersome.

12. Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Closed up of colorful pencil with eraser on solid yellow background with copy space using as writing, mistake and correction or color art concept.
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Electric pencil sharpeners promise the ease of quickly sharpening pencils with precision. However, these devices often suffer from durability issues. Many users have experienced jamming, broken blades, or uneven sharpening, leading them to question whether they’re better off with a good old manual pencil sharpener.

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