12 Pieces of Advice That Felt Useless Until People Actually Tried Them

Have you ever received a piece of advice that sounded so ludicrous initially but ended up being solid? Some pieces of advice are hidden gems. They may look useless but could influence positive changes in your financial life. Here are examples of advice that felt useless until people tried it.

Cheap Tools Are Expensive

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This may seem poor advice for people who dislike spending money on tools. Unless you buy a tool for one-time use, you should always go for quality, even though the price may be higher. Quality tools will not break or wear out soon, and you won’t need to spend more money replacing these tools in the future. Note that just because a tool is expensive does not necessarily mean it is quality.

There Is What You Need, What You Want, and What You Can’t Afford

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This advice is quite practical, although a bit hard for some people to understand. People spend money on wants even if they cannot afford them, neglecting their needs. Needs are things you cannot do without. Wants are things you can do without. Do not buy something you cannot afford, as it will put you in debt.

Bribe Yourself With Fun Things To Do the Not-so-Fun Things

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For instance, run a 2.5 mile around your neighborhood even though you do not feel like doing so. Reward yourself after this run with a care package that will make you feel happy and more refreshed. It will make you look forward to doing the things you do not feel like doing.

Spend Money on Things Separating You From the Ground

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If you value your health, spend more money on things that separate you from the ground. We are talking about a good mattress, a good shoe, good car tires, etc. You spend a lot of time sleeping, so get a mattress that will give you good lumbar support. Your car should have good tires to keep you on the road safely. A good shoe will help support your posture.

Shop at Aldi’s

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Many say Aldis is the poor people’s store, but these people do not seem to grasp the savings you could make while shopping at Aldis. These stores stock high-quality items at fair prices and often run discounts that could save a lot when buying in bulk.

Treat the Car Your Parent Bought for You as a Loan

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Make timely payments to them just as you would to a bank until you clear the amount agreed upon. The only advantage you have here is that your payments will not accrue interest. You will learn critical lessons that may help you pay off your mortgages and other bills in the future because they will have instilled discipline into you.

Spend More To Save More

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It’s better to buy a higher-priced, quality item one time versus a cheaper item many times over because it keeps breaking. You will spend more on the cheaper stuff in the long run.

Set up a House Fund if You Have a Flat-mate

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Instead of buying things for the house on a rotation or paying each other back, avoid the problem from the beginning by setting up a house fund. Get a jar, and each person puts a certain amount of money into it ($20 each to start, for example). Then, whenever someone has to go buy toilet paper or soap or anything that everyone would be using, they could just take the money out of the jar. When the money runs out, everyone puts in another $20, or however much you decide on.

Spend Money You Get as Gift on Experiences

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If you get money as a present or a bonus (and you’re in the position to do so), spend it on an experience, not material goods or consumables. You will make memories that can last you your entire life. And you will fondly remember the person who gifted you that cash every time the memory crops up.

Invest in Your Health

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Prioritize your health above everything else. If you are not healthy, you won’t be productive. You may end up spending a lot of money to cure conditions you could have managed easily if you prioritized your health. Get away from toxic work environments, travel, and take time to re-energize.

Get a Cheap Gym Membership When You Are Homeless

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This advice sounds cryptic because a homeless man does not have money to spend on gym memberships. However, if you think about it, it makes financial sense since they will get access to washroom facilities where they can clean up and spend as much time inside the gym, not under a bridge. You can stay clean and have a roof over your head until you are back on your feet again.

Go Shopping on a Full Stomach

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This prevents you from overspending. You will not buy unnecessary food items because you do not feel the urge to eat anymore. Carry money in cash if possible and spend only what you had budgeted for.

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