Frugality Gone Viral: 12 People Whose Stockpiles Caught the Internet’s Attention

Have you ever bought so many supplies because you believed you would save money in the long run? One Reddit user says she recently bought a decade (or more) worth of shaving soap from the Dollar Tree. And she was proud of it.

She posted this question on the platform, and other Reddit users were eager to share their experiences as well. Here are some of the best responses from this conversation.

Rolls of Cling Wrap That Lasted Almost 2 Decades

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“I have a gigantic roll of cling wrap I bought from Costco at a reduced price before my now-drinking-age daughters were even born. There’s still a lot left.”

Bottles of Shampoos That Lasted Over 5 Years

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I bought 10 bottles of this shampoo and conditioner that was 50% off at a discount store that worked super well in my hair about 5 years ago. I’m on my last bottle, and idk where to find it. Maybe my hair could use a change, though?

Lifetime Supply of Bar Soaps

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“Not bought, but because I have a friend who cleans out apartments and storage units, I now have a lifetime supply of unopened bars of soap. Probably 100 bars.”

Lifetime Supply of a Wife

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“35 years ago, I bought a lifetime supply of wife. So far, so good – great investment.”


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“I once bought half a gross (72) of toothbrushes. I just used my last one last year. They were/are my favorite, but they don’t make them anymore.”

Heavy Paper Envelopes

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“I have a lifetime supply of heavy paper envelopes because my firm disbanded. A personalized address label over the return address, and I’m set.”


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“I recently ordered more checks, and they sent me that box with like 5 or 6 packs in it. I only write maybe 2 checks a year now because I pay all my bills online. Plus, I’m in my 50s, so… I will be surprised if I use them all before I check out.”

Dishwashing Detergent That Might Last a Decade

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“I’ve been using up my hoard of dishwashing detergent for about 3 years now. I guess I’ll have to buy some more in 2024 or 35.”

$25 Razor blades that lasted over 10 years 

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“I didn’t buy razor blades for 10 years because they were marked down from 25 dollars to a buck for Gillette blades.”

Free Electricity for Life

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“My solar is expected to function for 20+ years, which should be more than the time I own the home. So, I effectively bought the electricity for all the years I will own my home in a single purchase. The initial cost paid off in ~4 years, so now it’s free electricity every year.”

Free REI Membership for Life

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“My REI membership is lifetime; it was $30? $35 Dollars? And they had a promo that gave me a $35 or $30 gift card, the same amount the membership cost. I love camping and hiking, and being a member gives me access to buy their used stuff at their garage sales.”

Cocktail Stir Straws From Sam’s Club That Lasted Almost 3 Decades

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“I bought a box of 2400 cocktail sip/stir straws from Sam’s Club in 1997 and still have about a quarter of them left.”

Dog Poop Bags

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“In 2005, I bought bulk dog poop bags like you’d find at a dispenser in a park. I’m on my last roll. Typically, I use the ones made available at dog parks, etc, but it was a good investment vs buying small rolls at Petco.”

$400 in Total Gym Membership Fees Over 22 Years

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“I purchased 10 personal training sessions at a large gym/fitness company for $50 each, so $500 total. Annual membership with the purchase was then $18 per year. I’ve been a member for 22 years now, so I’ve paid $400 in membership fees.”

Tea Bags That Lasted Almost 8 Years

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“My ex-husband purchased an absolutely insane amount of tea bags. So many that I can’t even place the number. We broke up in 2016, and his new wife texted me a few weeks ago to inform me they finally used the last teabag.”

$90 Socks That Lasted a Dozen Years

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“I bought 150 pairs of socks for $90 about 12 years ago and only got about 10 new pairs left. One of the best purchases of my life.”

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