Top 10 Non-Financially Frugal Tips People Use

What is a non-financially frugal thing that you do? One member of a frugal online community suggested, “I want to hear what people do things that are frugal that are not related to money.” Here are what people confessed.

1. Extra Hour Commute

Instead of driving for six hours, one traveler takes a train for seven hours and explains they feel less exhausted and can sleep on the train even. Another admitted they also enjoy longer train rides because it provides an opportunity to read books, which you can not do behind the wheel of a vehicle.

2. Three Stop Minimum

To avoid excessive wear and tear on a car, unnecessary gas expenses, and extra time with the back-and-forth, one user will only drive into town if they have a three-stop minimum. Others agreed and even did it when they walked anywhere running errands.

3. Animal Grooming

While many people spend money on dog groomers, a feline lover shared that they pay to have their cat bathed and groomed as needed. They all suggested they could do it themselves, but it’s a headache they don’t want.

4. Micro Workouts and Chores

One genius shared combining their micro workouts with chores and errands. For example, they make lunges while bringing out the garbage, squat with their laundry hampers in front of the washer and dryer, balance one leg, or stand on their tip toes while scrubbing, etc.

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5. House Cleaner

If you can afford it and don’t enjoy deep cleaning, hiring a cleaner is a massive time saver, and many expressed it relieves their mental health. “I have a cleaner come every six weeks for 85 dollars with a tip to clean my 940sq ft condo- she mostly just cleans the bathrooms and kitchen and sweeps.”

6. Avoid Pop Culture

Many consciously try to avoid being influenced by pop culture. One suggests the constant barrage of people and corporations insinuating you aren’t “cool or complete unless you have the latest song, movie, clothes, car, phone, or game… it’s a drain on both our wallets and our psyches.” They further noted that directed ads and paid influencers are making it worse.

7. Baking

One user suggests that baking saves her money while serving the environment well. For example, she estimates she’s saved over 1000 plastic bread bags from landfills because she bakes her loaves twice a week.

8. Online Shopping

Online shopping saves a ton of time, gas, and wear and tear on a vehicle and can save money, especially regarding buying impulse items. Several people in the thread agreed that the impulse buys kill them standing in line at a register. Target was listed as a terrible temptation for many.

9. Attention Frugality

“Being frugal with my attention is something I’m focusing on this new year.” This user elaborated they’ve already unsubscribed to some things and stopped a lot of unwanted emails and pings. Several others loved this idea and shared their stories of minimizing pings and unsubscribing from email lists.

10. Grocery Delivery

“Living in New York City means schlepping to the grocery store on foot, doing the shopping, and carrying everything home.” This user explains they save time and stress by having their groceries delivered.


It eliminates being on their feet for even longer in their day. So they deem the little extra money worth it to keep them physically and mentally healthy.


We hope you enjoyed these Reddit suggestions for non-financially frugal tips.

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