12 Things Frugal People Always Buy

Living frugally is all about looking for the best way to improve our financial well-being. And this usually means finding deals wherever we can. However, since being frugal is not equal to being cheap, we focus on getting value for our money.

This means buying items that may save us money either in the short run or in the future. These items may not be cheap. I scouted the social media platforms in search of things frugal people have that save them money. 

Library Card

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With the advent of new ways to access information, people have stopped visiting the library. And this could be the reason they do not know that the library has great things to offer that may help you save money;

  • You can access audiobooks on the Libby app if you have a library card
  • You can get free passes at zoos and museums (a great way to save an occasional $15 or $20)
  • You get access to free movies through the Hoopla and Kanopy apps using your library card
  • Some libraries offer free printing services (no need to pick a hammer to bash your printer when it runs out of ink unexpectedly)


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People who have freezers at home swear by how much they save on food and meat products. They buy these products at discounted prices in bulk, repackage them at home, freeze them, and consume them whenever the urge to eat meat arises. Others prep their meals and freeze them. They will always have meals ready to be reheated on the go. 

Mattress Warmers

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It may work the same way as an electric blanket and can come in handy during the cold winter season. It is also a pet magnet, and this could be a plus or negative, depending on if you love animals.

Toaster Oven

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A toaster oven is a great replacement for the normal oven when you are heating small food portions. It saves time and energy. Some people say that it can also act as a dehydrator for the fruits and vegetables you do not want to go bad. Others say it can be a good air fryer replacement.

Tools for DIY

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No one appreciates tools like a person who loves DIY. The right tools can make all the difference. They will help you save money when doing quick, basic replacements around the house. Use YouTube and other online resources to conduct research for the DIY projects. You can also rent or buy secondhand tools that you do not use too often.

Motion-Activated Light Switches

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These are fun to use and make it easy for people to move from one room to the other without worrying about flicking light switches on and off, especially if their hands are full. They also save energy in the process and can be used in any room or corridor.

Electric Car

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The only limitation people have found in these cars is the distance they can travel on full charge. However, some companies are working round the clock to increase the limit. Electric cars are great cars for town runs and short-distance drives. 

Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum strawberries packaging for long-term storage.
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A vacuum sealer removes all air inside the packaging bag, making it easy to store the contents without worrying about them going bad. Ziplock bags are okay, but they sometimes suffer from freezer burns and may spoil the food contents in the long run.

Online Grocery Deliveries

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Some people say they prefer this service to walking into a grocery store for several reasons;

  • It prevents impulse purchases
  • They can use coupons and save some money
  • Some have same-day deliveries
  • Great for people who make bulk orders and do not want to drive to the mall to pick them


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People may assume that insurance is an obvious thing to have, but that is not the case. Good insurance is important and can save you a lot of money in the long run. You may be forced to pay a lot of money when you get into an accident without insurance. Insurance also helps people to sleep well at night.


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Jim_Filim via DepositPhotos.com.

If you love cooking dried beans or grains, you can save energy and money by using an Instapot. Cook in batches and preserve them inside a freezer, and you will be good to go. Is it worth buying an Instapot? If you cook at home often, then it may be!

Cash-Back Credit Cards

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This is a good option for people who are financially responsible. Different cards have different rewards for various types of purchases. You can have cards for different reasons – such as insurance, phone bills, electricity, gas, shopping, etc. Here are tips to get the maximum cashback on these cards;

  • Pay off the balances monthly to prevent the interest charges from canceling the benefit.
  • Do not buy anything you won’t be able to pay off at the end of the month – pretend you are using cash to avoid impulse purchases.
  • Save up for big purchases.
  • Although this may not work for everyone, having a cash-back credit card can save money and help to improve your credit rating if paid on time.

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