8 Money Saving Tips You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

The same-old tips can get stale; you can only make a budget and put more money into your savings account so often! But we’ve got you covered with eight unique money-saving tips that, even if you’ve heard of, you probably haven’t given a whirl yourself.

1. Downgrade Plans and Subscriptions

Internet or phone plans are often pricey monthly expenses deemed necessary. But you can switch to a less expensive plan, usually with next to no impact on your enjoyment or user experience, depending on what you use these services for. The result is significantly less money spent throughout the year with next to no drawbacks.

2. Switch Banks for More Benefits

Switching banks is a hassle, so most people will stick with their trusty institution out of habit. However, you might find that other banks have lower fees and sign-up bonuses that could help you achieve your financial goals. This is particularly true of savings accounts since some banks might have options that offer higher interest rates.

3. Rent Your Things

You can rent virtually anything in your home. And while a room is usually the most common (and often most lucrative), renting things like power tools or yard equipment are also great options and don’t require much effort on your end.

4. Use Browser Extensions When Shopping

Online shopping is the new norm. And since most of us do at least some amount of shopping online, it’s wise to install browser extensions that can help you save money or get rebates on your purchases. Common extensions like Honey or Rakuten are known to work exceedingly well and are worth a shot.

5. Host a Swap Party

Gather your friends and family for a swap party! The idea is that everyone brings something or some things they don’t want and trades it for something they do. It’s a phenomenal and unique way to cross multiple things off your to-do list, like decluttering, while also socializing with some of your favorite people!

6. Sell Your Data

If you believe the online privacy ship has sailed long ago, you’ll likely have no problem selling your information or opinions to companies willing to pay you for them. After all, many of them are collecting it for free anyway, so you might as well get something out of it by installing an app or using a service you’re actively choosing.

7. Try a No-Spending Challenge

The no-spend challenge is commonly recommended, but how many people are actually seeing how far they can go? Start with a weekend, then maybe an entire week without spending a dime; you’ll be shocked by how much you save and how often you spend money when you probably don’t need to.

8. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Sometimes, you need to spend money to save money, and a programmable thermostat is the perfect example of that philosophy. You can set your thermostat to different profiles, turning it down whenever you’re at work and turning it up when you get back home. There’s no interruption to your comfort, but you’ll notice at least a somewhat significant shift in how much you spend on energy costs monthly.

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