No More Low Battery Anxiety: 5 Pro Tips for Extended Phone Battery Life

Picture this: you’re out and about, relying on your phone for navigation, communication, and entertainment, when suddenly, the dreaded notification pops up – low battery.

You start to panic, desperately searching for a charger or an outlet, but to no avail. Before you know it, your phone dies, leaving you feeling lost and disconnected. Having a low phone battery is a nightmare these days! 

Society has never been more dependent on smartphones, which are now used for much more than just making calls.Whether you need to make a contactless payment, access an app that holds your train ticket, or request an Uber – your phone battery dying or having low battery on your phone can now be a major inconvenience to your day and be a real bummer!

With that in mind, the experts at Likewize Repair share five easy ways to maximize your device’s battery life so that you never feel lost.

1. Adjust Your Screen Settings

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A large amount of your phone’s battery is used to power the screen, so this is the first place you can make changes to minimize battery usage. In your settings, you can turn down the brightness of your screen alongside setting your phone to a ‘low power mode,’ so it will turn itself off and lock after 30 seconds.

2. Turn Off Unnecessary App Features

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Our phone’s apps can be a huge battery drainer without us even realizing it. Often, apps have location services running in the background or push notifications and alerts that are unnecessarily using the battery. You can go to your general settings and then manage these individually, turning off alerts and location services for each different app.

3. Switch off Vibrate

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Have you ever left your phone on vibrate? Many people leave their phones on vibrate as it’s a convenient way to be alerted of any messages or calls without disrupting those around us.

However, the vibration function on our phones actually uses more battery than a ringtone or message alert tone, so it’s more beneficial for your battery to have your phone on loud. Alternatively, silent mode will use the least amount of battery, but it isn’t always possible if you need people to be able to contact you.

4. Stop Bluetooth Running in the Background

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Turning off your Bluetooth is a really simple and easy solution to saving your battery life. Many people often don’t even realize they’ve left it on as they might have connected to their wireless headphones at the gym and then forgotten to turn it off afterward.

So, always make sure that once you’re done using wireless devices, you remember to switch off your Bluetooth – as it could be the difference between a dead battery and getting that Uber home.

5. Turn on Battery Saving Mode

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The majority of smartphones include the feature of a low-power mode or battery-saving setting. Turning this feature on is a great way to reduce your battery usage, as it will often dim your screen brightness, pause email retrieval, stop background apps refreshing, turn off 5G, and more.

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