50 Little-Known Ways to Make Extra Money This Month

Who doesn’t need more money? There are so many side hustles that are so oversaturated, and while they might promise big bucks, it’s a little harder to make them actually work for you. That’s why we tried to find some great ways to make money that aren’t so well-known, so you might have a chance of making them actually work!

50 Little-Known Ways to Make Extra Money This Month


1. Rent Out Your Parking Space.


If you live in an expensive city or dense suburb, renting out your parking space through an app like Spacer could make you up to $450 a month! In areas with limited street parking and few free parking lots, there are always people looking for alternatives to expensive parking garages. So far, Spacer has paid almost $1 million to its hosts. One of the best parts of renting out your parking space is that it’s hands-off.


2. Participate in Online Surveys.


Your opinion can be worth money! Businesses depend on consumer data and public opinion surveys to help them develop products and hone their messaging. Sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and PrimeOpinion can help match you with surveys that pay! InboxDollars can pay up to $25 a survey.


3. Sell Stock Photos.


Websites, blogs and social media content creators all need stock photos. If you have a good camera and know a potential model or too, selling stock photos may be a great way to make money this month. Best of all, unlike event photography, selling stock photos can be a great way to develop a passive income stream. Once you have a library of photos, you profit every time someone downloads your content from sites like Shutterstock.


4. Offer Freelance Services on Fiverr.


If you have skills like writing, editing, graphic design, programming, business administration or social media management, you can offer your freelance services on Fiverr! Fiverr allows you to build a portfolio, offer specific services, and set your own rates. There are clients looking for freelancers like you!


5. Become a Mystery Shopper.


Becoming a mystery shopper with services like SecretShopper. Shop, dine and stay at hotels for free while receiving payment from the client for reporting on your experience with their business. If you notice small details and have a great poker face, this may be a great way for you to make extra money this month.   


6. Babysit or Pet Sit.


If you’re a responsible and nurturing caretaker, babysitting or pet sitting may be a great way for you to make extra money on your schedule. Apps like UrbanSitter or Rover can match you with parents and pet parents who want to pay you for taking care of their children or pets. If things go well, it’s easy to build a base of repeat clients who trust you with their loved ones!


7. Rent Out Your Belongings on Fat Llama.


Have things you’re not using? You can rent (almost) anything out on Fat Llama, a service that lets you rent out anything from electronics and cars to people in your area. Verified renters and protection up to $30,000 take the worry out of the process and allow you to trust that your belongings are safe while they earn you money.


8. Tutor Students Online.


Whether you’re a trained elementary school teacher, a calculus whiz or just someone who aced the GRE, tutoring students online can be a great way to earn extra money this month. Services like Superprof and Preply can match you with clients who may pay as much as $80 an hour. Best of all, you can do this from home!


9. Participate in Clinical Trials.


One way to earn extra money this month is to join a clinical trial. You’ll receive compensation for your time and effort and have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped scientists and medical researchers develop cutting-edge treatments. ClinicalTrials.gov can help you find reputable studies that may be a good fit!


10. Sell Handmade Crafts on Etsy.


If you already have an art or crafts practice, selling your work on Etsy may be a great way for you to make extra money! Not only does Etsy help you sell your products, it may also feature you as part of a curated collection.


11. Become a Virtual Assistant.


Are you organized and efficient? Lots of small businesses or early-stage startups don’t have the budget or the workload for a full-time assistant, but they do need help with their administrative work and day-to-day management. Sites like FlexJobs can match you with clients who need virtual assistants to help them keep track of their paperwork and handle other administrative work. Through FlexJobs, you can earn almost $25 an hour!


12. Offer Consulting Services.


If you’re looking for a way to use your specialized skills to make money, consulting may be for you, either through an agency or as an independent consultant. Your in-depth experience in a specific field may be the best way for you to make extra money this month, and if you build a reliable client base, you could even turn it into full-time work.


13. Join a Focus Group.


Companies need your opinions! So do political consultants, nonprofits and others. If you have the time, joining a focus group can be an even better way to make extra money than taking online surveys. Find Focus Groups can help you find focus groups that would be a good fit for you.


14. Deliver Groceries With Instacart.

If you have a car, Instacart can be one of the quickest ways to earn extra money! The app matches you with clients on a flexible schedule so that you can shop for and deliver their groceries. Unlike some other gigs, there’s no need to build a client base yourself – Instacart handles that for you!


15. Rent Out a Room on Airbnb.


If you have a spare bedroom or even an apartment, renting it through AirBnB can be a great way to earn extra money! On the AirBnB host site, they can estimate what you could earn with a property or a spare room in your area so you know how to price your listing! While you may have to spend a little money sprucing your space up, you can start earning soon!


16. Sell Unused Gift Cards.


If you have gift cards from the holidays, a service like Raise Marketplace or CardCash can help you trade them in for cash! Whether your aunt from across the country bought you a card to a store you never go to or you just need some quick cash, selling your unused gift card may be the option for you!


17. Offer Lawn Care Services.


Do you love working outside? Do you want a flexible schedule and the chance to build a repeat client base? Through apps like Jobber, you can connect with potential lawn care clients. All you need to get started is reliable transportation and some basic equipment!


18. Do Odd Jobs on Taskrabbit.


Can you build an IKEA bookshelf in record time? Do you have a knack for cleaning, painting, or home repair? TaskRabbit may be a great way for you to make extra money this month. It matches you with potential clients in your area who need help with odd jobs. It’s easy to set your own rates and build a custom profile to advertise your services!


19. Sell Printables on Etsy.


If you’ve got an eye for art and design, selling printable artwork on Etsy may be for you. Whether you use their printing service or your customers print your work themselves, this is a great way to get started on Etsy without having to produce the items yourself or go through the hassle of shipping your art!


20. Start a Blog and Monetize It.


For anyone with a particular area of expertise or strong opinions, starting a blog may be a great way to make extra money! Creating content is a flexible gig you can fit around your main job, and once you build a following, blogging is lucrative. If you have a large following on X, formerly Twitter, or other social media sites, you can leverage that into a large following pretty quickly!


21. Become a Brand Ambassador.


This is another great way to make extra money if you have a platform like a large social media following. Services like Mavrck and Collective Voice can match you with brands looking for influencer marketing contacts so you can get free stuff and payment for your content!


22. Rent Out Your Car on Turo.


Turo is the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace, with an average annual income of $10,516 for just one car! With insurance, support and access to a prescreened customer base, Turo is an easy way to rent out your car and even build a business.


23. Sell Old Electronics.


Most of us have some old electronics lying around the house. Maybe you just got the latest laptop as a Christmas present and don’t have anything to do with the old one! You can sell these through online marketplaces like Mercari or Decluttr. If you’re not using them anyway, why not make extra money from them?


24. Offer Social Media Management Services.


If you have social media management and marketing experience or even just an immaculately curated online presence yourself, there are clients looking for your expertise! Whether it’s a small business that doesn’t need a full-time social media manager or a larger company that needs some extra support, you can find potential clients through online services like RemoTasks or TaskUs.


25. Participate in Affiliate Marketing.


From brands like WalMart to affiliate marketing platforms like squaredance, there are more ways to get involved in affiliate marketing than ever before. In this model, you can earn extra money for every click through to a product or brand that comes through your content. This is easier to get into for people who already have a large online following.


26. Become a Local Tour Guide.


If you know your area well and love showing your friends and family around when they visit, you can turn that passion into a way to make extra money this month. Services like ToursByLocals can be a great way to get started in a fun, flexible side gig!


27. Rent Out Your Camera Gear.


If you have great camera gear and not a lot of occasions to use it, it could start making you money right away. Services like ShareGrid let you rent your equipment to vetted local borrowers. Pre-screened renters let you feel comfortable sharing your valuable tech, and instant insurance coverage comes at no cost to you in case something goes wrong.


28. Offer House Cleaning Services.


Maybe you’re great at getting even the most challenging place sparkling. Offering cleaning services may be a great way for you to earn extra money this month. Services like Angi can connect you with clients and help you start to build a client base. Good reviews can help you get more clients.


29. Sell Vintage Items on Etsy or EBAY.


Whether you have a great eye at flea markets or you’re cleaning out a downsizing relative’s place, if you have a vintage clothes, furniture or knick-knacks, you may have an untapped source of income. Sites like Etsy and eBay can be great ways to get the most money possible for your vintage items. A tip: making sure your photographs look great can help you get more money for your items.


30. Become a Proofreader.


If you have a keen eye for typos and grammatical errors, you can start earning extra money this month or even this week as a freelance proofreader. Through sites like FlexJobs or WritersWork, you can connect with clients who want your help making sure their writing is in perfect shape before they publish.


31. Offer Transcription Services.


Transcription work is a flexible side gig that can help you get the money you need, starting quickly. Services like TranscribeMe can help you find clients looking for transcription services and get you started with a flexible and lucrative side gig!


32. Do Voiceover Work.


If you have a background in theatre or just hear from your friends that you have a great speaking voice, you may want to check out voiceover work! Voices and other services can match you with clients who think your voiceover might be what pulls their project together. Voiceover work has the advantage of being flexible!


33. Sell Digital Products on Gumroad.


You don’t have to be a tech wiz to get started on Gumroad, a marketplace for digital products. You can sell top ten lists, tutorials, trend reports or packs of tools and media for use in sofware like ProCreate. If you’re not sure what to sell, Gumroad can help! You can find ideas on their website, where they feature best-selling creators and their products. 


34. Rent Out Your Tools.


If your garage is full of tools you fairly use, renting out your tools may be a great way for you to make extra money! Apps like SpareToolz can help connect you to people who don’t have those tools but do need them. Customer support and pre-screened borrowers help take the stress out of the process and give you peace of mind. Plus, if you’re an expert with your tools, they pay more if you offer training and delivery with your rentals. 


35. Become a Fitness Trainer.


If your friends at the gym ask for your advice on their form and you’re obsessive about your workout, working part-time as a personal trainer may be for you. NASM offers a great guide for how to get your certification and get started as a personal trainer so that you can make your certification process smooth and efficient. 


36. Offer Meal Planning Services.


Meal planning is all the rage, but lots of busy people don’t have the time to plan themselves. Whether you’re a certified dietitian or just a great cook and thrifty shopper, helping people plan nutritious and tasty meals within their budget can be a great way to start earning extra money! Whether you build your own website or use a freelancing platform to get clients, the Internet makes it easy to get started.


37. Sell Stock Music.


If you can compose, selling stock music may be a way to monetize your talent, whether you work as a professional musician or not. Through services like Epidemic Sound, you can add your music to their library for video and audio producers to buy rights royalty-free.


38. Rent Out Your Bike.


If you have a bike you rarely use, services like Spinlister give you the opportunity to make extra money starting immediately! You can make up to $500 a month and the app also supports rentals for surfboards and equipment for snow sports. Its verification tools ensure you’re only renting to trustworthy people!


39. Participate in Online Focus Groups.


If you like the idea of joining a focus group but you don’t live close to a center where they’re held, you’re not necessarily out of luck! You can still make money sharing your opinions. Platforms like Discuss can help you find virtual focus groups and other market research opportunities to earn extra money.


40. Offer Graphic Design Services.


If you have an eye for design and experience with platforms like the Adobe Creative Suite or Canva, freelance marketplaces like Contra or Fiverr can help you find graphic design clients, build your portfolio and start building your freelance graphic design career quickly!


41. Sell Handmade Jewelry.


Whether in-person or online, selling handmade jewelry is a great way to start making extra money this month. You may be great with beadwork or metalwork or offer jewelry made from resin, but chances are your work will be someone’s style! Local boutiques, flea markets and craft sales are all great options for in-person sales, but services like Etsy can also help you start selling your work now!


42. Become a Freelance Writer.


If you’re a talented wordsmith, freelance writing may be a great way for you to start earning extra cash. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry! A sample portfolio can still showcase your skills and get potential clients’ attention. If you don’t want to set up your own website, you can use a freelancing platform like Fiverr instead!


43. Offer Online Language Lessons.


Language skills are always in demand! If you can share yours, it’s a great way to start making money quickly. Services like Italki can help you reach clients who want one-on-one tutors or group instructors with skills like yours. Set your own rates and showcase your skills with the platform’s video introductions.


44. Sell Custom T-shirts on Printful.


If you have compelling designs you think could be the next popular T-shirts but don’t have the time to screen print or ship, Printful can help. A printing and fulfillment service, they can help you turn a great idea or a funny phrase into the extra money you want!


45. Become a Mobile Notary.


Becoming a mobile notary can be a great way to make extra money! While requirements for becoming a notary vary from state to state, they typically involve undergoing a background check, passing an exam after finishing a training course, and purchasing a surety bond and supplies. Once you’ve taken these steps, you can set up an online presence and start notarizing documents in your area!


46. Rent Out Your Backyard for Events.

If you’ve spent lots of time making your backyard an inviting oasis, you can make extra money renting it out for events! If it’s fun and accessible, it may be a great spot for birthday or graduation parties. If you’ve made it visually stunning, you can market it as a wedding venue or a photoshoot location! Whatever you choose, it can be a profitable way to make some money sharing your space!


47. Offer Coding or Programming Services.


If you’ve learned to code or program, you have skills people need! Freelance coding for websites, apps and other tech products can be a great way to monetize your skills in your free time. If you think your skills may be a little rusty, a refresher course can help boost your confidence and build new skills.


48. Sell Custom Illustrations.


If you have an artistic practice, you can make money from it in your spare time! Business and private clients all need illustrations to help build their brand or as part of book projects. Custom illustrations of pets and families are also popular home décor items, with lots of potential for profit!


49. Become a Social Media Influencer.


If you have an eye for style and a growing following, monetize it! The key to becoming a successful social media influencer is knowing your audience and how your content aligns with their interests, then presenting this to potential advertisers or brands looking for collaborators. An agency like Constant Contact can help you find brands that need you!


50. Offer Home Organization Services.


Do you love mess? If you relish making order from chaos, people in your community can use your skills! A service like Angi can help you grow your business if you don’t want to set up your own web presence. Some home organization consultants actually operate their businesses entirely based on word of mouth!

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