8 Ways To Entertain Your Kids On A Nature Walk

nature walk

My family loves going on nature walks. Besides the great things the kids learn and the importance of fresh air and exercise, they absolutely love it. There is something about running around on the grass or between trees that make … Read More

Financial Literacy for Kids: Why it’s Important

financial literacy for kids

Money doesn’t grow on trees but do your kids know that? As parents, we must teach our kids basic life skills, and that includes talking about money. Basic financial literacy for kids is an important part of educating your children. … Read More

12 Awesome Money Saving Tips for Moms

money savings tips for moms

Being a mom is hard work! I tried to make your life a little easier with these money saving tips for moms!  Parenting not only takes a lot of effort, but it can be expensive as well. We all know … Read More

Free Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Free Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

I created an Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids, and I want to share it with you! Once again, I find myself, like many others around the world, self-isolating in my apartment with my kids. Since we live in an apartment … Read More