How to Stay Sane At Home With Your Kids


Surviving quarantine and stay-at- home orders with kids: How to stay sane with everyone at home.  Hi everyone! Since all of you reading this are likely either quarantined or in some form of self-isolation, I wanted to list some frugal … Read More

How to Have a Balanced Approach to Money

Balanced Approach

Money is a tricky topic. On the one hand, money is power, but on the other hand, money is not the goal. It can be challenging to have a balanced approach to money.  Money is one of those things that … Read More

Taking a Break from Frugality

taking a break

I am officially throwing frugality out the window. I have decided that it is time to stop obsessing and just let it be. Man plans, and G-D laughs. I had a good plan for how to handle my maternity leave. … Read More