10 Lazy Ways To Get Rent Money

You always hear how hard work pays off, but when does minimal to no work pay off? Here are ten examples of the laziest ways to spend most of your time lounging around but still making enough to cover rent.

1. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is the lazy person’s dog walking; many people will gladly bring their animals to you. All you have to do is ensure it gets enough love, attention, and nourishment, and pet owners are more than willing to pay top dollar for you to hang out with their pets. Animal lovers, this is a no-brainer!

2. Cashback and Reward Apps

It’s not necessarily going to cover your rent monthly, but you’d be surprised how quickly these apps add up. Download apps or extensions that offer cashback opportunities like Rakuten. Note, however, that you should only do this for things you already intend to buy. Buying things just to get cashback isn’t a great idea.

3. House Sitting

It’s like pet sitting, but instead of worrying about an animal’s well-being, you just have to ensure nothing wrong happens to a person’s home. This is arguably even easier than pet sitting, but still just as much in demand and involves one of our favorite pastimes: sitting!

4. Invest in Stocks

Passive income isn’t always easy, but investing in the right stocks could be a lazy way to make some cash on the side. Dividend-paying stocks are ideal, and you’ll need some market knowledge to ensure you aren’t throwing your money away.

5. Rent Your Car

Car-sharing services are becoming more popular, especially in bigger cities. If you have a car you don’t always use, consider signing up for these services and letting people use your car when you don’t need it to make some extra cash.

6. Sell Unused Items

Selling things you don’t need online requires effort. Still, you can up the lazy factor by slashing the price and having someone pick it up for you. It’s decluttering and making money simultaneously!

7. Online Surveys and Reviews

Like with reward apps, online survey websites aren’t going to get your rent paid overnight. However, they’re straightforward, and many don’t take too long. Websites like Swagbucks are ready to pay you for your opinion — all you have to do is lie on the couch and provide it for them.

8. Virtual Assisting

This is more of a job than many other options on this list. That said, virtual assisting is generally easy work at home and sometimes even on your own schedule. That’s a lazy person’s dream job!

9. Rent a Parking Space

If you have an extra parking space, rent it to others permanently or for special events like games and festivals. Even if you only do it occasionally, it requires next to no effort and can net some serious cash after a while.

10. Rent a Room

Most people who pay rent won’t have the freedom to rent out their space to others. But if you own a home and you’re looking for some extra cash for your mortgage, this is a phenomenal way to make some extra payments. It’s a bit more involved to get started, but once you’re set-up, there’s not much left to do other than manage bookings and get paid to have a place.

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