5 Great Reasons To Consider Keeping Your Baby Name a Secret

Naming your baby is so exciting! There is just something incredible about getting to name this perfect human that you’ve carried for nine months.

For 3 of our kids, my husband and I didn’t tell anyone (except very close family) our name choices and chose to keep our baby names a secret!

And…it was glorious! Let me tell you all of the reasons why you should consider keeping your baby’s name a secret!

1. You’ll Avoid the Negative Reactions

I can’t even begin to tell you the hold people think they have over baby names! If you’re reading this post, though, I am sure you know already!

You know how it goes….(or maybe, you’re reading this article just in time for you not to have to experience this!) Someone asks you if you have any baby names picked out, and you hesitantly (or eagerly) tell them. Some reactions are amazing, and it solidifies your love for the name and it makes you love it even more.

And then there’s the opposite. You tell someone the name you and your spouse picked out, and you get the side-eye from friends or family members. I have been there, and this is terrible. It makes you second-guess yourself, for starters.

They’ll also tell you their own opinion. They don’t like the name, and they’ll tell you WHY they don’t like the name. Then they’ll proceed to tell you the people they knew with that specific name that brings a bad connotation with the name (for them!)

You will also avoid the “famous person” comments. My oldest daughter has a very popular movie that says her name in it, and some people bring it up. My second oldest daughter has the same name as two other famous people. My kids were not named after famous people! You’ll have to shake those comments off once they’re born if you decide to go that route, and you know someone will bring it up.

2. It’s a Beautiful Connection and Secret Shared Between You and Your Spouse!

This one is one of my favorite reasons on this list and the ultimate reason why we decided not to share our baby’s name. My husband and I have a very strong bond and, sometimes, like certain things to be just between us for as long as possible. This is definitely one of those things.

It’s something sweet that you can share with your husband and something that is just between you and him! How special is that?!

3. No One Will Ever Love It as Much as You and Your Spouse Do!

This is some straight-up tough love! The name that you and your spouse select has some type of meaning. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family name, a name you both love or a name one of you had picked out since middle school. The truth is that it has meaning, is special, and is the name of your precious baby.

There is no one else that is going to hold the same amount of love for the name as you do! Now, while no one will ever love it as much as you do, it’s important to note that sometimes, and this has happened to me, the more people give their opinions, whether they mean to be negative or not, CAN make you love it LESS.

When this happens, you’re forced to re-think a name you originally loved. Imagine if you had already named your baby something you loved, and then someone said something negative about it….it wouldn’t matter! It wouldn’t matter because the baby is here.

You carefully selected their name, and any negative thing said now after birth goes right out the window and off the shoulders. (In most cases, I will say. Name regret is a real thing that I almost experienced also!)

4. You Won’t Have to Worry About Someone “Taking” Your Name

I have read about this happening time and time again. Maybe it’s a far-away cousin or your brother-in-law and his wife. If you never share the name (especially online!), you don’t risk this happening at all!

Unless, of course, we’re talking if someone decides to use the same name as you after you’ve already given birth….then that’s a whole new story.

5. After You’ve Given Birth, No One Will Have an Opinion on the Baby’s Name

By keeping your baby’s name a secret during pregnancy, by the time you have the baby, your friends, and family will be so thrilled that they will not have a single negative thing to say about your baby’s name choice! It will be a beautiful surprise that was worth waiting for!

You will feel even more confident about your name choice because you’ll feel butterflies every time you say your baby’s name!

What To Consider When Deciding if You Should Keep Your Baby Name a Secret

While I am a huge fan of not telling people baby names for all of these reasons and more, I want to also say that deciding not to tell anyone your baby name is a huge decision, and there are a few things to take into consideration.

  • You and your spouse should be on the same page.
  • You both should have a game plan on how to answer questions.
  • You both should understand who you will share the name with (maybe you’re not sharing at all, or maybe you only decide to tell a few people).
  • If you decide to tell a few people, make sure they’re people you trust who won’t tell others.

Keep in mind: Everyone has their reasons for wanting to tell a baby name or not, and either way is okay! One way is not better than the other!

What To Say When You’re Asked: “Do You Have a Name for the Baby Yet?”

My answer is simple. We are just waiting till birth to name the baby! That’s the quickest, easiest answer, especially if you’re like me and don’t enjoy lying to people! It’s the truth; you’re waiting until birth! Or you can say things like:

“We’re waiting until the baby is born to announce the name, so not a soul knows, only my husband and I.” Truly there are so many responses! Come up with one with your spouse!

Final Thoughts on Keeping Your Baby Name a Secret

There are so many things to consider when naming your baby! I highly encourage you to have a conversation with your spouse and make sure you are on the same page. 

So, there you have it. Tell me in the comments, have you or will/would you ever consider keeping your baby’s name a secret?

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  1. My daughter is having her first child an our first grandchild. They have decided not to share the name and the family is ok with that..
    An additional point is that my daughter has had a name picked out for many years and her brother in law and his wife named the child they had last year the name my daughter had long wanted to use.


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