Feeling Like Your Relationship Is in a Rut? Here Are 5 Lit Ways to Turn It Around

A relationship has different stages. The first stage is by far the most interesting — when lovers can only think of spending time together, and each moment apart feels like misery. If you’ve ever been in love, you must know the feeling.

Reignite the Flame

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A few couples have reported that their relationship has never left the “first fiery phase” into the death throes. While with others, it is different as they begin to wonder where or how the flame died. It is normal to feel this way, and often, it may not be a sign that you no longer love each other. It only means that you must find a way to reignite the flame.

It may be challenging because a relationship, like most good things, requires hard work. According to other women, these are foolproof ways to rekindle the romance in your relationship.

1. Communicate Better

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Yes, you may have been communicating or at least trying to, and it has done nothing to help your relationship. This is the point where you try even harder. Listen to understand rather than to respond, and try to validate your partner’s views and feelings, even though you may not understand them. Being open is a great way to break down any barrier between lovers.

Also, communication, including through non-verbal means. Practice “mental foreplay” and learn to send or pick up non-verbal cues from your partner.

2. Never Stop Dating

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This is key. While dating, never stop dating. It means you should never stop doing the things you used to do when you first met and when you began the relationship. Getting so used to each other’s companion that you forget or get too tired to do the work is common. However, prioritize building intimacy and romance no matter how long you’ve been together. Throwback to the beginning of the relationship and repeat those activities to constantly remind yourself why you like your partner.

Plan date nights, practice even the tiny acts of romance, and commit to keeping the spark alive – it’s a full-time job.

3. Do New Things Together

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Doing new things together could be fun to help you connect better with your partner. It creates an opportunity for deeper intimacy. Planning to include new activities in your free time with your partner may be all that is needed to rekindle the fire. It challenges partners to rely on each other, creates a shared experience, and helps them better enjoy each other’s company.

Consider new hobbies like fishing, golfing, or more mundane activities like swimming – as long as you do it together.

4. Try Therapy

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Suppose you’ve tried everything to bring back the fire in your relationship, and nothing seems to be working. In that case, it may be time to bring in a third party – and I’m not talking about friends or family. Professional therapy may help you get back on track with your partner.

Experts recommend therapy for tons of different reasons. For example, a particular recurrent problem or disconnect may be a childhood trauma that therapy may help identify and help you heal from. Therapy could also point out some fundamental issues in your relationship that may be neither partner’s fault but could be fixed together.

5. Acknowledge That You Don’t Always Need The Spark

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Finally, acknowledge that it will not always be roses and fireworks. Expecting your partner to always keep things on the high lane sets unrealistic expectations for them and the relationship. Some days are going to be normal, and that’s normal.

Imagine your life without them and how things have changed since the relationship – it could help you appreciate the bigger picture.

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