8 Ways People Are Judged for Being Frugal

Do you ever feel that people judge you when they know you are frugal? Many frugal people have been branded all sorts of names for refusing to live a lifestyle that conforms to society’s expectations.

If your friends are non-frugal, they will not understand why you have to save money instead of buying something they think will upgrade your life. For instance, some may not understand why one would drive a 10-year-old car when new models are coming out every year.

Frugal people value quality over everything else, and they do not buy things because of peer pressure. This often makes them get judged by others. I scouted the internet to learn how people get judged and came up with interesting insights and observations.

They Are Called Cheap and Stingy

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If you walk to work, own a second-hand phone, buy second-hand clothing, or refuse to eat out occasionally, you will likely be judged as stingy and cheap. People do not care to understand your reasons for doing what you do before judging you.

They Are Said To Be Nuts

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Sometimes, frugal people may take it to extreme, and this is where non-frugal people think you are nuts. One person found a way to use Jello to provide nutrients to her houseplants. Although the experiment was successful, her relatives called her nuts. They did not understand why she couldn’t buy fertilizer from the mall like a normal person. In her defense, jello contains nitrates that bond to the roots and help them grow.

Others Think You Are Denying Yourself

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Many people think frugal people are missing out on a lot of things because they won’t spend money to buy most stuff that other people enjoy. Sometimes this is true. Some people take it too far. For instance, getting frostbite because you refused to buy a pair of socks for winter or hanging tea bags for reuse is denying yourself. But if you have the capacity to treat yourself any time you wish but choose not to, you are not exactly missing out. It is a choice you made. They think you are irresponsible.

One frugal person who drove an 18-year-old truck refused to buy a new one despite his non-frugal friends’ pressure. It served him fine, and apart from a few cosmetic wear, it was a good workhorse. And buying a new one would set him back almost $50,000. His friends started saying he was being irresponsible. 

You Should Change Your Social Group

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Non-frugal people rarely blend with frugal people. On one end, we have advocates of spend-all, and on the other end, we have advocates of a no-spend policy. To maintain your frugal lifestyle, you need to be in circles that understand why you are doing so and support you. Seek people with common interests. 

Do Not Explain Your Reasons

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When cornered, most frugal people tend to explain to others the reasons why they live as they do. Sometimes, it works; sometimes, it does not. They will always have questions: Why don’t you have a car? Why do you buy second-hand clothing? Why don’t you eat out often?

Ignore them.

People Cannot Deal With Others Being Different From Them

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People feel the need to shame others who do not reason or behave like them. They believe everyone should act the same. Most have horrible money habits and live in regret. They hate to see that you have your affairs in order. Misery loves company.

They Think You Have Nothing Going For You

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When you do not buy things to show off as non-frugal people do, they think you have nothing going on for you. Most buy liabilities thinking are assets, and most are in terrible debt. Have fun, spend on experiences, and be contented to know that it is okay to have different needs, wants, and likes from them.

They Think You Look Poor

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Most people in the US are not afraid of being poor. They are afraid of looking poor. Some would never use coupons or buy store deals because it makes them feel poor. They think you are cheap as a frugal person because you don’t want to waste money like they do

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