12 Ways Frugality Will Make You Lose All Your Friends

Have you been in a situation where your frugality threatened to ruin an important friendship or other kinds of relationships in your life? Being frugal is good, but sometimes we push it too far. Sometimes it is not worth losing important relationships because you want to save a little money.

Many people on different social media platforms agree that sometimes living too frugally can have a negative effect on friendships and other forms of relationships. Here are examples of such stories about people who may have ruined their relationships for being too frugal.

Eating Dinner Before Going to a Restaurant

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One person says she had invited her cousin and husband to dinner and booked a table in a nice restaurant where the meal prices were reasonable but not cheap. The cousin and her husband decided to eat dinner before meeting her to avoid paying for their food. Their cousin had to eat alone, and they had a weird dinner. 

Guilt You Into Spending What You Cannot Afford

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Another person says they lost friendships with peers who were doing better than he was financially because they felt he was too cheap. He refused to spend money on things he deemed wasteful and could not be influenced by friends who were in a better financial situation.

Missing Out on Paid Activities

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There is a person who almost lost a friendship because he was in a financial crisis and had a friend who always insisted they go out for paid activities, yet he could not afford it. When he told his friend about that, the friend always loaned him money, pushing him deeper into a debt he didn’t know how he would cover.

Nobody Wants To Meet in a Nasty Restaurant

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There was a person who lost a friend because the friend always invited them to meet up in nasty places. 

Expensive Calls

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One person narrates how she was depressed in a hospital because her dad had just died. She sent a message to one of her close friends and asked her to call her back as soon as possible. When she called back, she started with ‘this is an expensive call’ and asked her to keep it brief without first understanding how the situation was. This was the end of their relationship.

Be Flexible While Being Clear on Your Own Limits

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When you have friends with widely varying financial strength, be clear on what you can afford and be flexible a bit. For instance, “If your friend orders dinner and all you can afford is a drink, bring snacks for before or after,” highlighted another person. 

Split Meals

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If you do not have money, ask your friends if they can split the meals with you. Sometimes, it takes courage to speak up about your situation. If they are truly your friends, they will understand your challenge and play within your financial limits.

Some Things Are Worth More Than Money

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There is a person who called a friend he had not seen for a long time. The friend told her she could not attend the dinner invitation because she didn’t have money. She decided to pay for her, and they enjoyed the night together. When this friend passed on after several months, this encounter became a cherished memory and worth more than the $20 she spent.

Uber Is Too Expensive

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Another person visited a city and called one of his best friends since they had not seen each other for years. The visitor refused to take an Uber to go see his friend because it seemed too expensive to him. He expected the friend to make a two-hour round-trip during lunch hour to pick him up and drop him off after he got off work. He refused, and that was the end of their friendship.

Looking Cheap Is Very Unattractive

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One person cautions others not to look cheap, especially when on a date. She says that women do not care about money, but they frown upon people who are too stingy. She says cheap people look and sound unattractive.

Do Not Tell Your Friends That Money Is the Issue

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There is a person who says that when she asks her friend to go out the friend is always broke and this makes her question her own spending habits. She starts feeling bad that she may have bad spending habits because her friend never spends any money going out.

Texting a Friend to Ask for Payment for Drinks 

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Two friends went out and had drinks at different places.  Later, one of the friends texted the other requesting payment for specific drinks they had taken, and he had paid. The friend texted him back to remind him that the drinks they had consumed at another pub had not been free, which canceled everything, including their friendship.

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