Holiday Savings Tracker

‘Tis The Season… to celebrate the Holiday debt-free.

Download the Holiday Savings Tracker and have a debt-free winter!

Want to spend money this holiday season? YOU CAN!

Frugality and financial prudence are not about depriving yourself of the things you care about. It is about spending strategically and ensuring you have money saved before spending it!

You would have to be a saint to have perfect self-control during the next few months. And why should you? You are allowed to enjoy and partake in all the available goodies, even if you are poor.

Even if you have a lot of debt, it is OK to enjoy yourself. But it is also OK to be sucked into the consumerism culture every once in a while. You can realize that companies have perfected the art of getting YOU to buy things and still knowingly buy these things.

As with all things, the best way to handle this is with balance.

A balanced approach between indulging and depriving. A balanced approach to enjoying life and being responsible. Most of all, a balanced budget that won’t have you paying off holiday debt in the summer.

So What Do You Do?

Start planning your holiday spending now!

Write down your plan. Decide how much money you are planning to spend and make a plan on how you will save this extra money.

Maybe you need to cut down on some extras for the next bit. Maybe you need to make some extra money by doing some gig work or picking up some extra shifts.

You can use this Holiday Savings Tracker to start planning for the holidays and make good financial decisions this year.

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