Have You Ever Been Judged for Being Frugal?

One Reddit user posted on the platform ranting about how people judge him when they know he is frugal. They call him cheap and stingy. The OP lives in one of the upscale areas of Canada where everyone has expensive toys and expensive tastes.

OP does not use data on his phone because he has WIFI at home. He says data rates in the country are outrageous, but people his age cannot understand how he can live without such. He buys used quality clothing, and his peers tell him that only poor people buy used clothes or he is wearing other people’s clothes.

He does not think he is that cheap and wants to know if there are other people in the same boat. Other Reddit users reacted to his post, with many congratulating him for being frugal at a young age and others sharing their own experiences about how they were judged for being frugal. Here are some of the best responses from that conversation;

Do Not Tell Everyone

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Keep your frugalness to yourself sometimes, as people won’t understand, “Every once in a while, I don’t really shout my frugalness from the rooftops, though. Recently, a co-worker asked how prepping for the baby was coming along. I told her about a trip I made to a thrift store. I got some like new Carter’s sleepers for $1/each and some Halo sleepsacks for $5. If you’re a parent, you know how expensive this stuff can be, so I was pretty thrilled. She was horrified and was all, “Oh my god, why are you putting a newborn in used clothes?” She acted like I was going to put my baby in an oiled-up mechanic’s jumpsuit.”

Find People Who Fit Your Profile

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As this user highlights, some people will comfortably fit within your frugal profile, “I work with other engineers. We’re all risk averse, anxiety-driven, and completely incapable of having fun anyway, so we all spend as little as possible.”

It Is Like Religion

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Do not expect everyone to understand, “It’s like religion; don’t discuss in detail unless in the company of like-minded people,” explains one user.

Do Not Let It Get You Down

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As long as you focus on your goals, you will be okay, “Don’t let it get you down… I think I live in the same place you do. I chose a career in public service years ago and consequently had to find new frugal ways to get by year after year when wages were frozen or rolled back. Even cost of living increases failed to keep up with the actual cost of goods. My family and I wore secondhand clothes, drove old cars, went as long as we could without sinking money into new tech, etc. Fast forward twenty years…. retired (lean fire) at 43 and have traveled the world. People always say, “You are so lucky”. They don’t see the years that we had to work and save. They will wish they did the same as you!”

Your Frugal Could Be Someone’s Cheap

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We are not endowed equally, “Someone’s idea of “frugal” is someone else’s idea of “cheap.” Some of the frugal tales here border on illegal. Do what makes you feel good!”

One Day They Will Respect You

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One user offers an experience of how others ridiculed their dad for being frugal, “My dad was made fun of by his co-workers for being cheap during his career. They weren’t laughing at him anymore when he retired at 42, and they were still slaving away at a job with their fancy new toys.”

You Save a Lot by Not Acting Like Them

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One user says that she saves a lot by declining to go to lunches with her colleagues, “When I usually bring food from home at work and don’t join in lunch trips. Sometimes I feel sad being in the office all by myself, but then I realize my meal was about 25 pence to make, whereas they’ll be having a single meal at about 15 pounds: that is 60 meals for me, about 20 days worth of food.”

You Feel Better When You Look at Your Account

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“Yup, and then I look at my bank account along with statistics on how much savings my peers have, and suddenly I stop caring,” says another user

Who Buys a Used House?

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“When my wife and I bought a house, we bought one built in 1969 on a double lot. We paid the same amount as a new house on a divided lot in a new neighborhood. We had people acting surprised and telling us, “You’re buying a USED house?””

Train Your Partner To Accept Your Lifestyle

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One user lives a very comfortable life now because he was frugal, “All my life I was frugal. When I married, I had to train my wife to accept it, and she has embraced a lot of it. I never forced her to do anything but lead by example. Now, I am 52 and will retire in 3 years, my wife is semi-retired, and we owe nothing. We have all the savings we need and don’t need to put any more away. My life is so stinking good I can’t believe it. Being self-employed, I now do jobs for free or heavily discounted for those who need it, and I give to my church and other charities with open hands. Frugality pays off in spades as you get older; keep up the good fight, folks.”

You Also Judge Others for Spending

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Since you also judge others for spending, you should expect to be judged as well, “I judge people for overspending. You will be judged. It’s one of those realities you accept or die angry.”

People Who Use Coupons Are Poor

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A user was embarrassed for using coupons, “Got made fun of by my cousin for using coupons. Says it’s embarrassing and what poor people do. I make 2.5 times more than she and her husband combined. And I only work 9 months out of the year.”

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