12 Frugal Moves Your Grandkids Will Thank You For

Getting older but want to keep your savings intact? With each stage in life, the need to be frugal doesn’t change but the way we act frugally does change!

A Quora user wanted to know what frugal tips elderly people used to get by, and the community offered several tips and hacks. We have sampled some of the best tips here.


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Esther urges people to declutter and live on less stuff, “Declutter – which, in this case, means get rid of stuff you don’t need or use anymore. Some items can be sold, giving you more dollars in the bank, and others can be donated. Either way – reducing the number of things you have in the house will allow you to live in a smaller space safer. This could mean furniture, clothing, automobile, knick-knacks, etc.”

Make Frugal Living a Game

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Jonathon advises us to make a game of frugal living and enjoy saving, “What I have learned since first feeling like I was forced to be frugal is that it can be fun and rewarding. I think that we have made a game out of it to the extent that we feel we have won a significant victory and/or beat the system when we can save a few bucks. So yes, it can be fun and rewarding to be frugal.

Stay Healthy

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According to Yasir staying healthy reduces the chances of spending money on treatments, “Walk, Jog, Exercise, Run 30 minutes to 1 hour every day. Your body will thank you in terms of lesser doctor visits.”

Save Money on Bills and Utilities

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Russ advises people to consider cutting down on recurring bills, “Get on a family plan with your adult children to save money on your mobile phone bill or look at prepaid plans, which are usually less expensive.

Get Rid of Your Car

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Russ adds that elderly people should consider getting rid of their personal cars, “Perhaps consider giving up your car – depending on your age and ability, this might be a smart safety move, but it could also save you money depending on how often you need to go somewhere by using Lyft, Uber, etc.”

Cut Down the Expenses That You No Longer Need

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Mark urges people to reconsider some of their expenses, “Cut down the expenses that you no longer need, such as cable TV, landlines, subscription to magazines, newspapers, and more.

Don’t Wait Till You Are Old To Have a Fixed Income

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John urges people to consider investment early, “First of all, don’t accept that you necessarily have to be on a fixed income. Consider waiting until 70 to start collecting SS. You will get 75% more than age 62 – and fatter COLA’s! Depending on earnings history, people can get up to $49K/yr if they wait.”

Invest in Equities

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Patrick says investing in equities will caution you against inflation, “Stay invested in U.S. equities, which will help you keep pace with inflation. If you are not in equities, then just follow the principals of the fellows who wrote The Millionaire Next Door”. Just spend less than comes in.”

Develop Saving Habits Early

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“Don’t wait until you are elderly to start living frugally. Develop frugal habits now that will enable you to save so that when you are elderly, you will have the frugal habits that will enable you to survive,” Someone else urged.

Eat at Home

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Oyster urges people to eat at home to save money, “Prepare meals at home rather than dining outside at some restaurant.”

Plan For Your Retirement Early

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“I planned very carefully for my retirement and wanted to retire with no debt. There were a few things I didn’t anticipate, such as exploding gas prices, a pandemic, supply chain issues, and price gouging, to name a few, “ said Berma

Save Money on Gifts by Making Them at Home

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Esther says this tip saves money and adds a personal touch, “Make gifts or give homemade gifts (like cookies, sauces, etc.) instead of buying gifts for your friends and family.”

Do Not Waste Food

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Jackie says wastage can be expensive in the long run, “The big rules for you to remember is never, never, never waste food, repair things yourself, and don’t buy it if you can do without and especially if you can’t afford it.”


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