Top 10 Frugal Purchases That More Than Pay for Themselves

Spending money isn’t frugal, but sometimes there are things that you can buy that more than pay for themselves! There are some times when spending money is the right move.

While visiting one of my favorite online frugal communities, I noticed the question, “What are your frugal purchases that paid for themselves?”

I wanted to share them with others who would benefit from knowing. So here are the top-voted purchases people insisted more than pay for themselves.

1. Pets

Caring for pets is not typically considered frugal, but while they cost money, they make us happy in ways other possessions couldn’t. One user explained, “I rescued my dog, and her adoption fee was worth the years of emotional support she’s given me.”


From walking, playing, or snuggling with them, pets seem worth the money. Another added, “I adopted a dog a year ago to get myself to exercise, and she has been the best thing ever for my physical and mental health.”

2. Hair Clippers and Scissors

Many in the thread suggested cutting your hair is much easier than you think, primarily if you use clippers. There are numerous YouTube videos on this and trimming your hair with scissors.


One user confirmed, “I had a simple hairstyle for a few years and saved money cutting it myself, but didn’t realize how much I was saving until I started getting it cut again, and prices had shot up to the $40-50 range!”

3. Food Sealer

A food sealer is an excellent investment. You can buy meats in bulk and separate them, seal them and freeze them. You can also freeze leftovers in single-serving sizes for lunch or dinner.


One frugal person shared, “It’s also a time saver because I can easily make double batches of stuff and freeze an entire stew or whatever for no-cook nights.”

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4. Thermos

That trip to Starbucks or a local coffee stand is a guilty pleasure for many in the thread. It does not cost much, but with $7 to $10 a trip, this can add up. However, with a thermos, you can transport your coffee from home and jazz it up exactly how you like it.


And you can use your thermos for transporting other things as well. One user added, “I bought two name-brand ones today while thrifting. One will be for coffee and one for soup when I need food.”

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5. Bidet

If you have ever talked to someone with a bidet, you probably have been told how amazing they are. It is because it’s more sanitary than conventional toilet paper, and using a bidet means you use less toilet paper.


You can also use washable towels for wiping. One user added, “I always swore I’d never be one of those ‘family cloth’ people because gross. But once you have the bidet, you aren’t wiping so much as drying.” Several Redditors agreed it’s a game-changer.

6. Rechargeable Batteries

When you have multiple devices requiring batteries to be changed monthly, sometimes weekly, you save a lot by using rechargeable batteries.


Someone explained, “My son loves to game and has wireless controllers. He can easily go through several batteries in just a week. So I got him rechargeable batteries, and now he cycles between them.”

7. Water Dispenser

For those who do not like tap water or can’t put a filter on the tap, a water dispenser is an excellent investment and a solution to not buying bottled water constantly. You can buy the five-gallon jugs for under $10 or can refill your jugs for even cheaper.


One user suggested, “It costs a little to run it, of course, but we were spending $15-20 weekly for bottled water.” Most of the dispensers have instant hot water as well. You can use the hot water for hot chocolate, instant coffee, oatmeal, etc.


8. Dawn Dish Soap

Buying a name brand can be pointless for frugal people, as the store brand is usually made with the same ingredients. But Dawn dish soap is an exception. Known for its grease-cutting power, you can use Dawn for multiple other things.


One user says, “I use it for all sorts of stuff! Clogged drain? Dawn dish soap. Clean an elk skull? Boil it in Dawn dish soap. Don’t want to buy hand soap? Dawn dish soap. And let’s not forget; they clean the animals with Dawn dish soap when there’s an oil spill!”

9. Tools

Tools are essential, but investing in good-quality tools is an economical choice. You can use tools for various things, from hanging pictures to fixing your car. It will save so much money on repairs.


One user clarified, “I couldn’t count the times I extended the life of something by years with a little maintenance or repair. In the summer of 2021, I saved the equivalent of a month’s salary in one weekend by fixing up my car and doing some home repairs. Best weekend ever.”

10. Nail Dip Kit

Getting your nails done can be fun, leaving you with pretty sparkly nails to show off. But this is also very spendy because your nails keep growing, causing you to get them redone.


A dip kit lets you do your nails with your flair, and after a couple of home manicures, it will pay for itself.


“I bought a dip kit off Amazon for about $30 plus about $30 for the nail supplies to manicure and prep them, which was the cost of one before tip, so after two manicures, it paid for itself,” a final user commented.

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We hope you enjoyed these Reddit recommendations for frugal purchases that paid for themselves.

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