What They Don’t Understand….

Living Paycheck to Paycheck The thing with living paycheck to paycheck or with being poor is that you don’t have money. Everyone who is reading this is probably scratching their heads because it seems really obvious. And it is very … Read More

The Number 1 Problem with Personal Finance

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I just read a whole thread on Twitter “bashing” FIRE and extreme miserliness. The gist was, “Why to be miserable just to save money?”. It then started veering into the mentality of “If I can’t/don’t want to be miserly, then … Read More

Why My Kids Get No Screen Time

screen time

My kids get no “screen time”- in other words, they don’t watch TV. This is because we don’t own one, and I don’t allow them to watch anything on our tablets or phones. Actually, my kids don’t even ask for … Read More

About Death and Incapacitation

death and incapitation

Are you prepared for when your spouse dies? It is not something we like to talk about or even think about but unfortunately, it is something that we need to deal with.  A bunch of us were collecting money for … Read More

It’s a New Year! (for parents anyways)

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Are your kids heading back to school now? Are you finally getting back into the routines that dominate most of the year? While you are luxuriating in early wakeups, structured days, and normal bedtimes, it’s time to do what is … Read More