The Best Financial Calculator (actually 10 Best Financial Calculators)

Here is the best financial calculator to use. Actually, I picked ten for you to choose from, instead of just one. 

Why do something yourself if you can get someone else to do it for you? You shouldn’t. Unless you have to pay for it, and then that is a different story. There is so much information and so much content out there that you can usually find someone who has already done the work for you. When it comes to figuring out the math behind your finances- that is no different.

I don’t love math. I’m not great at it, even though I spend an awful amount of time going it. But I try to simplify it as much as possible so that I don’t need to figure out the math by myself. The good thing when it comes to personal finance, there is not a lot of math involved (yes, I’m serious- it’s very rarely about the numbers), and there are a lot of tools that you can use to help you figure out the math.

Here are some of my favorite financial calculators that you can use to figure out almost any metric you want.

10 Financial Calculators You Can Use

This website is the place to go when figuring out anything to do with mortgages and houses. The name is a bit misleading as they have so much more to after than just mortgage calculators. They have a Minimum Income Requirement financial calculator, a Rent vs. Buy,  Tax Savings Benefits Estimator, Monthly Payment Calculator, along with calculators for refinancing, extra payments, loan amortization, points, closing, and real rates. They also have a whole section for real estate investors and property sellers. It hits the top of the list!

BRRRR Method Calculator

I’m the first to admit that I don’t know much about investing or real estate, but if you are, then check out this calculator that helps you figure out the amount you need for the BRRRR method to be profitable. The BRRRR Method: How to Do Super Simple Calculations 

How To Calculate Cash on Cash Return

One of the benefits of having a rental real estate property is that the tenants take care of the debt service payments. The cash-on-cash return metric helps you determine if you’re getting a great deal. How To Calculate Cash on Cash Return 


A wealth of savings calculators for you to really see how much money you are spending or saving. They have calculators for savingsmortgagescredit cardsvehiclesloansdebtbudgetinginvestingretirement planning, and business. They have a lot of calculators. But the calculators that I like the best are the ones that can help you figure out how much money you save by cutting out a single item in your budget. Read the full review of Pigly Savings Calculator here.

Monthly Budget Calculator

Once you enter all of your financial information, it’s time to see how you are doing and where you could improve. This is a great calculator if you are starting to figure out your budget and monthly spending. Monthly Budget Calculator

How Much Retirement Money do you Need?

If you’re seeking early retirement, this can help you calculate the retirement savings amount you need. That way, after retirement, you won’t run out of money. FIRE Calculator | Ultimate Financial Independence Calculator

Should You Rent or Buy a House?

This is a pretty popular question, and it’s not so easy to figure out unless you have this super handy calculator to help you figure it out! Free Rent vs. Buy Calculator: Should I Rent or Buy? 

Safe Withdrawal Rate Financial Calculator

Are you ready to get in deep talking about retirement and how much money you need? You can use this financial calculator to help you figure out good retirement rates. The Safe Withdrawal Rate Calculator . if you want to read more about retirement calculators, you can check these 5 Best Retirement Calculators Which Are Totally Free

Retirement Calculator

How much should you save for retirement? A simple question with a complicated answer. But like I said, why do the math yourself when The Best Interest can do the math for you? Your Retirement Savings Goal for 2021


How much rent can you afford? I certainly don’t have time to figure that out. Good thing Zumper has a financial calculator that can do that for you! How Much Rent Can I Afford? – Rent Calculator 

Why You Should Use a Financial Calculator

When we talk about mindful spending or living on a strict budget, we are espousing one rule: Every Dime Counts. Although I reject the idea that poverty or struggle is directly tied to the amount of money you spend on frivolous things, I believe that little spending adds up and makes a big difference in your overall finances.

Sometimes, decisions are not made purely about money. They are made with many other factors in mind. Whether it’s a convenience, mental health, religious convictions, or happiness- the decision of whether to buy something or whether to spend money on something is about a lot more than money.

However, to make the right decisions, you need to have all the information and factors available. You cannot make sound financial decisions without knowing all the factors. That is why you need Financial Calculators to help you make the right decisions regarding your money choices. 

Hi! I am a millennial mom with a passion for personal finance. I have always been “into” personal finance but got inspired to start my blog after a period of extended unemployment. That experience really changed the way I viewed my relationship with money and the importance of accessible personal finance education.

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