12 Expensive Purchases That Turned Out To Be Smartly Frugal

What is that one thing/service you bought expensively but turned out to be a greatly frugal purchase in the long-run?

One Reddit user posed this question on the platform and here are some of the best responses from other members in this conversation.

Freezer Going Strong for 20 Years

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“Great freezer. I’ve had one for about 20 years now that was twice the price as the others and it’s saved me so much money in electricity and being able to buy sale perishable items like meat when they go on super sale,” said one


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Therapy turned around the life of one user, “Therapy…poor mental health is expensive. Trauma steals.

I can confirm I used to be that person. After working through self-sabotage tendencies in therapy, success rushed into my life like a vacuum. Love, friendships, and job opportunities- all of it. I’ve already received a return on investment financially, and I no longer feel like suffering is a fact of life.”

Tires That Last 60K+ Miles

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“Always buy reputable tires, and they’ll last and wear better than cheap versions by large factors. I stick with Goodyear and they tend to last me 60k+ miles on my sedan,” explained another

Reusable Paper Towels

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“Recently bought some reusable “paper” towels. Basically just thin cloth that can be wrapped around a paper towel roll and then washed/reused. They were expensive, maybe $18 a pack, but I was spending $5 a week on paper towels, so I’ll make my investment back within a month,” says another user

Clothes That Last 25 Years

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One user is still proud of a sweater she bought 25 years ago, “I bought a sweater at a Tommy Hilfiger outlet store 25 yrs ago. I’m still wearing it, and it still looks good. Bought it a little big so it still fits.”

Another agrees with buying quality clothing, “I bought a pair of pants from Abercrombie in 2001, and I still wear them all the time. They’re just now starting to look a little raggedy- but for the amount that I’ve worn them the past 22 years, it’s really amazing.”

Stuff You Don’t Have to ‘Rent’

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You can save money if you own something outright, like this user did, “When I first bought my house, it had a 200gal propane tank. I called the company to come fill it, and they told me I had to rent it for $10 a month. I said ‘NOPE’ and went and bought a 100gal from Tractor Supply for a little over $100. After a year, it already paid for itself.”


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Kids are expensive, as this couple found out, “My fiancé’s vasectomy. Ours my fortunately covered by insurance, but out of pocket, they run about $2k. Worth every penny. I cannot be on birth control because of a family history of cancer and my thyroid disease. So with the options of the very expensive surgery to tie my tubes or having more kids, the vasectomy is definitely the winner.”

Used Cars That Run Forever

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This Lexus served one user very well, “A used Lexus when the market is good. I got a 2004 in 2008 for 24k. Only needs basic maintenance and will easily last another 10 years.”

Another user swears by their Rav4, “A RAV4. Bought it at 3 years old from an old lady who had 12k miles on it back in July 2010. Paid it off in 18 mos. I haven’t had a car payment in 11 years. I’ve put abt $5k into it. It’s an 06 with a V6 engine, and I have 71k miles on it. The next one will be in about 2-3 years.”

Industrial Vacuum Gets the Job Done

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“My mom just bought an industrial vacuum. It was the floor model, so she got it for around $800 instead of over a grand, but those things will last longer than their owners will. My mom already told me she’s leaving it to me in her will. My work has a similar but older model, and the warranty on it is crazy, and its power is unrivaled. Dysons may look cool and shiny, but they’re not nearly the reliable workhorse of an industrial vacuum. It might be a personal thing, but I really believe in investing in cleanliness,” explains another user

Good Quality Beds

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We spend a lot of time in bed, so why not get a good one? “I have slept on cheap mattresses on cheap frames and quality ones on good slatted frames. Sleeping on a quality mattress and frame is much better -especially if you are a heavier person. Sleep is a third of every day (if you are lucky), so making it good quality can have a huge effect on pain levels, alertness, irritability, and focus. It doesn’t necessarily mean the highest priced but thoughtfully purchased so that it has excellent support for your sleep style.”

Solar Panels

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This investment will save the user a good chunk in the long run, “My entire system (including the batteries) cost me almost $30,000. But it’s going to last 20 years. My electric bill used to be $430/mo. $430 x 12 x 20 = $103,200. A savings of over $70,000 over the lifetime of the system, maybe more if they outlast the estimate.”

Bone Conducting Headphones

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“Best investment. Got them on special via Costco; these things are great. I can literally listen to a book while lying in bed next to my partner; they can’t hear it. Doesn’t bother them at all. That’s just one of the ways that I utilize them and enjoy them. And I’ve had them for years, very long-lasting. Kind/brand Trekz Air by after shokz. These are also fantastic for exercising safely outdoors because you can completely enjoy music while still being able to hear people or cars,” highlights another user.

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