How To Make It To Church On Time With Multiple Kids

church on time

Are your Sunday mornings crazy too at times? Kids running around, yelling for shoes to be put on, and for someone to get pants on?! My Sundays are crazy most days. But the most productive Sundays are the ones where we make it to church on time!

From a mom of 5, let me tell you my top 5 tips to make it to church on time!

1. Make Sure Everyone Is Fed

So this one may be the most important one on the list. They are all important, but this one is very important. Who wants to leave the house on an empty stomach anyway, right? (Unless of course, you’re leaving to go eat!).

Making sure that everyone is fed is a vital key in making it to church on time. You won’t have cranky babies, toddlers, or kids. You won’t hear “Mom, I’m hungry” 10 minutes later (unless you have hungry kids like mine, that happens sometimes).

I like to prep my breakfast or at least plan what we’re going to have. It really helps!

2. Prepare The Night Before

So, this goes hand in hand with making sure everyone is fed! If you prep the night before it will be so much easier in the morning. If you prepare for breakfast the night before like I mentioned, it will save you so much time in the kitchen.

There is also other ways to prepare! Have the kids pick out their clothes the night before. Including yours! I have a really bad habit of making sure the kid’s clothes are picked out, but not my own. It’s super helpful!

church on time

3. Get Up Early

This one is really hard for me. I work 45 hours a week, so my mornings are very early. Even on the weekends, I still get up relatively early. On Saturday may get to sleep in 30 mins past what I normally do sometimes.

However on Sundays, I try to get up around the time I normally would during the week. This is helpful for a few reasons.

  • The kids are usually still in bed
  • I can prepare breakfast before they get up
  • I can get dressed before they get up
  • I can do a quick pick up around the house
  • I can get things ready to go, like the snacks, diaper bags, etc!

These are just a few things I can get done on Sunday mornings if I get up early enough. Now, this doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, it saves a lot of time.

4. Make Sure To Pack Snacks

So this one is something I forget at times, and my husband always reminds me about it! Make sure to have snacks, or a toy, (something that is not noisy), to take. That way, if you have an antsy toddler like me, they will at least be occupied for a little bit.

5. Leave On Time

Am I the only one who can pinpoint how long it takes to get somewhere, especially when it’s a place that you frequently visit? No? I don’t think I’m alone! If it’s a place that I go to frequently, I’m certain I can tell you how long it takes from home to get there.

If you know how long it takes to get to church, you know what time you have to leave. For me that means leaving anywhere between 5-15 minutes before I actually NEED to leave.

This gives me a little extra time incase someone forgets something, because that is bound to happen. It also gives time for everyone to get into the car, get settled, and not rush. That makes a huge difference.

6. Ask For Help If You Need It

This one is so hard to do. I try to juggle it all most times, but even the strongest moms need help. My husband and my kids are a big help. We tell our kids that we are all a team and we work together, always.

So I don’t try to juggle it all. Our 6-year-old will carry the diaper bag and between our 11-year-old, my husband, and I, we will take the babies. It seems like something that sounds like common sense but truly, that help means everything and it’s so important for kids to help and show responsibility.

Why Should You Make It To Church On Time?

There are so many reasons, but I’ll name a few of them!


We don’t just gather at church on Sundays to hear the word. Yes, that is the most important thing and the reason behind us gathering, but we also come together to communicate with other believers.

Now I’m not talking about going there just to get a coffee and a donut.

Digressing for just a second: I love donuts and when they’re available I have grabbed some…without hesitation. No judging at all when I say that.

But what it is about is really coming together as believers and showing that. I know there have been times where we have been prayed over, and we needed that. That is the power of God in the church! There have also been times where someone just needs an ear, and they are so glad you are there.

What if that happened before church even got started, maybe while you were in the parking lot? See, making it to church on time is so beneficial for the people around you!

You May Have needed To Hear Something That Was Said

I do not like missing our pastor’s sermons! I feel like I am missing things, and I am because every week I feel like I’ve learned something different. Something different about me, about the people around me, about God, about things that I didn’t even know about.

And don’t get me wrong…the late days happen! They are bound to. So when this does happen I try to make sure I go back and watch the sermons later. That helps too!

Being Involved With The Church

This goes hand in hand with the above. If you’re not on time for church, you miss important announcements and things that are going on with the church.

It’s important to be involved with your church and know what’s going on but to also help when needed.

I hope you found these tips helpful by a mom who knows what it feels like to be late to church who feels chaos in Sunday morning routines!

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