15 Fun and Frugal Activities for Couples

Spending quality time together as a couple is valuable. Unfortunately, quality time as a couple is almost always equated to expensive dates such as costly dinners, skydiving, horse riding, or anything that can easily blow a massive amount of money. 

What if you are on a tight budget? What if you want to save for something more important, and an expensive date night is not just a priority? 

If this is you, this post looks at budget-friendly activities for couples. Keep reading if you want to have fun activities with your partner without hurting your bank balances.

1. Picnic in a Park

Happy couple with tasty food imitating picnic at home
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A picnic in a park can give you the same experience as dining in a fine restaurant. It is the best summer date idea. You will get to enjoy quality time, your favorite meals and snacks, all while saving a huge chunk of money. 

The good thing about picnicking in a park is how child-friendly it is. You can tag along with your children and even pets and forget about worrying if a restaurant is child friendly. 

Start by getting a picnic basket and mask, which you can use repeatedly. Create a menu of fruits, snacks, drinks, and even a meal you will have to picnic. Prepare the meals, identify a nice spot in your local park, and have as much fun for as long as you wish. 

2. Movie Night at Home

Couple watching tv
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According to EnTelligence, movie tickets cost an average  $11.75 in 2022. They, however, revealed that some tickets cost as high as $28.  

Now, you do not even want to think of the ripoff that is movie theater popcorn. 

If you are looking for good quality time with your partner, you should consider having movie nights at home; it is a great wintertime activity. You can have your hot beverages or snacks while watching movies. 

You can choose to watch the movies from streaming services or get the movies rented out, which still costs way lower. 

3. Cook a Meal Together

young man cooking
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Instead of eating or ordering out, plan to cook together as a couple. 

You can have nice conversations, catch up and build even stronger bonds. The teamwork and collaboration in the simple things is a sure way to have fun. Bonus point if you bond over preparing your favorite dishes or desserts as a couple. 

Whether you love cooking or not, it is a fun date idea you should do. If you are on the negative side of the spectrum, you can as well have it as taking cooking lessons from your partner. 

Again, this is an exciting activity parents can do with their children. They can learn a skill or two in the process.

Lastly, cooking together means extended bonding over hot homemade, and nutritious foods, an excellent opportunity for couples. 

4. Take a Scenic Hike

couple hiking in forest
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Find scenic trails outside your town and go out hiking. With so much in the surroundings, there will always be something to discuss as you explore the trails. 

Hiking is a perfect date idea for couples that love being in nature or looking to get out there after spending a lot of time indoors. Take it as a chance to enjoy scenic views while enjoying the fresh air. 

Besides, hiking is a low-pressure activity mainly because it does not require intense planning. All you need to do is just ensure to tag along with your hiking gear. 

Also, if you want to capture some photos for memories or Instagram, a perfect hiking date will do the magic for you. 

5. Explore a Local Museum or Art Gallery

Happy couple looking at modern painting in art gallery.
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Museums and art galleries are cheap places you can bond with your couple. Adult museum tickets typically range between $10 and $30. They are generally more affordable than eating out or going to the movies.. 

The good thing is you can plan and visit museums and art galleries on their free days. 

It is even much better if you are into history, artifacts or archaeology. You, however, do not have to focus on historical conversations if it is not your thing. You can learn about the artifacts without going deep into their historical aspects. 

6. Have a Game Night

Two young women sitting on couch playing board game with counters, laughing. Happy couple bonding over an indoor leisure activity, smiling and sitting together at a table.
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Want a more hands-on activity? To take a break from watching movies, you can plan game nights. They are competitive and typically an interactive activity to try. 

Game nights can go from board games and trivia games to video games or card games; it depends on what you and your partner fancy. 

The good thing with games is you only need to invest in them once, and you can play them as much as you want. 

7. Visit a Farmers’ Market

Squash summer squash on display at the farmers market
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Looking for a perfect weekend date for summer? Find a farmer’s market in your town or neighborhood and plan to visit. 

You will love what they have to offer: fresh produce, sunshine, and conversations with farmers. You can learn about produce, obtain what you fancy, and even try out different street foods prepared in the stalls. 

You can also take it as a shopping date and get what you need in the house; food in farmers’ markets costs cheaper than at grocery stores. 

8. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

The sun sets over Lake Constance.
Image Credit: Foto-Ruhrgebiet/Shutterstock.

Watching the sunset or sunrise is a great date idea for summer or spring. Let’s agree; watching sunrise and sunset can be romantic. This, and some intimate and meaningful conversations, will make it more enjoyable. 

It is a very low-effort date idea for couples looking for a chill moment without investing much preparation time and money. 

Start by finding a great spot to watch the sunset or sunrise. Couple it up with some snacks or desserts if you want to take it a notch higher. 

9. Go Stargazing

Astronomer with a telescope watching at the stars and Moon. My astronomy work.
Image Credit: AstroStar/Shutterstock.

Stargazing comes with a lot of serenity if you find the right spot for it. You will love how low effort going stargazing with your partner can be. The biggest thing would be to find a space that offers you a clear space, which you can keep going back to repeatedly. 

It can be a space in your yard, out of town, or even your rooftop. You can keep it as simple as just laying on a mat and having conversations watching the stars. 

If you love stargazing, you may try to find observatories in your town and take your love for star watching to another level.. 

You can picnic while stargazing, try to identify the stars, or follow constellations to make your stargazing date more engaging. 

10. Volunteer for a Community Project

Portrait of smiling volunteers standing in the park.
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Volunteering for community projects is a great way to get out of your comfort zone without spending a penny. All you need to do is invest some time in your community and show some acts of kindness. 

The good thing about volunteering is that you can always do something that interests you. Love animals? You may want to check if your local animal shelters accept volunteers. Into eco-friendliness? Check if any organizations do activities such as clearing plastics from beaches. 

Volunteering in such activities allows you and your partner to meet new people and do what you like. 

11. Have a DIY Project Day

Couple in Love Painting Furniture Chair for Cozy Home.
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It could be painting a house, pottery, or making a coffee table; doing a DIY project is an exciting way to bond with your partner. 

DIY projects call for teamwork you and your partner can use to bond over the weekend. 

Besides, a couple’s DIY project is an excellent opportunity to connect over what your partner likes and learn from it. For instance, if your partner has been into pottery since their teenage years, they would love to do it with you and teach you some skills while at it. It, however, does not have to be something you know well; you could all learn a new DIY skill on your DIY project day. 

12. Take a Free or Low-cost Dance Class

Beautiful caucasian young girls go crazy being photographed in studio. Blonde with open mouth in pink top and long skirt. Brunette waving her hair in orange dress with bare shoulder living your best life.
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 Learning a new skill allows you to be in the moment, exercise your brain, and become proficient in your interests. 

There are a lot of free dance courses you can take. A lot of gyms offer aerobic dance sessions for cheap or free. You can also find online salsa and tango classes which are an excellent choice for two people to learn together. 

The good thing is that taking dance lessons does not have to be a one-time thing. If you find a low-cost or free one, you can keep doing it for as long as your time and interest allow. 

13. Go on a Bike Ride

Close up of asian old man wearing helmet is cycling a bicycle in the park - enjoying sport or hobby living healthy.
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Bike riding is a great activity, especially for couples that enjoy being in each other’s silence. While conversations matter when doing activities, being able to silently relax in each other’s presence can build your connection and bond. 

This is what cycling does because it does not give you a chance to be chatty, but it still allows you to spend more time with your partner. 

You can create a cycling map to stop by scenic places in your cities for breaks and even some pictures before resuming your rides. 

14. Visit a Beach or Lake

Couple on a beach
Image Credit: haveseen via DepositPhotos.com.

There is so much you can do by the beach or lake. If you live close to one, take advantage of that and have as many date sessions by the shore. 

 You can have beach picnics, sun bask, go swimming, and do beach workouts. 

You can organize a beach picnic or date night and enjoy the excellent sunset view while having great conversations. 

Additionally, beach workouts in the early mornings are something you want to try. The shore is typically serene at this time, and you will likely have the entire place to yourself. 

15. Attend Free Local Events or Concerts

New York, NY, USA - December 13, 2019: Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden.
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Find free local events and concerts in your town to attend. It could be karaoke nights, cultural festivals, or upcoming musicians coming to town. 

Attending concerts is a good way to let free, dance and sing with your partner. Live music experience is always fun-filled, and you will likely love it. 

And it does not stop there; there will always be much to discuss after the concert. This means you can have great moments doing other activities. Think of it as cooking at home while reminiscing about the concert. 

Budget-Friendly Activities for Couples

Portrait of young perfect couple lying down
Image Credit: AnnHaritonenko via DepositPhotos.com.

A lot of popularized couple activities are super expensive. They are not viable options for frugal couples, those on a tight budget, or those saving up for more significant purchases. 

When money is tight, do not take it as a chance to pause fun couple activities. As discussed in this post, you and your partner can bond over cheap or free fun activities. Plan your weekends and evenings filled with these free and fun activities to help you bond and connect more without burning holes in your pocket.

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