25 Things That We Don’t Know How People Afford When Being Frugal

Have you ever wondered how people who do not seem to be wealthy spend ludicrous amounts on things you consider luxury over and over again?

From paying thousands for first-class tickets to dropping large amounts on concerts all over, this kind of expenditure does not seem to make sense to frugal people. Here are some things people spend money on that make us wonder how frugal people can afford.

First Class Airfare

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When you compare first-class airfare with economy class, the disparity is so huge it makes one wonder whether it is frugal to spend so much money on a flight ticket. First-class passengers have more privacy and access to facilities and resources out of reach for the economy class.


Nurses assisting elderly people at retirement home
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Eldercare is very expensive in the US. In some states, it costs 0 a day and goes up if they need special care (dementia, etc.). Millions of Americans need long-term care, and this comes to roughly $150k per person.

Cosmetic Surgery or Procedures

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Millions of people have spent fortunes on surgeries designed to enhance their looks. For instance, people spend money on lip fillers, skin peels, boob jobs, lashes, and hair extensions. Some of these people are stay-at-home moms.

Modern-day House Prices

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600K used to buy you a serious mansion. Now, it’s an average family home. Even people who make good incomes are struggling to buy a modest house, and yet these houses are bought as fast as they are built.


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A wedding can be ridiculously expensive depending on one’s taste and choice of venue. It is not surprising to see couples spending insane amounts on a wedding.  If you want a famous musician to grace your occasion, you are looking at a serious figure as the budget for the wedding.

Vet Bills

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Keeping our animals and pets is also becoming quite expensive. Even routine care and vaccinations can be $400. Not to mention, if there are any kind of unique issues or an emergency, you’re paying thousands, and they won’t give care until you pay


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No matter how poorly paid people are, they always find a way to have tattoos that cost a fortune on their bodies. Some people complain about not being able to afford groceries but can get a tattoo at a moment’s notice.

More Than One Child

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Children are expensive, and the more you have, the more you spend. Not many people in the US can afford more than one kid without absolutely massive lifestyle changes.

Designer Clothing

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Spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of pants is ludicrous to me. Some people spend a lot of money to own branded clothing.


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Cigarettes are very expensive in Australia. A packet of cigarettes can cost upwards of $50. If you are a heavy smoker, you end up spending a fortune on cigarettes per year. 

Dental Care

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Dental care is important, but achieving that perfect smile can be quite expensive. Consider going for routine checks to prevent paying more in the future for something that could have been detected and treated.

Soul-searching Trip Overseas

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Going away for a vacation or trip can be invigorating. However, this needs careful planning. Some people pack a bag at impromptu and go away on a soul-searching mission.

Expensive Funerals

Crying woman at funeral
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Why spend so much on funerals when your loved one does care, and they are not complaining? Some people wipe out their savings while giving what they call a decent ‘send-off’ to their relatives.


picture of happy mother with baby over white.
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People spend thousands trying to get a child. Entire extended families fund each successive round as the couple just gets more depressed. The monetary cost next to the emotional cost just seems like too much.

Uber/ Doordash Delivery Services

Mobile app icons of assorted food delivery services are seen on a smartphone, including DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, delivery.com, Seamless, Postmates and Instacart.
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Everyone seems to be doing deliveries or asking for Uber delivery services. These services cost a fortune without taking into account that the delivery man expects a tip from you.

Modern UTVs

sand dune bashing offroad. utv rally buggy.
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Some UTVs push $20-$40k, and most are extremely fragile and expensive to repair. You see them in commercials jumping dunes and mudding, but in reality, you can barely get them off the trailer without breaking something. Many Yamaha/Polaris/etc. Dealers make half their money just repairing the things.

Getting Your Nails Done

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Gel pedicures cost up to $70 plus tip. Acrylic nails are expensive, and maintaining these nails is a full-time job.

Multiple Music Festivals All Over the Country

New York, NY, USA - December 13, 2019: Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden.
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Some music lovers spend all their money hopping from one concert venue to the next. Some people are in their early 20s. Where do they get money to fund such a lifestyle?

Staying On-Site at Disney

Orlando, Florida- April 12, 2021: Universal Orlando globe at Universal Orlando Resort.
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A night at the Polynesian can cost up to $750. Airbnbs close to Disney cost roughly $160. People still book into the Polynesian to have an immersive, well-rounded experience.


A family on a boat waving as they get ready to leave.
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Boats are expensive, and yet the demand for boats is still high. We are talking about small boats, not yachts owned by the mega-rich. Maintaining such a boat can be expensive, and yet normal middle-class people seem to be handling it quite comfortably.

Houses in Expensive Towns and Neighborhoods

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Have you ever wondered how seemingly ordinary people can afford houses in high-end towns and neighborhoods like Boston, the San Francisco Bay area, California, and New York? The price tag for houses in these areas is crazy. This is the neighborhood where rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, and successful businessmen reside. Unless someone inherited a lot of money, it would be hard for an honest man to live in such neighborhoods comfortably.

Latest Gadgets

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Everyone seems to afford the latest phones every year, no matter how poor they seem. Some people keep up with phone releases every year, spending thousands of dollars on new gadgets and phones they probably don’t need.

Buying a New Car Every Couple of Years

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Many people sell their car as secondhand as soon as the loan is paid off and then get a brand new car with a loan. They end up getting a new car every 3 to 4 years and are constantly paying off one loan after another.

Swimming Pools

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Building a good swimming pool is ridiculously expensive now. It is no wonder to see a pool costing $75K-100K. People pay such amounts upfront for something they will use occasionally. Factor in upkeep and maintenance costs, and you will wonder why people build swimming pools at home.

Brand New Vehicles

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The moment you drive your new vehicle off the lot, the value of the vehicle plummets. However, this does not prevent people from purchasing expensive brand-new vehicles. They pay a lot of money to keep the vehicles running.

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