20 Signs That Someone Is Straight-Up Trashy

Have you ever wondered how you can spot someone who’s just plain trashy? We’ve all met them – those people who make you cringe and question your faith in humanity. But fear not, because some telltale signs scream trashy!

One Redditor asked, “What’s a sign that someone is straight-up trashy?” Many users commented on this post, and we have compiled the top 20 signs for you.

1. Mistreating Servers

Stressed Fast Food Employee Feeling Desperate
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First off, if someone mistreats servers at restaurants, they’re definitely showing their true colors.

One user said, “People who throw violent tantrums at fast food employees over chicken nuggets.”

Someone else replied, “At my job, we serve Mac and cheese. This lady ordered it for her kid. She sent it back complaining because it was “too cheesy.” Like, wtf? Did you just want noodles?”

2. Litterers

Team of young volunteers picking up litter in the park.
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Someone wrote, “Just casually litters.”

Another added, “Total NYC moment: We’re in a cab at a light. Next to us is a collection of construction workers, one with a cup of coffee. As we watched, he took a sip and then just let go of the cup. Such CASUAL littering. And no, they were not creating a trash pile; he was just littering. I mean, COME ON!”

Seriously, who still litters in this day and age? Trashy people, that’s who.

3. Not Taking Care of Their Kids

five kids inside a tube playing cheap indoor activities for kids
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Trashy parents let their kids run wild, unsupervised, and unloved. It’s heartbreaking to see children suffer because their parents can’t be bothered to step up and be responsible.

This person shared, “They don’t take care of their kids.”

Another commented, “Ohhh, putting your baby to bed with a baby bottle full of soda was something I saw once. The kid was like 10 mo. Couldn’t even walk yet. There’s so much wrong with that.”

4. Making Fun of Others

Despair man.
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One user said, “Make fun of others who have less.”

Someone else replied, “I stopped associating with someone like this. He started businesses and now has a ton of money; his daily car is a Lamborghini. He now bashes those that have less when he himself came from the same place.”

We should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Trashy people lack empathy and compassion. They think it’s okay to mock someone just because they don’t have the same things or opportunities.

5. Mistreating Animals

Happy puppy dog smiling on isolated yellow background..
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A Reddit user wrote, “If they mistreat animals. There’s just no excuse for it.”

Another added, “Yes! Never walk their dog & just leave it in the yard alone 24/7. Human garbage”

It’s a clear sign of a heartless person.

6. Not Taking Care While Pregnant

Upset pregnant woman sitting on couch
Image Credit: AntonLozovoy via DepositPhotos.com.

Trashy people disregard their well-being and that of their unborn child. They smoke, drink, and do all sorts of stuff they shouldn’t be doing while growing a human inside them.

Someone wrote, “Smokes while pregnant.”

Another commented, “My cousin did meth while pregnant. I hate her so much. The kids aren’t in her custody and are doing very well.”

7. Speakers in Public 

Teenage girl singing with people photographing her in smartphones.
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One user said, “Speakerphone in public.”

Someone else replied, “I was at the store recently, and some guy was playing music full blast with his phone in his pocket like he was at home.”

They blare their conversations for everyone to hear as if the world is dying to know their business.

8. Cheating Partner

third wheel in couple
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Oh, cheating partners. This one’s a classic. Trashy people lack the basic decency to stay faithful in a relationship. They sneak around, betraying trust and wrecking hearts in the process.

This person shared, “Sleeps with your husband behind your back and lies about it.”

Another commented, “It’s both of the people. If she has any sort of relationship with the other person and knows the man is married, they are also the problem. The husband sucks, but so does the friend.”

9. Bragging About Their Life

Young beautiful woman wearing yellow sweater and diadem over isolated white background disgusted expression.
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Someone wrote, “Bragging about how rich they are. Bragging about how smart they are.”

Another added, “Bragging about their conquests. Bragging about committing assault. Bragging about not paying people who work for them. Bragging about physical appearance and constantly talking about how others look (ew).”

It’s exhausting and, frankly, annoying.

10. Parking Spots

angry man driving car
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One user said, “Taking up 2 parking spaces.”

Someone else replied, “Just yesterday, I accidentally parked poorly, and I was like, right on the line. Do you know what I did? I backed out of the spot and straightened out. It’s not that hard.”

Have you ever witnessed this parking space trouble?

11. Stealing Their Kid’s Money

Greedy young man hiding money on light blue background.
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This person shared, “They steal their kid’s benefits money to fund their drug habits. When that runs out, they steal from friends and family members who’ve been supporting these kids because they claimed they had no money.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “Let me add using your kid’s identity to open credit cards and get utilities. Especially if they don’t pay the bills.”

Kids trust their parents, and stealing from them? That’s just a whole new level of low.

12. Mistreating Children in Public

children look out from a car window.little boy and girl playing inside a minivan.
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Trashy people lack empathy and patience, treating kids with disrespect and disdain. It’s heartbreaking to witness and infuriating to imagine what those poor kids go through.

One user said, “Any Parent that trashes their kid in public, be it belittling, smacking/pushing them down, etc. A pure piece of pp!”

Another added, “There was this really pretty young woman in my neighborhood. I used to admire her when she was out and about. Aaaaaand then I saw her with her kids. Shouting at them, belittling them. Small kids, too. Not that older kids deserve that treatment either, but it’s worse with little ones because they don’t even know what they’re doing. Instant trash. And instantly ugly.”

13. Grocery Carts

Supermarket shopping cart full of groceries, sale and retail concept.
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Someone wrote, “Doesn’t return the grocery cart.”

Another commented, “Never understood this. Like, you push the cart around the whole store, why can’t you push it 10 more feet into the corral?”

Seriously, it takes, what, thirty seconds to put it back where it belongs?

14. Using Other People

lady red lipstick pomade look side empty space not satisfied
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Using other people – now that’s a dead giveaway.

This person shared, “People who use others but get upset when they are called out.”

Someone else replied, “Hate this kind of manipulative mind game. You suck. No, you suck. Why are you being so rude to me? You said it first. I was just joking.”

15. Shaming Others for Something They Can’t Control

angry woman
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Trashy people love to mock others based on their appearance, race, gender, or any other aspect that’s beyond their control. It’s not just mean; it’s downright disgusting.

One user said, “Makes fun or shame others for something they cannot control or simply by their looks.”

Another added, “My ex-husband used to shame me for so many small things that I couldn’t do. Turns out I am autistic, and “just do it” doesn’t cut it for me. It’s not a lack of competence or lack of motivation; I am not lazy. I am just often overwhelmed.”

16. Fighting in Public

attractive angry couple fighting and shouting at each other.
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Trashy people seem to lack the basic social skills needed to resolve conflicts like adults. Instead of using words, they resort to physical altercations, making a scene for everyone to see.

Someone wrote, “Getting in fights in public places. This just screams Trashy people.”

Another commented, “Or just openly shouting/fighting on the front porch. Had to witness that while going to my car, and I was very careful not even to look.”

17. Washing Hands

foam in the hands, soap bubbles in the palms, the concept of washing, cleanliness, hand wash.
Image Credit: Leka Sergeeva/Shutterstock.

One user said, “They don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, especially after doing it.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “This is my roommate…who’s a doctor. I had to try to explain to a man who went through medical school that there is bacteria.”

It doesn’t matter if you are in a hurry – it takes a minute, maybe less, to wash your hands.

18. Supporting Nazis

Angry blond muscular European man over white background.
Image Credit: CREATISTA/Shutterstock.

This person shared, “Swastika tattoo.”

Another added, “Not just swastika, any symbol that was used by the Nazis. I worked with a guy who had a bad version of a swastika tattooed on his side. (Not that there was ever a good version of a swastika.) it was light and didn’t look good. This guy told me, “it looks ughh. I need to get it filled in.” I’m like, “no you need to get it covered up!””

Anyone who supports such a vile ideology is not just trashy; they’re downright dangerous. We should be promoting love and understanding, not bigotry and hatred.

19. Eating With Your Mouth Open

Excited hungry pretty girl eats fast food, cheap burger, holds a cheeseburger and soda, open mouth.
Image Credit: Georgi Fadejev/Shutterstock.

Someone wrote, “Chewing with the mouth open. It’s about not wanting to see the contents of one’s mouth.”

Someone else replied, “Yes. Especially gum. Idk why people justify it with “it’s gum””

It’s a total sensory nightmare!

20. Fake Nails

Woman applying nail polish
Image Credit: DenisDenisenko via DepositPhotos.com.

Trashy people seem to think that having excessively long fake nails is a fashion statement. In reality, it just looks impractical and, frankly, kind of gross.

One user said, “IMHO, those fake nails that are like 3 inches long. So gross. I just imagine all the nasty stuff that collects under there. They’re basically just scoops. ”

Another added, “Right? I once saw a woman mix her drink with one very long nail. It was disgusting.”

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