12 Frugal Tips That Will Drive You Crazy (And Why You Should Avoid Them)

We are all looking for the best ways to live a quality life without digging too deep in our pockets. Many popular tips for frugality beginners work, while others may not seem so practical to some people.

Frugal Tips That Drive You Crazy

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A Reddit user sought to learn about frugal tips that drive others crazy because they do not work for them.

According to him, going out to exercise to save money is not practical since he lives in a region where summer is extremely hot and he could suffer from heatstroke. This list was curated from other users’ responses who commented on that post.

Using Coupons To Save Money

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“Definitely agree that most coupons on Google don’t work, and it’s a pain,” said one.

Another added, “Coupons. They only have them for boxed, packaged, processed stuff that is not really whole food. You never see coupons for produce, for meat, for flour, etc. And I think this is by design. They’re not going to trick me into buying crap I don’t want.”

Backyard Gardening

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A user pointed out that gardening does not necessarily save much, “If you don’t have anything to garden with, it’s a little pricey. Also, if you don’t have the knowledge, the trial and error is costly of money and time. In-season produce bought at the farmers market is so low cost that I can’t seem to bring myself to garden.”

Saving as Much as Possible

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One user says that if one does not have a good income, this frugality tip becomes useless, “Most money-saving tips are for people who are high income but blow all their money on stupid stuff. They don’t work if you don’t have a high income.”

Canceling Gym Memberships

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A user debunks that gym membership is a waste of money, “Gym membership is a great value. It cost me little over a dollar a day. I get access to a pool, locker room, shower, bathroom, all the machines, all the weights, an indoor basketball court, other people to play basketball with, and I can bring a guest with me any time. As long as I am able to use it regularly a gym membership is one of the last expenses I’m willing to cut.”

Turning Down the AC

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Some people say this is not an option for them. One said, “I’m in Texas, no way I’m turning this AC down, or working out outside. I will pay those bills if it means I don’t have to live in this swamp

“I live in Canada and our winters get so cold I’m more than happy to pay for heating. Even if it means putting plastic on the windows to keep the cold out,” added another.


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Thrifting may work for some, but others do not see its value.

“When I buy clothes, I’m on a mission. I need a classic white blouse in my size. And that’s it, I’m not wandering around to see what else looks interesting. You’re not going to walk into a thrift shop and find that,” said one.

Another added, “Most stuff there is old and gross AND they’re sprayed with some type of deodorizer that DOES NOT COME OUT. I’ve tried everything to get the smell out and it doesn’t come out. It doesn’t. I can’t stand that smell.”

Moving to a Low-Cost-Of-Living Area

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“I’ve spent 20+ years in my film career,” one said, “I have rent control. No, I’m not moving to live in a dull city with no job for me.”

Another added, “At this point in the economic cycle, housing prices are so overheated that you can’t even buy cheap in an LCOL. Those places take a bigger hit then high-demand areas when the economy goes down the tube, and tons of people end up underwater on their mortgage.”

Being Your Own Mechanic

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“Changing your own oil – if you don’t have the tools – is not THAT much cheaper than taking it to the mechanic (although it is in the long run). The other aspect is that it could be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing because you’re physically going under your car to perform the task,” pointed out a user.

Another added, “Any advice to repair/make something yourself that conveniently leaves out the fact that doing so requires hours of work, specialist tools, and/or skills that take time and dedication to develop.”

Meal Prepping and Buying In Bulk

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“Eating the same thing over and over makes me literally sad, then I avoid my own cooking that was a huge investment of time, money and effort,” noted one user.

Another said, “I like meal prepping, but buying the 5 lb pack of chicken just guarantees I’ll throw half of it away.”

Quit Eating Out

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“Listen, my wife, and I try to make meals stretch and cook at home….,” one person stated, “But we have kids! 4 of them!! All with different schedules. We use fast food as a tool rather than a lazy way out. It can be very difficult feeding everyone and running all day with practice, school, pick up, and games.”

Buying Cheap Products and Clothes

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“Cheap self-care products like moisturizer and shampoo. My skin and hair is very prone to dryness, and I have acne-prone skin too. The super cheap products fry my hair and skin,” said one.

Another added, “Buying cheap clothes. I have so much cheap junk in my closet that I never wear. I realize I end up wearing the same things over and over, which tend to be the higher end items. Better quality clothes last longer, feel more comfortable, and give you more confidence overall.”

Cutting Own Hair

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Someone talked from experience, “I have had one too many bad cuts from trying to save a buck that cost me a ton to fix.”

“Cutting your own hair. Umm, I prefer not to look like a toddler who got ahold of the scissors. I’ll spring for a great clips trim every few months,” quipped another.

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