11 Tricks To Dressing Well on a Budget

Who says you have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks? With these ten frugal and fun fashion hacks, you can affordably elevate your entire wardrobe and dress to impress like a fashionista without breaking the bank.

Fashionista on a Budget

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From shopping smart to mastering the art of accessories, we’ve got you covered with insider tips and tricks for achieving a high-end look on a budget.

Get ready to transform your style and leave everyone wondering how you manage to look so chic and expensive without spending a fortune.

Someone recently posted on a popular frugal community asking how they could practice their frugality but still afford nice clothes. The community came together to provide these ten helpful suggestions.

1. Buy To Rotate

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One person had an interesting thought. They said, “Don’t buy quality pieces ‘to last’. It’s a bad investment initially, and expensive. You need to buy to rotate. Some things need to be nice and can be worn several years down the line with the right care. Even the best quality item will be run down to dust if you wear it every day for two months.”

1. Thrift Shops

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There’s a local thrift shop I love to go to because everything is clean, in great condition, and absolutely dirt cheap,” shared one. “For example, today I bought myself a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and are in fantastic condition, and they were 50% off, so I paid two dollars.”

2. Seasonal Clearance

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“I buy mine on seasonal clearance,” admitted another.” My mom always told me never to pay full price for clothes. The only ones I sometimes pay full price are black work pants and underwear.”


“I do this too,” a third agreed. “I got all my bathing suits for next summer’s vacation in the fall. There’s no way I could afford a new suit when they’re in season.”

3. Wait for the Sales

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Someone shared, “Once you find the brand and styles that fit you, stalk the website and stores for their sales and bonus coupons, better clothes last longer, and you need less of them.”

4. Continuously Shop While Buying Nothing

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“I advise you to shop almost continuously, while usually buying nothing. It takes a lot of work to build up a wardrobe of nice quality pieces that last. If I wait until I need clothes, I usually buy junk to get by,” one stated.


“So I hit the discount stores often, touching things and getting to know brand quality, comparing prices and quality until I find something I feel checks off all categories.”

5. Poshmark

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Another suggested, “I have recently been looking on Poshmark for items like jeans. I have a couple of go-to brands I look for that have consistent sizing and fit, so I know what to expect. Also, I’m on a tight budget, and it does satisfy my need to shop.”

6. Ebay

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“I’ll occasionally find some used clothes on eBay,” added another. “I highly recommend knowing your sizes. You can get a $2 measuring tape and check the sizes of the items that already fit you well. I don’t buy from eBay sellers that don’t accept returns, in case the item doesn’t fit.”

7. Ross or TJ Max

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“I often shop at Ross and TJMaxx for clothes, but they are lower quality fabrics than the same items at non-discount stores,” explained one.


“These are specially made for those stores? So, for example, it’s not an irregular Calvin Klein top that Ross buys from Calvin Klein at a discount, it’s a Calvin Klein top made with cheaper material but the same pattern made especially for discount chains.”

8. Learn to Repair

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“I’m quite good at knitting and sewing, so I can fix minor holes and snags and know what I’m looking for. Also, learn how materials work: some are more sturdy than others, and certain materials blend better with others.”


Another added, “Always wash according to the care label, and if you start to see faults, it’s better to fix them sooner. I’ve taken items to tailors to get a better fit, which makes me keep the item rather than toss it.”

9. Buy One Accessory for Each Occasion

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“I aim to buy better quality clothes because they last me longer. I am OK spending $50 on a hoodie if I have it for ten years. I bought a few Roots sweaters a few years ago, which have lasted a long time,” confessed one.


“I feel the same way about purses and shoes. You don’t need to have a bunch of different purses or shoes. But you should be good if you have something for each event and season.”

10. Buy An Extra and Keep it in Storage

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One replied, “I can always get Adidas for a wonderful sale around Black Friday, so I buy two pairs and keep one in storage. If you have the money to do that, it also stops me from stressing out when my workout shoes have a lot of wear, and I need to find a new one because they’re already purchased.”

11. Thrift Shops

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“There’s a local thrift shop I love to go to because everything is clean, in great condition, and absolutely dirt cheap,” shared one. “For example, today I bought myself a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and are in fantastic condition, and they were 50% off, so I paid two dollars.”


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