14 Worst Things People Have Done While Being Frugal

Being frugal is a good thing, but some people seem to take it too far. People have strangely interesting stories about things they did while trying to be frugal they are not proud of. Here are some of the worst things people have done to be frugal

Buying a 50 LB of Oats

man buying products in bulk
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There is a person who buys a 50lb bag of oats because he eats them daily, and they are way cheaper when bought in bulk. Buying food in bulk can save you some money, but some people tend to push the limits. 

Wearing Cheap Shoes for Work

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You should not go cheap when buying shoes because the health repercussions may be a lot in the future. A person who always went to work wearing cheap shoes over the years developed foot and knee problems that will cost them thousands. The money they saved will be used for medication.

Delayed Visit to the Dentist

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It is important to take care of your dental hygiene to avoid possible teeth loss. One person delayed visiting the dentist when he had a toothache. By the time he finally went, it was a root canal and crown instead of a simple filling.

DIY Gone Wrong

Repairman with tools
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One person needed to dig a 50m trench to run some power. He didn’t want to call up the excavator guy, and their local hire place shut down, so he bought a $500 post-hole digger. He thought he was going to dig 200 post holes 700mm deep and join them up with a shovel.

He Dug one hole; it took about 2 hours and didn’t hit any big rocks. He couldn’t even get the next one done in the 5 hours of sunlight left.

Later, the bloke with the excavator came and did the whole job in under 2 hours. He charged less than $500. 

Avoiding $30 Parking Fee and Getting Harassed

Nervous female driver sits at wheel, has worried expression as afraids to drive car by herself for first time.
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One lady talked about how she wanted to avoid paying a $30 parking fee to go to a comic convention in Los Angeles. She parked far away at a $10 spot and walked two miles to the convention center in full Harley Quinn Suicide Squad skimpy cosplay. She was a 19-year-old girl by myself. As she was walking, she got verbally harassed by some homeless men. She made it to the convention center, but she felt sketched out. She regrets not paying the $30, saying she should’ve just paid the money for her safety.

Eating Expired Yogurt

Natural Greek Yogurt With Fresh Berries And Granola In Jar. Healthy Eating,
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Some people do not throw away a product after it expires. One person said that he had a teacher in high school who specifically liked expired yogurt. It got to the point where classmates would regularly ask him how old the yogurt he was eating that day was. One day, he said it had expired over a year ago. He continues to live to tell the tale. 

Taking a Long Ride To Save a Little Money

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We all look for ways to save money while moving from one location to another, but some people go through much trouble just to save a little money. For instance, there was a person who took a 30-hour train ride instead of like 8 on a plane and saved $30.

Buying Cheap and Low-quality Diapers

baby girl is hiding under the white blanket excited to get her free baby stuff and free baby samples.
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When you buy low-quality diapers, be assured that you are not saving money. The hustle of dealing with leakages is too much. There is a person who thought he had found a great deal on diapers for their baby. He bought a lot of them, but they could not hold, and he was cleaning poop out of her car seat for an hour and a half. The poop had penetrated every crevice, and he had to disassemble, wash, and reassemble.

Buying Cheap Food for Pets

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One person bought store-brand cat food instead of their usual cat food to save a few bucks, and everything backfired terribly. The cats got sick and vomited several times. He felt like the worst cat parent ever, and this purchase felt like the most stupid and useless purchase he had ever made while trying to be frugal.

Drinking Other People’s Drinks at a Bar

man toasting with beer
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This is a dangerous thing to do. Mixing different alcoholic drinks can be very dangerous for your health. One person admitted to going to bars and drinking other people’s drinks without caring what was inside or what the mixture meant for his health.

Eating Cheap Street Foods

A Hispanic woman eating a burrito in an open-air restaurant.
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There is nothing wrong with street foods, but they are not for everyone. If you have a sensitive stomach, you might want to avoid eating street foods.  One person ate cheap street foods because they wanted to save money but ended up spending more on medication and treatment when they got food poisoning.

Got Into an Accident While Trying To Save 20c on Gas

man very frustrated in car.
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With the high gas prices, it is understandable why someone would want to drive 5 miles to the next town where the price of gas is lower by 20c. One person did exactly that. He used to drive routinely for about 5 miles to a different state to save 20c on the dollar. One day, he turned too quickly into traffic and had an accident that cost him thousands in insurance.

The Car Was Broken Into Because He Did Not Want To Pay $10

An irritated young man driving a vehicle is expressing his road rage..
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Always be cautious of your environment when you park your car, especially if it is in a location you are not familiar with. A woman narrated how her husband lost over 0 because he refused to pay $10 to park in the guarded section when they went to Cleveland for a concert. They had parked a few blocks away on the street. When they got back to the car from the concert, they found that the passenger window had been smashed and their overnight bags were stolen. Inside one bag was a $300 iPod.

Losing Thousands While Trying To Donate Plasma

Blood Plasma Donation process, hand squeezing a rubber ball
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It is always good to help other people by donating blood or plasma. It gets better if you get paid for doing so. One person narrated a story about how he spent thousands after his efforts to donate plasma backfired.

He reckoned that if he donated plasma twice a week, he would make more than $400 a month. When he went for the procedure, he started feeling weird twenty minutes into the first procedure. He flagged down the staff and started throwing up. He was hospitalized after fainting and spent several thousand dollars for treatment.

He was also blacklisted from donating plasma.

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