The Worst Advice I Ever Got (And Why I’m Glad I Didn’t Listen)

Ah, life, that rollercoaster of experiences and, well, terrible advice. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Those moments when someone, with all the sincerity in the world, dishes out advice that’s so bad it’s almost impressive.

One Redditor asked, “What is the worst advice you’ve ever received in your life?” Many users commented on this post, and we have listed the top 20 ones for you.

1. Job

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A Redditor wrote, “”Don’t quit your job at Wal-Mart! You’ve been here for three years! Just seven more, and you’ll be fully vested in the company!””

Another replied, “I mean, if you didn’t have anything else lined up, I’d say bite the bullet and stay because being unemployed sucks, but I definitely wouldn’t turn down a better job just to stay vested.”

So, next time someone tells you to stick around at a dead-end job just for the sake of being “vested,” then run in the opposite direction.

2. High School Pregnancy

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A person shared, “When I was in high school, I had a friend who was not the smartest. I remember him telling me if I didn’t want to get a woman pregnant, then she should be on top so the sperm couldn’t flow up. He became a father his sophomore year.”

Someone else responded, “That level of stupidity is literally self-sustaining. Some girl believed that, and now they’ve gone and made more humans to spread the word.”

Despite this groundbreaking theory on gravity-defying sperm, reality has a different plan!

3. Cheating

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Cheating isn’t just about the legal status of your relationship. It’s about the promises you make, the trust you build, and the feelings you invest in someone else.

A user commented, “”You know, son, there really is no such thing as cheating if you aren’t married. The Bible doesn’t recognize any relationship that isn’t bound by the covenant of the Lord. So until you are married, relationships don’t really exist.” “Thanks, Dad; you just indirectly explained why you’re on your third marriage.””

Another replied, “Had an uncle tell me that men could be allowed to “fool around” in relationships, as it was their impulse to have as many children as possible? And women, well, look at a man other than your husband, and you’re a BIG W.”

4. Helplines

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A Redditor wrote, “I called Kids Help Phone when I was a teen to ask for advice on how to help my depressed friend. They advised me to find new friends. I wish I was making this up.”

Another added, “I once called a suicide hotline and told the lady that I was afraid my parents would disown me because I thought I was bi. She paused and then said, “Yeah, some kids go through that phase.””

Maybe one day, they’ll figure out how to offer real, meaningful help!

5. Ad-Blocker

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A person shared, “”It looks like you’re using an ad-blocker. Please turn it off to continue viewing this page.””

Someone else responded, “I saw a message on that was so badly condescending about this I never went there again. Not that they lose any money from my absence, mind you.”

And let’s not forget the irony here. These websites often provide advice on how to live your best life while simultaneously forcing you to endure ads that make you question your self-worth and financial decisions.

6. Having Children

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Kids aren’t just expensive; they’re a financial hurricane that sweeps through your life, rearranging everything in its path. And no, those adorable baby giggles won’t pay the bills.

A user commented, “Just have kids; you’ll figure out how to afford them later.”

Another replied, “I am 19, Mom!!! Don’t try to get me married rn… my parents are super conservative and want me to marry early to a girl of their choice. Did you know that if you have a child, god will find a way to pay for it?”

7. Career Advisor

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A Redditor wrote, “My careers advisor in high school. When I said, “I think I want to do something with computers,” she said, “Have you heard of Microsoft?” Then she wrote Microsoft on a piece of paper and slid it across the table, and that was my careers interview over.”

Another added, “2005. My sister also received some stellar advice from the same school. She wanted to be a doctor, and the advisor asked if she meant nurse.”

The worst part? They often overlook the most important factor – you! Your skills, your passions, your quirks that make you unique. Instead, they push you toward the same old career paths, ignoring the fact that you might want to be a professional chocolate taster or a cat behaviorist.

8. Baby Formula

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A person shared, “When my daughter was an infant, my wife couldn’t feed, and my daughter couldn’t digest formula very well, so I had to buy a special predigested formula for like $25/can. I was at the cashier paying for the formula. The guy in front of me was gathering his things.

He said to me, he says, “When my kids were babies, I wish I knew what I know now.” I was like, “What’s that? What do you know?” He says, “Babies don’t need formula. All they need is sugar water. All the rest is a scam.” I was like, “I’m so glad you didn’t know that back then.””

Someone else responded, “Yeah, my brother had someone tell him that babies can start eating solids 2-3 weeks after birth! The coworker who told him this has two children.”

Babies need proper nutrition to grow and thrive, not a sugar-induced hyperactivity session.

9. Reading Too Much!

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Reading doesn’t harm your eyes; it actually exercises them.

A user commented, “”Stop reading! You read too much; you’re going to hurt your eyes! Go watch TV for a while!” My grandma, every time she visited, grabbed the books from my hands. It was like something off The Simpsons.”

Another replied, “I used to be excited to read the newspaper when I ate breakfast, and my family started a catchphrase “no reading when you’re eating.” I’m still very bitter.”

10. Credit Cards

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Hold the phone and freeze that thought right there. Newsflash, people – there’s no such thing as free money, especially not in the credit card world. Opening a new card might give you a temporary spending boost, but guess what? The bill always comes due. And spoiler alert: it’s usually accompanied by interest rates that could rival the national debt.

A Redditor wrote, “‘Just open another credit card, it’s free money’ coming from my friend who is in thousands of dollars worth of debt and has no idea she will eventually have to pay that off.”

Another added, “Yeah. If a card gets maxed out, they just get another one and pay their old debt with their new card. I know people who maxed out >5 cards already. Their life will collapse one day, but they’re convinced it’s free money, and they can always just open another account.”

11. High-School Years

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A person shared, “”your high-school years will be the best ones of your life, so you better enjoy them while you can.” If high school was the greatest time of my life, then I would have been better off killing myself then and there.”

Someone else responded, “With the hormones, lack of freedom to do what you want, self-consciousness, etc. I wouldn’t go back to being a high schooler even if you paid me.”

The truth is, life gets better after high school. You discover who you really are and what you love, and you get to choose your own path without the constraints of homework and curfews.

12. Prom

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Prom is built up to be this fairy tale event where dreams come true, and lifelong memories are made. And yes, it can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a night of awkward dances, stepped-on toes, and those cringe-worthy photos you hope never resurface.

A user commented, “”Prom is the happiest night of your life; why wouldn’t you go?!?!””

Another replied, “I mean, prom was fun, but I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near the best night of my life, and I’m only 21. I would say so far the best nights of my life have been all my friends’ 21st bday parties because we all get together (which doesn’t happen very often anymore) and do stupid stuff and have fun.”

13. Menopause

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A Redditor wrote, “When I found out I was pregnant with my youngest son, my mom and her boyfriend told me to abort. Not because I couldn’t afford the baby or that there was something wrong with him, but because my mom was going through menopause and didn’t want to be reminded that she couldn’t have any more kids.”

Someone else responded, “During menopause, my mom thought my sister was sleeping with her dad and smeared cat food all inside his truck (he hates cat food smell). Some people don’t take the hormonal changes very well.”

The thing is, everyone’s journey is different. What worked for the Menopause Lady might not work for you.

14. Dropping Out

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A person shared, “In my final semester of college, my insanely jealous, distraught mother called me to make one last plea to get me to drop out. She went on to say, “What would you do if you had to watch helplessly as your own daughter threw her life away and became a nurse?!””

Another replied, “Sounds familiar! My dad was a bricklayer, and his dad was a fabric cutter- I got constant complaining every day about ‘wasting time at school like a posh c—t’ ever since I was 16 and decided to do A-levels. When I left for university, he told me I wouldn’t last a month.”

Sure, some people have made it big without a diploma, but let’s face it: they’re the exceptions, not the rule.

15. Jumping

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We’ve all had dreams of flying, but news flash, we’re not equipped with wings. We’re not eagles; we’re humans, and gravity has a nasty habit of reminding us of that fact.

A Redditor wrote, “When I was about 5-6 years old, I was given a Superman cape for my birthday; I was told that it could make me fly; after a few days of not being able to fly, I began asking people how to make it work, they advised that I needed to find somewhere high up to jump off of, so I started jumping off fences, trees, then I was told I needed to jump something taller….”

Another added, “I didn’t even have the cape and broke my leg as a small kid pretending to be Superman.”

16. Life Insurance

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Life insurance isn’t just about you; it’s about the people you leave behind!

A person shared, “This wasn’t me personally, but my mom told me that we had a neighbor who used to constantly tell my dad that life insurance was a waste of money and tried to convince him to stop paying for it. Fortunately, my dad was intelligent because he died five years later, and my family would have been completely destroyed without it.”

Someone else responded, “My stepdad convinced my mom to get rid of her life insurance plan. A few years later, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and died a year after that. Thanks, Jeff.”

17. Family

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A user commented, ““Your family is the only thing that will ever be there for you. Not your friends, your family.” Annnd I just got excommunicated from my narcissistic family two days before Thanksgiving.”

Another replied, “Lol, my dad tries to guilt trip me all the time using this. No, man, the one person who’s always been there for me is my best friend. You’re just upset your kids don’t love you.”

And let’s address the elephant in the room – not all families are perfect. Some are downright toxic. In such cases, relying solely on family can be detrimental to your well-being.

18. Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy might be tough, but it’s our ultimate weapon in showing cancer the door!

A Redditor wrote, “”don’t go through chemotherapy, eat this nut and berry mix instead!”- my younger sister when she visited me in the hospital when I went for febrile neutropenia (no white blood cells and had a fever). She also showed up claiming to have bronchitis, didn’t wear a mask, and full-on hugged me. Yeah, she’s a piece of work.”

Another added, “Even knowing what I do now about what it would do to my reproductive health (TL;DR: permanent menopause at 26), I’d still go with chemotherapy 1100%. I was going to DIE without it, with a 100% guarantee. I would be dead by the time I turn 27. My life is more important than my ability to have children the old-fashioned way.”

19. Doing What You Love  

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A person shared, “”Do what you love, and the money will come””

Another replied, “I’ve always preferred “Don’t ‘do what you love,’ love what you do.” This means try to find happiness in whatever you’re doing instead of adhering to the “Do what you love” advice and making your happiness dependent upon only one career track.”

Sure, dreams are lovely, but unless you’re dreaming about finding a treasure chest in your backyard, you might need a day job to fund those dreams.

20. Rom-Com Movies

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A Redditor wrote, “Anything in any romantic comedy ever.”

Someone else responded, “Harass the woman you want with unwanted, over-the-top romantic gestures until she falls in love with you. No girls are like when you stalk them across a country and spy on them through their windows. I saw it in Something About Mary.”

Rom-coms, please stop glorifying these over-the-top acts. They might work in the movies, but in real life, they’re more likely to get you a restraining order than a date.

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